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Thu Feb 9, 2023, 12:19 PM Feb 2023

Loquat tea

I have a beautiful Loquat tree in my orchard. Loquats originated in China and grows in mild climates. It is said that the Chinese have used it for medicinal purposes for a long time. I had a nice crop of the plum-like fruit growing when we got hit with some unusually cold temps around Christmas. It got down to 18 which for this part of Florida is Coooooold. The freeze wiped out the fruit on the loquat, lemon, lime and Calamondin trees. Not being one to give into defeat, I have just made my first Loquat tea from the leaves of the plant.

According to the web, the health benefits of tea made from the leaves of the tree will make a Superman out of me. I have drank half a cup so far and I am already feeling froggy! It is supposed to be good for diabetes, cough, bone density, a general anti-inflammatory, and an excellent antioxidant.

I crumbled the leaves, and made in in the automatic coffee maker. The tea came out as a clear fluid with a pink tint, the taste is mild and a bit earthy. My next cup will have some lemon juice in it to tang it up a bit. If anyone wants a taste, I still have half a pot.

Loquat tea (Original Post) Chainfire Feb 2023 OP
Do you use fresh or dry leaves? Gruenemann Feb 2023 #1
I think that you can do it either way. Chainfire Feb 2023 #3
Not sure if mine are ok or not. It was the first year they bloomed. nt Phoenix61 Feb 2023 #2


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3. I think that you can do it either way.
Thu Feb 9, 2023, 02:36 PM
Feb 2023

I picked them, cut the spine out and cut up to fit the drip coffee maker. There is a lot of information online with suggestions. I was winging it.

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