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captain queeg

(10,012 posts)
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 09:12 PM Sep 2023

What was the worst movie you ever saw.

I still remember even though it was well over 50 yrs ago. Back in the 3 channels plus a few UHF we were having a sleep over and turned on one of those old sci-fi/horror shows. It was called The Wizard of Mars. (I’ll have to go online and see if it’s listed somewhere. The thing I remember the astronauts or whatever were in an inflatable raft and being attacked by some sort of crocodile like creatures. They were obviously just painted boards but the best part is you could see the ropes pulling them. I guess it was kind of fun to watch and laugh along the way.

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What was the worst movie you ever saw. (Original Post) captain queeg Sep 2023 OP
Too many to choose! dchill Sep 2023 #1
the donald trump story starring mel gibson nt msongs Sep 2023 #2
Battlefield Earth, Broken Arrow, the Flash, Pisces Sep 2023 #3
Not with you on Battlefield Earth. It's a hoot, but should not be confused with serious sci-fi. Earth-shine Sep 2023 #31
Yup, Battlefield Earth milestogo Sep 2023 #64
The special effects look amazing! emulatorloo Sep 2023 #4
Yeah, I saw John Carradine was in it. I guess every actor does some clunkers along the way. captain queeg Sep 2023 #8
Santa Claus Conquers Mars. It featured a 10 year old Pia Zadora. rsdsharp Sep 2023 #5
"The First Family" is one of them. spooky3 Sep 2023 #6
I walked out of Popeye n/t TexasBushwhacker Sep 2023 #7
I walked out of that Eddie Murphy remake of the nutty professor captain queeg Sep 2023 #10
The first time I saw Popeye, I hated it. Then, over the years, I really started to like it. TheBlackAdder Sep 2023 #38
I like to tell people TlalocW Sep 2023 #40
Attack of the 50 foot Woman BOSSHOG Sep 2023 #9
I saw that when I was little and I walked around in slow-motion for a week. Midnight Writer Sep 2023 #47
The Whales of August. EndlessWire Sep 2023 #11
Damnation Alley RoadRunner Sep 2023 #12
Yup sarge43 Sep 2023 #53
such a disappointment justaprogressive Sep 2023 #83
Either sabbat hunter Sep 2023 #13
The quest for fire. yorkster Sep 2023 #14
ppfff*... Baaahahahahahaaaaaaa! electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #58
Careful...that's how keyboards get ruined.. yorkster Sep 2023 #63
I know! Luckily I'm on a cell phone. And I guess... electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #108
Thx. Glad you got a chuckle. yorkster Sep 2023 #110
Easy...Barton Fink... All have gone on to much better things IA8IT Sep 2023 #15
It didn't like it either TexasBushwhacker Sep 2023 #71
Valley of the Dolls Zambero Sep 2023 #16
It may be a stinker... ailsagirl Sep 2023 #95
I agree! Mad_Dem_X Sep 2023 #112
No others come close. Thunderbeast Sep 2023 #17
Agree! NoRethugFriends Sep 2023 #20
That movie is freakin' awesome! Happy Hoosier Sep 2023 #78
I enjoyed this movie immensely. hunter Sep 2023 #85
hunter......... Upthevibe Sep 2023 #129
wow.. you really think that? is it legal to say so? BlueWaveNeverEnd Sep 2023 #86
I didn't think I was going to like it after the first 30 minutes... Tommy Carcetti Sep 2023 #118
Gone With the Wind. Awful movie, and the fake accents were laughably bad. brer cat Sep 2023 #18
ZARDOZ. Hands down. God-AWFUL waste of cellulite! lastlib Sep 2023 #19
Ashamed? With that bod? Earth-shine Sep 2023 #30
Right? He was so easy to look at, and I'm a fool for his accent to this day. thatcrowwoman Sep 2023 #77
You do know about this? Beware, it could quell your crush. Earth-shine Sep 2023 #79
Alas, Earth-shine. That's a bitter pill to swallow. thatcrowwoman Sep 2023 #84
I actually found it weirdly fascinating. Aristus Sep 2023 #103
This is one of my favorite all-time SF films... First Speaker Sep 2023 #106
Any James Bond movie 303squadron Sep 2023 #21
I liked Casino Royale with Daniel Craig and Eva Green. Nt spooky3 Sep 2023 #26
Craig always reminded me of Vladimir Putin...... lastlib Sep 2023 #109
I can see it. However, one of my female friends finds him spooky3 Sep 2023 #111
The only one I remember is Titanic. NNadir Sep 2023 #22
Shakespeare in Love Freethinker65 Sep 2023 #23
The English Patient was also in that category. Nt spooky3 Sep 2023 #28
Like watching paint dry LeftInTX Sep 2023 #35
Yeah, I knew "The English Patient" would turn up. Paladin Sep 2023 #62
That's definitely on my list ailsagirl Sep 2023 #87
can I dump "the Bridges of Madison county".. here BlueWaveNeverEnd Sep 2023 #89
Please do; it deserves dumping. Nt spooky3 Sep 2023 #102
Dirty Dancing. rownesheck Sep 2023 #24
Slasher flick titled, IIRC, "Don't Go In the Woods" Wounded Bear Sep 2023 #25
The Blair Witch Project DBoon Sep 2023 #27
YES! Bayard Sep 2023 #34
YES! Agonizing build up to absolutely nothing TexasBushwhacker Sep 2023 #70
agreed! when I saw it, when it ended, the audience sat for a moment like "Was that it?" BlueWaveNeverEnd Sep 2023 #88
Amen to that rurallib Sep 2023 #96
Anything with Nicole Kidman RainCaster Sep 2023 #29
Wonder Woman 2017 Srkdqltr Sep 2023 #32
It's a 3 way tie amongst... 3catwoman3 Sep 2023 #33
The Deer Hunter was a great movie until they went to Viet Nam. Iggo Sep 2023 #125
Caddyshack 2. usonian Sep 2023 #36
Didn't see that one. GoodRaisin Sep 2023 #42
Dan Aykroyd snarled through the entire movie. usonian Sep 2023 #43
That would be Captain Bligh. MorbidButterflyTat Sep 2023 #113
DANG! I thought I looked that up, just to make sure. So it goes. I plead the "Uncle Leo" defense. usonian Sep 2023 #116
Glass Onion Tetrachloride Sep 2023 #37
the first one was soooo good, BlueWaveNeverEnd Sep 2023 #90
indeed Tetrachloride Sep 2023 #94
That's tough because I love bad movies TlalocW Sep 2023 #39
Cats what a headache Tetrachloride Sep 2023 #57
The Exorcist, Part Two... First Speaker Sep 2023 #41
The Toxic Avenger series... GReedDiamond Sep 2023 #44
Oh man. They were so bad they good. I went through a period where I watched a bunch of Troma films. captain queeg Sep 2023 #51
Another nominee: Inside Llewyn Davis spooky3 Sep 2023 #45
See the concert for the movie instead. Iggo Sep 2023 #101
2001 Space Odyssey GoodRaisin Sep 2023 #46
I really liked, to loved it the first time...but then... electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #107
Yentl. LisaM Sep 2023 #48
Chairots of Fire Emile Sep 2023 #49
Dementia 13 no_hypocrisy Sep 2023 #50
It's interesting that a lot of the films mentioned got a lot of awards. captain queeg Sep 2023 #52
"Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon" Glorfindel Sep 2023 #54
There are several on my list. Niagara Sep 2023 #55
Howard the Duck cloudbase Sep 2023 #56
A "comedy" called Dream A Little Dream Mad_Dem_X Sep 2023 #59
Meet the Spartans canuckledragger Sep 2023 #60
The Creeping Terror. A classic of schlock. eppur_se_muova Sep 2023 #61
" Manos: the Hands of Fate" says 'hold my beer' BlueWaveNeverEnd Sep 2023 #91
Jim Jarmusch's "The Limits of Control." Harker Sep 2023 #65
Moulin Rouge skypilot Sep 2023 #66
I really thought I was going to like it. Mad_Dem_X Sep 2023 #69
I would watch Ewan McGregor eat cereal but... skypilot Sep 2023 #72
The longest ride 2015 Maninacan Sep 2023 #67
Last American Virgin Archae Sep 2023 #68
Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" sakabatou Sep 2023 #73
No other movie comes close. Different Drummer Sep 2023 #74
The Manitou thatcrowwoman Sep 2023 #75
Anything with John Wayne in it. Scottie Mom Sep 2023 #76
John Wayne Was A Nazi Celerity Sep 2023 #81
Odds are high it was a Woody Allen movie. Celerity Sep 2023 #80
I'm glad this OP is still up -- because I just watched Black Adam. Earth-shine Sep 2023 #82
"Field of Dreams" hunter Sep 2023 #92
Most Sword and Sandal movies are really bad LeftInTX Sep 2023 #93
I think it was called "Almost Famous" rurallib Sep 2023 #97
Any of Wes Anderson's movies. (nt) Paladin Sep 2023 #98
Day Of The Triffids. Iggo Sep 2023 #99
Never saw it but had a friend who used to talk about it captain queeg Sep 2023 #104
Apparently no one has a beef with porn movies Kaleva Sep 2023 #100
I ran out of the theater during Deep Throat. LeftInTX Sep 2023 #127
The Godfather Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2023 #105
Very overrated LeftInTX Sep 2023 #126
"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." MorbidButterflyTat Sep 2023 #114
Plan 9 from Outer Space Jeebo Sep 2023 #115
The Matrix Torchlight Sep 2023 #117
Grown Ups 2. Tommy Carcetti Sep 2023 #119
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Ptah Sep 2023 #120
Reservoir Dogs Zorro Sep 2023 #121
Using the IMDB bottom 100 rankings the result is Angleae Sep 2023 #122
Avatar ironflange Sep 2023 #123
I think they resurrected him for the second movie. Iggo Sep 2023 #124
The Human Centipede LeftInTX Sep 2023 #128


(3,591 posts)
31. Not with you on Battlefield Earth. It's a hoot, but should not be confused with serious sci-fi.
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 11:28 PM
Sep 2023

John Travolta's deliberate overacting is genuinely amusing.

I have no love of L Ron Hubbard.


(16,829 posts)
64. Yup, Battlefield Earth
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 09:42 AM
Sep 2023

We walked out of the movie theatre. I couldn't believe John Travolta could do something so STUPID.

captain queeg

(10,012 posts)
10. I walked out of that Eddie Murphy remake of the nutty professor
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 09:27 PM
Sep 2023

I think that was the one. After about 15 minutes my wife said one more fart scene we are leaving. We didn’t make it a couple minutes.


(27,930 posts)
38. The first time I saw Popeye, I hated it. Then, over the years, I really started to like it.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 12:21 AM
Sep 2023


Towards the end it still is a bit rough, but the first 2/3rds really grew on me.



(15,318 posts)
40. I like to tell people
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 12:24 AM
Sep 2023

That it's my favorite musical. And honestly... it's up there, but I respect people's tastes.


(36,594 posts)
9. Attack of the 50 foot Woman
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 09:27 PM
Sep 2023

The special effects were rudimentary at best. It was good for a laugh. But right up there with the worst movie I ever wasted my time watching. My mistake.


(6,220 posts)
11. The Whales of August.
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 09:38 PM
Sep 2023

Horrible dialogue, and the most boring storyline you can imagine. People sitting on a couch. There, that's it. Even my mother agreed.

I am one of the most tolerant movie watchers of all time. I can find redeeming value in almost any movie. But, not this one.


(1,359 posts)
14. The quest for fire.
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 09:50 PM
Sep 2023

Friends convinced me to go with. I said out loud at some point, "Somebody owes me dinner." People in the theater laughed...


(14,332 posts)
58. ppfff*... Baaahahahahahaaaaaaa!
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 07:49 AM
Sep 2023

*Not sure what the sound is for trying to hold back laughter before it bursts out! 😉


(1,359 posts)
63. Careful...that's how keyboards get ruined..
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 09:00 AM
Sep 2023

I usually do not speak aloud in a theater.

Ok, there was one other time. Went to see "Young Frankenstein", which I loved. I was with a few friends.
During the scene where the camera takes in the recumbent Peter Boyle/Frankenstein and we see his hefty boots and the soles thereof, I said, "Hmm...steel-belted radials". Couldn't resist.


(14,332 posts)
108. I know! Luckily I'm on a cell phone. And I guess...
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 01:54 AM
Sep 2023

"resistance* is futile" on a very rare occasion for you.

*however your quite out loud "...owes me diner..." comment is priceless! 😂


(22,824 posts)
95. It may be a stinker...
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 07:26 PM
Sep 2023

but it’s one of those tacky films filled with hysterically funny moments!! Unintentional laughs can be the best 😆


(38,204 posts)
85. I enjoyed this movie immensely.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 05:52 PM
Sep 2023

I take it you've never experienced the wildly intertwined branches of the universe in this manner?

Everything Everywhere All At Once will probably end up on my lifetime favorite movie list which already includes Brazil and Zardoz.

I'll have to watch it a few more times before I decide.


(7,729 posts)
129. hunter.........
Sun Sep 10, 2023, 06:18 PM
Sep 2023

I also LOVED Everything Everywhere All At Once. Brazil is one of my favorites too.

Another one of my very favorites from 2006 is, The Lives of Others.

Tommy Carcetti

(42,978 posts)
118. I didn't think I was going to like it after the first 30 minutes...
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 04:03 PM
Sep 2023

...but it grew on me.

Not the best movie I've ever seen, but ultimately I enjoyed it.


(22,686 posts)
19. ZARDOZ. Hands down. God-AWFUL waste of cellulite!
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 10:01 PM
Sep 2023

Sean Connery should be ashamed of himself for appearing in it.


(3,591 posts)
30. Ashamed? With that bod?
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 11:26 PM
Sep 2023

I remember seeing this on VHS in college with the boys in a dorm room with a rented VCR.

It was so bad, parts were actually funny.


(1,228 posts)
77. Right? He was so easy to look at, and I'm a fool for his accent to this day.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 02:40 PM
Sep 2023

When I finally broke down and accepted my first cell phone as a gift from my husband and adult daughter*, the first thing I asked was could I have Sean Connery’s voice in place of Siri, please?!

Imagine my disappointment.

* they insisted that I take the phone, because they feared for my safety as the librarian in a middle school, then a high school in Flora-damn-Bama as Juanita Jean might say. The school shooters and the lock-down drills and terror that has become ubiquitous in our country is the worst crisis in education in all my years as a teacher, then librarian, now retired. Well, school shooters and unending standardized testing, but that’s a rant unto itself.

Ah. Sean Connery is still my crush. Dreamy.


(3,591 posts)
79. You do know about this? Beware, it could quell your crush.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 03:21 PM
Sep 2023

You might never hear that Scottish accent in the same way ...


Connery first made remarks about slapping women when he spoke to Playboy in November 1965. "I don't think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman, although I don't recommend doing it in the same way that you'd hit a man," he told the publication.

Describing an "openhanded slap" as "justified," Connery also said it could be used "if all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning," adding, "If a woman is a bitch, or hysterical, or bloody-minded continually, then I'd do it."
Sean Connery, Hollywood's Quintessential James Bond, Dies at 90


Six years after his Barbara Walters interview, the actor spoke with Vanity Fair about his views. "But I was really saying that to slap a woman was not the crudest thing you can do to her. I said that in my book—it's much more cruel to psychologically damage somebody... to put them in such distress that they really come to hate themselves," he said. "Sometimes there are women who take it to the wire. That's what they're looking for, the ultimate confrontation—they want a smack."


(1,228 posts)
84. Alas, Earth-shine. That's a bitter pill to swallow.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 05:06 PM
Sep 2023

Well feck that shite. Crush definitely crashed. DNR.
But thank you, too. The truth matters. Fair warned, fair armed.
When I know, I can’t un-know. It’s time to go ahead and let him go.

Straight into the Dang Disappointment Dossier.

Now keeping company with the likes of Bill Cosby, Tom Selleck, Jackson Browne, Eric Clapton…
I’ve let go of a few, but still too many over the decades…pffffttttt

I needs must be ever careful with the ones who make me laugh, with the silver-tongued ones scattering stardust, the tall dark handsome (and hairy) ones, the fine-fingered musicians, the skillful players.

Lucky for me, DH Happy Hussein is all that and more. He has talked the talk and also walked the walk beside me since the mid-seventies. There’s some sweet magic in our long-haul love. Seems to run in our families. I thank my lucky stars and the Source of All Being.

And so far as I know, my dear Chewbacca has never disappointed me, either.


(65,715 posts)
103. I actually found it weirdly fascinating.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 09:04 PM
Sep 2023

I watched it on The Late, Late Movie on TV when I was in high school. Before our local Channel 13 became a Fox affiliate in the late 80’s, it was an independent Mom-and-Pop station that played classic science fiction movies on the weekends.

Perfect for a shy, reclusive kid like me.

I had read about “Zardoz” in a book about eccentric science fiction films, and tuned in to watch it when I saw it on the listing.

I thought it had some interesting things to say about immortality and the horror that it would be if it was achievable. Yes, there were some truly bizarre things about the film, like the giant head vomiting out the weaponry, or Sean Connery in the laughable outfit. I’m surprised he didn’t walk off the set the first time wardrobe showed it to him.

First Speaker

(4,858 posts)
106. This is one of my favorite all-time SF films...
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 09:55 PM
Sep 2023

...it requires a genuine level of attention, and a respect for real, hard-core science fiction. There's always so much more on-screen than you thin k there is. The reviews at the time were dreadful--the movie went way over the heads of virtually all the mainstream critics. This is the real, hard-core SF stuff.


(509 posts)
21. Any James Bond movie
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 10:05 PM
Sep 2023

Hear me out here. The James Bond movies started in the early 60's right after some colossal British intelligence failures. In the light of what was happening in the real world I never found them beliveable.

British intelligence? I'd rather watch Steed and Miss Peel - they never took themselves seriously.


(22,686 posts)
109. Craig always reminded me of Vladimir Putin......
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 07:52 AM
Sep 2023

probably for that reason I never liked him. My personal favorite Bond was Pierce Brosnan--loved Goldeneye!


(34,040 posts)
111. I can see it. However, one of my female friends finds him
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 08:33 AM
Sep 2023

Last edited Thu Sep 7, 2023, 12:29 PM - Edit history (1)

Very attractive. She’s also a David Beckham fan girl. Likes Tommy Paul the tennis player. I’m seeing a bit of a pattern. Subtle, not macho looks; reserved manner.


(33,290 posts)
22. The only one I remember is Titanic.
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 10:18 PM
Sep 2023

Two hours of overlooked hypothermia from what I recall.

I'm sure I sat through worse movies, but that's the one I remember.


(28,085 posts)
62. Yeah, I knew "The English Patient" would turn up.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 08:53 AM
Sep 2023

It wouldn't be a "worst movies" thread on DU without a trashing of "The English Patient." And as usual, I'll state that I found it to be quite good.

Wounded Bear

(58,206 posts)
25. Slasher flick titled, IIRC, "Don't Go In the Woods"
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 10:40 PM
Sep 2023

Half way through the movie, the projector jammed and we could see the film melting away on the screen.

The people in attendance cheered.

Unfortunately, the projectionist got it rolling again. Back in the days of double features, sometimes you had to sit through some shit movies to get to the feature presentation.


(22,141 posts)
27. The Blair Witch Project
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 10:58 PM
Sep 2023

Spent most of the film wishing Heather would get killed off so the movie would end.


(21,579 posts)
34. YES!
Sun Sep 3, 2023, 11:49 PM
Sep 2023

That's what I was going to post. I don't know why anyone thought it was scary. Just stupid and annoying.


(7,061 posts)
88. agreed! when I saw it, when it ended, the audience sat for a moment like "Was that it?"
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 06:04 PM
Sep 2023

felt like I got scammed.


(9,077 posts)
36. Caddyshack 2.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 12:03 AM
Sep 2023

I double dare you to find a worse movie.

You didn't expect me to say "Mutiny on the Bounty", did you, Captain?


(9,077 posts)
43. Dan Aykroyd snarled through the entire movie.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 01:15 AM
Sep 2023

Everyone acted as if they were fed from the bass-o-matic for breakfast.

My memory is deliberately vague.

Here's a top review.

It's shoddy, lazy and numbingly stupid.

"Seriously" it makes the farting scene in Blazing Saddles look like a Nobel Prize winner for literature.


(9,077 posts)
116. DANG! I thought I looked that up, just to make sure. So it goes. I plead the "Uncle Leo" defense.
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 02:54 PM
Sep 2023

Double Bogey on that hole.

OP: captain queeg


(15,318 posts)
39. That's tough because I love bad movies
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 12:21 AM
Sep 2023

Having grown up watching Elvira and then MST3K...

The most recent ones had to be the two Kill Bill movies. I just hate Tarantino with a passion, but I wanted to give him another chance, and I made it through gritting my teeth the entire time. He's a hyperactive five-year-old who's dumped out all of his toys and is desperately going through different kinds of toys/genres that he thinks are cool.

On Edit: Cats. I went to see it ironically and to try to avoid its badness. Nope. Its badness was at another level that sucks away all joy.

First Speaker

(4,858 posts)
41. The Exorcist, Part Two...
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 12:32 AM
Sep 2023

...Richard Burton made a *lot* of bad movies. His Trotsky has to be seen to be believed. But nothing quite reached the level of this film...

captain queeg

(10,012 posts)
51. Oh man. They were so bad they good. I went through a period where I watched a bunch of Troma films.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 05:23 AM
Sep 2023

They seemed pretty tongue in cheek to me.


(8,826 posts)
46. 2001 Space Odyssey
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 01:58 AM
Sep 2023

I remember wishing it would please get over with soon, I was bored to tears and very antsy in my seat the longer it went on.


(14,332 posts)
107. I really liked, to loved it the first time...but then...
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 01:50 AM
Sep 2023

in 2019 they had 50th Anniversary special showings in certain bigger theaters with Kerr Dulea answering questions after the film ran.

I went.
And...oohhhh, boy... sitting through the ape sequences before The Monolith...ughhh...
That part became soooo boring on my second viewing (50 yrs later). 😄😄😄 😑

Other parts were ok to still really cool, or amazing but, wow! I'm laughing now at how miserable I was at practically most of the early section.

I managed not fidget physically, at least!


(27,712 posts)
48. Yentl.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 02:35 AM
Sep 2023

It was ridiculous from start to finish. It still makes me mad. I was kind of forced to watch it because our roommate's basement room had gotten flooded and we were trying to be supportive and she wanted to watch it, but it was so unbelievable I couldn't stand it. And it wouldn't end. It was so bad it's all a blur to me now.


(45,304 posts)
50. Dementia 13
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 05:16 AM
Sep 2023

Came out right before the Kennedy Assassination. At Halloween.

First commercial film of Francis Ford Coppola.

Last scene: The wax head of a doll is split in half by an axe. The prior footage isn't much better.

Do a youtube search. It's out there . . . .

captain queeg

(10,012 posts)
52. It's interesting that a lot of the films mentioned got a lot of awards.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 05:30 AM
Sep 2023

And I agree with a lot of them. I think being award winning doesn’t necessarily mean they are good to watch.


(9,690 posts)
54. "Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon"
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 05:56 AM
Sep 2023

A young boy meets the famous Lemuel Gulliver, who has just built a rocket ship that will take him exploring outer space. The boy joins him, and the two of them go to the Star of Hope, where they find a civilization that is threatened by evil robots.

Really bad Japanese anime. Horrible stuff.


(7,005 posts)
55. There are several on my list.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 06:27 AM
Sep 2023

The Avatar

Fast and Furious & sequels. Just to clarify I've never watched the sequels, but I assume if the original movie is flippin' awful, so are the sequels. In case anyone wants to be condescending about it.

All newer remakes of Planet of the Apes (I like the 1968 version, not sure if I've watched the sequels from the 70's)

Anything Star Wars


Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Back when I first got Netflix, it wasn't a streaming service, I would make a queue of what my next movie would be that Netflix would send me. A co-worker suggested this movie and claimed it was the funniest movie ever. It was one of the worst movies that I ever watched and I can't ever get my time back that I wasted watching it.


(9,489 posts)
59. A "comedy" called Dream A Little Dream
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 08:25 AM
Sep 2023

Starring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Had a funny joke at the beginning, then just went downhill from there. Terrible movie.


(1,599 posts)
60. Meet the Spartans
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 08:42 AM
Sep 2023

One of those smorgasbord 'parody' movies that just wasn't funny in the least, using the movie '300' as a base with bad jokes, gay bashing, and a pit scene that wasn't funny the first time they did it...so they kept the bad joke up for another 5 minutes or so.

It was nothing but a product placement movie, as it's full of them.


(36,184 posts)
61. The Creeping Terror. A classic of schlock.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 08:48 AM
Sep 2023

Most of the dialog, originally recited by the actors, is read by a narrator, except for the single work "no" -- presumably because the recorded dialog was so bad. During one nighttime scene, a floodlight very obviously blows out. Low production values all around.

Only Plan Nine From Outer Space is reputed to be worse.


(13,696 posts)
65. Jim Jarmusch's "The Limits of Control."
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 09:44 AM
Sep 2023

Maybe it was the worst in that I had pretty high expectations, having appreciated many of his previous works.

I can look back at it now and laugh, but I felt badly abused at the time.


(8,837 posts)
66. Moulin Rouge
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 10:46 AM
Sep 2023

I have to admit that I didn't watch the entire movie. There is no way I could have. Twenty minutes into it I was almost seething with anger. A relentless assault on the senses. And Nicole Kidman was in it. Never been a fan of hers.

I once saw a movie called Cigarette Burns which was about a movie that would drive the audience insane. Cigarette Burns was fiction, of course, but after trying to watch Moulin Rouge I like to tell people that such an insanity inducing movie actually does exist.


(9,489 posts)
69. I really thought I was going to like it.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 11:52 AM
Sep 2023

Mixing in modern pop music with the story - it sounded like something I would enjoy. But, I just couldn't get into it. Ewan McGregor looked good in it, tho'.


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67. The longest ride 2015
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 11:44 AM
Sep 2023

Mismatched couple movie The longest ride , First one that comes to mind.
In HS "1975"we were forced to go to a film put on by campus life. It opened with a revolver pointing at you on the screen and Desperado playing. At the end of the song the gun fires. I'm still ticked off about that!


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75. The Manitou
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 02:20 PM
Sep 2023

Demonic “Native American” spirits, black magic, tumors, exploding bodies…
Why? It came off as exploitative with lots of gratuitous gore.

I wasn’t scared. I was offended. And insulted. A waste of time and pocket change.

It was the only movie in town, in the only movie theater in town (one screen only) that frequently flooded, leaving the seats and carpet down front stinky and squishy. We sat up in the way back where the air was somewhat fresher and the seats were dry, but it couldn’t make up for this hokey, not pokey, mess of a movie.
Based on the debut book of Graham Masterson.

Beurk! as Duo might say in French. (Insert green-faced emoji here, I don’t like to post it)
YMMV (Your mileage may vary)


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81. John Wayne Was A Nazi
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 03:33 PM
Sep 2023
John Wayne Was a Nazi ( Stains 7" ) - 1981

Label: R Radical Records – RR-1981
Format: Vinyle, 7", Single
Pays: US
Sortie: 1981
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk

MDC is an American punk rock band formed in 1979 in Austin, Texas, subsequently based in San Francisco, and currently Portland, Oregon. Among the first wave of bands to define the sound and style of American hardcore punk, MDC originally formed as The Stains; they have periodically changed the meaning of "MDC", the most frequent being Millions of Dead Cops. The band's lyrical content expresses radical left political views and has proven influential within the punk subculture.


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82. I'm glad this OP is still up -- because I just watched Black Adam.
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 04:06 PM
Sep 2023

Black Adam is a waste of time. It just takes a lot of things we've seen in superhero movies and puts the Rock at the center.

Even Dwane Johnson can't save this movie.

It's prequel, Shazam, was also a waste.

I'ma fan of the DC universe, but these movies didn't need to be made.


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92. "Field of Dreams"
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 06:30 PM
Sep 2023

Who the fuck are these people and why should I care?


1984 was bad too.


I watched that movie to the end alone in a huge empty theater because I had no place else to go.


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93. Most Sword and Sandal movies are really bad
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 06:36 PM
Sep 2023

Many are dubbed from Italian


Only seemed to exist on Saturday afternoon TV and almost always involved Hercules.


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97. I think it was called "Almost Famous"
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 07:36 PM
Sep 2023

Was at a college trip with my daughter and we went to this movie. Walked out in the middle it was so bad.

And the Blair Witch Project - awful.

captain queeg

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104. Never saw it but had a friend who used to talk about it
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 09:06 PM
Sep 2023

Guess it made an impression on him, but he told me about it and especially due to special effects back then it sounded lame.


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100. Apparently no one has a beef with porn movies
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 08:43 PM
Sep 2023

Not a single porn flick has made anyone's worst move list


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114. "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 02:16 PM
Sep 2023

HORRIBLE, gratuitous sexual violence. The missing woman took off because after her sexually abusing father croaked, her uncle took over raping her. She gets raped, he gets raped, Daniel Craig gets tortured...WTAF appealed to people?

Absolute filth.

The book was originally titled, "Men Who Hate Women."


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115. Plan 9 from Outer Space
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 02:34 PM
Sep 2023

I had just seen Ed Wood and wanted to watch one of his movies. I thought that surely, his movies can't actually be THAT awful. Well, it was.

Also, not any specific movie but just every remake of a really good movie in which the remakers take liberties with the original. When that happens, they ALWAYS ruin it.

Three examples: 1952 original The Day the Earth Stood Still, GREAT movie, 2008 remake, AWFUL.

1953 original War of the Worlds, GREAT movie, 2005 remake, PATHETIC.

1939 original The Four Feathers, AMAZING adventure movie, 2002 remake, they left out EVERYTHING that made the original wonderful.

I watch those three wonderful originals and rewatch them often and never will get tired of them, but I could not stand to watch those ridiculous remakes again. It's like, when they try to remake one of those great classic movies, they forget what made those originals great. They forget what made them classics.

-- Ron


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117. The Matrix
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 03:39 PM
Sep 2023

There are admittedly a handful of worse movies, but they billed (and proudly carried) themselves as bad movies and reveled in it (Creepshow, Rocky Horror, etc.).

Matrix though, billed itself as a good movie, so I expected good direction, good writing, and good acting going in and left thinking "one out of three ain't bad, but still... one half of Bill and Ted were run over by Poe's Dream Within a Dream, and left for dead."

Tommy Carcetti

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119. Grown Ups 2.
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 04:22 PM
Sep 2023

It featured some actors who I've liked in various past projects (Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Rock, Kevin James, etc.), but this was definitely not one of them.

No real plot whatsoever. That would be forgivable if the humor and jokes were funny....but they weren't.

The lack of any sort of logic or sensible plot was absolutely astounding.

Everything in the movie was supposed to take place in the course of a day, but none of it was believable. None of it.

For example, at one point in the movie Adam Sandler's kid breaks his arm. Normally that would be a multiple day hospital stay. I believe he's out within a half hour, and the movie acts like it never happens.

The rest of the movie meanders aimlessly--they're jumping off a cliff into a quarry, they're wandering around Kmart, David Spade gets stuck in a giant tire, they're at a drive in movie theater, AND NONE OF IT ACTUALLY CONSTITUTES ANY SORT OF PLOT.

The "climax" of the film, to the extent it exists, is an elaborate 80s themed costume party that everyone in the town gets invited to. This was all planned out in the course of a couple of hours, at most.

So somehow we are supposed to believe that not only did hundreds of people in this town all get wind of a party that evening, that the party was elaborate planned out with food, decorations, and entertainment from the J Giles Band, but that everyone in the town also had elaborate costumes on hand for every celebrity from the 80s that you could possibly imagine.

It truly is an astonishingly bad movie. Almost brilliant in how terrible it is.


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122. Using the IMDB bottom 100 rankings the result is
Tue Sep 5, 2023, 09:16 PM
Sep 2023

Baby Geniuses*, with Jaws IV: The Revenge coming in a close 2nd.

* partially saw, it was that bad I didn't finish.


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124. I think they resurrected him for the second movie.
Sun Sep 10, 2023, 12:05 AM
Sep 2023

Not sure, though. Ain’t seen it and I ain’t gonna. The first one was enough.

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