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Sun Jul 21, 2019, 07:12 AM Jul 2019

the debbil an' donnie trump

most retelling of the faust tale end happily. a great lawyer argues the case before a jury of the damned, or the incredible musical duel with the devil.

as part of my research for my new musical version of "the debbil an' Donnie trump" I wanted to get back closer to the original so I reread geothe. in german, and side by side in English translation. there is something I had missed in that classic comic I did the book report on in high school.

so anyway, my little musical seems to have an ambivalent ending. of course guliani gets to argue the case before andy Warhol and his gang at the studio 54 vip bar, not only does the disco ball reach full rotation as trump and mephestopheles spin the disco vinyl, but trump can dance out to curtain with a much younger version of gwen verdon

btw, wasn't "damn yankees" Nugent's band?

the debbil an' donnie trump (Original Post) rampartc Jul 2019 OP
I watched Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End Marthe48 Jul 2019 #1
slow mo explosion would be great rampartc Jul 2019 #2
Yes, with some guy from Stynx. n/t Harker Jul 2019 #3


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1. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End
Sun Jul 21, 2019, 08:03 AM
Jul 2019

Anyway, watched At World's End yesterday. The end, where the company guy captain sees he is defeated and mutters,"It was just good Business" as the shipped is attacked, and then going down the steps from the helm in slo mo and debris is flying all around him was the perfect scene that I envision for the end of trump and his evil rule.


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2. slow mo explosion would be great
Sun Jul 21, 2019, 08:16 AM
Jul 2019

but I would be quite satisfied with a viral porn video from Epstein's collection that would have even megachurch pastors pointing and screaming (in slow motion) "the god emperor has no clothes!"

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