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Thu Aug 4, 2022, 06:35 PM Aug 2022

Everything fucking up and I can't take it

I go to sign up on my phone for informed delivery. Already had an account with usps. Should have done it on pc. Some shit happened. Now I have 2 accounts and no ID. I'm not touching it again. No mail has been delivered today and I'm stressing if my fucking around may have done something to mail delivery.

I paid cobra online. First thing Monday, I called them to say I've paid online and canceled the check thats been in the mail system 3 weeks. They said no prob, note in my field to destroy check. They cashed it right before the cancel. No one read the note. Now I'm awaiting if I can get a refund. I'm only paying online.

I worry a lot. This has me spiraling.

Everything fucking up and I can't take it (Original Post) XanaDUer2 Aug 2022 OP
Chill out - everything is gonna be alright. Peace and Love!! walkingman Aug 2022 #1
Thanks XanaDUer2 Aug 2022 #2
Breathe! gibraltar72 Aug 2022 #3
It's very ForgedCrank Aug 2022 #4
THIS!!!!!!! XanaDUer2 Aug 2022 #5
I'm sorry demtenjeep Aug 2022 #6
Ty XanaDUer2 Aug 2022 #7


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4. It's very
Thu Aug 4, 2022, 07:49 PM
Aug 2022

stressful when shit doesn't go right.
I think for me, what makes it worse is when you do your diligence, do what is expected of you in good faith, then everyone else ruins it for you by not doing their job.
People refuse to return phone calls, refuse to answer emails, they make you chase them and beg for what they owe you.
I find that as much as it seems likewise, if I go get physical exercise, it helps me calm down a lot. I'll generally go for a walk or something and that clears the cobwebs and visions of choking out the person who most recently failed me.


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5. THIS!!!!!!!
Thu Aug 4, 2022, 07:52 PM
Aug 2022

I try to get stuff to work. But something or someone snags it. Makes me feel nuts. Frustrating

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