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cancel culture? how about the smothers brothers (Original Post) rampartc Mar 2021 OP
Also... Cirque du So-What Mar 2021 #1
the nut jobs call her "ellen degenerate." rampartc Mar 2021 #2
How about Phil Donahue? zentrum Mar 2021 #3
another of my favorites rampartc Mar 2021 #5
i was a wee little one but i remember with fondness the smothers brothers, laugh in, pat paulsen... bullimiami Mar 2021 #4
How about this guy in the middle? Yavin4 Mar 2021 #6
a contemporary example rampartc Mar 2021 #7
Lou Grant (starring Ed Asner) pacalo Mar 2021 #8
Republican whining about "cancel culture" is another case of conservative projection. n/t Beartracks Mar 2021 #9

Cirque du So-What

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1. Also...
Sat Mar 6, 2021, 09:38 AM
Mar 2021
Ellen, the eponymous sitcom, was fairly popular until she and her sitcom character came out, whereupon it was unceremoniously cancelled.
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