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Sun May 15, 2022, 04:50 PM

Wow, a hawk comes visiting.

Boy, was I startled!

I have a corner of a screened in pen visible just outside my back door. I am situated where I can see this upper corner of the structure. I often have birds of all sizes land there and survey the area from that height. It's like a bird bath or something. They just like it. It's like "I'm king of the world!"

I had tiny birds visiting--one I liked very much and came every day--then, the size of the birds got bigger and I figured my little buddy was either off making a nest or just got bumped.

OMG! I was busy working, and I looked up and there was a giant red-tailed hawk sitting on that corner! It was huge! I saw the whole thing quite clearly, from his curved beak to his feet. It was like seeing a tiny spider but getting a tarantula instead.

I know a lot of you guys get this all the time. But, these birds fly overhead in soaring sweeps, and I've seen them for years. I don't have any animal outside that could be carried off. But, OMG, this thing was sitting there, huge, like an eagle or something. The only bird larger than this thing local is an egret which visits occasionally. It stays in the front when it visits.

This hawk was sitting on the preferred corner, looking all around. I couldn't have been more startled if it had been an ostrich sitting there. I've never had one land anywhere near me. I guess it didn't see me sitting there.

I saw a roadrunner a few days ago, a much cherished visitor that I had not seen for awhile. They get on top of the house and sound like puppies calling. I hope the hawk doesn't scare everyone away, and was only trying the spot out to see what the big deal is there.

I see it flying back and forth now. Forgive me, but I hope it doesn't nest in my closest tree. I won't do anything about it, but this is an exclusive club, you know? I was really enjoying my show.

It was like an alien encounter...

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