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I think we should all support our nominee (Original Post) Nuclear Unicorn Jun 2016 OP
Good one! CaliforniaPeggy Jun 2016 #1
in a blue heart beat! irisblue Jun 2016 #2
Ears to that! pinboy3niner Jun 2016 #3
Considering what goes on elsewere in DU LiberalElite Jun 2016 #4
Looks more like a nomin-er to me... Wounded Bear Jun 2016 #5
This thread... Major Nikon Jun 2016 #6
very bunny! rurallib Jun 2016 #7
I was just wondering what the hell was this in the lounge!!! lunatica Jun 2016 #8
I don't cotton to rabbit baiting. nt Xipe Totec Jun 2016 #9
That's immaterial. Like the bunny, we're facing a looming threat. nt pinboy3niner Jun 2016 #11
Is that looming threat from the fringe elements, perhaps? surrealAmerican Jun 2016 #12
I'm a frayed sew pinboy3niner Jun 2016 #13
This thread is unraveling. nt Xipe Totec Jun 2016 #17
I'd follow that bunny anywhere. Solly Mack Jun 2016 #10
White Rabbit Xipe Totec Jun 2016 #18
I love that song. Solly Mack Jun 2016 #19
Cool, I'd never seen the video. Is that Grace Slick? Beartracks Jun 2016 #21
To the best of my knowledge, it is she. nt Xipe Totec Jun 2016 #22
Hey! libodem Jun 2016 #14
If you aren't a card carrying member of the Squee! party you hate America. Nuclear Unicorn Jun 2016 #15
Me luvs some bunnies libodem Jun 2016 #16
New Party System Bill Fishlore Jun 2016 #20
Ah Bill, Bill. . . annabanana Jun 2016 #24
Talk about a bad hare day Tribalceltic Jun 2016 #23


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16. Me luvs some bunnies
Mon Jun 6, 2016, 06:15 PM
Jun 2016

Used to have a couple when, i first started here. I remember telling poster, Jack Rabbit that I had a rabbit named Jack. And then I got Jill. Nom nom.

Bill Fishlore

(14 posts)
20. New Party System
Tue Jun 7, 2016, 09:34 AM
Jun 2016

The election process as it is now pleases nobody. The huge amounts of money that turn elections into auctions are on side of the problem, the other is the process itself.

In our two party system a voter has no option but to support the party nominee because anything else works against the reasons for aligning with the party to begin with. It isn't a perfect democracy but what are you going to do?

The real problems come up before and after the election vote. The Electoral College is an un-democratic dinosaur. We can't get rid of it. We're stuck.

The party primary system is a patchwork of crazy rules that has shown how badly it functions in getting voter input and chose a candidate. In an era when just about anyone who cares to can log on to a site on the Interwebs, this ancient primary mechanism is worse than obsolete.

We should make party membership be real. Joining one's state party should be easy and mandatory. I' like to see a $5 enrollment fee just to get some skin in the game. Join online and get your party PIN number. Now you can log on to the party websites, state and national, and vote in surveys and opinion polls to steer the party leadership. Primaries are closed primaries voting limited to members signed up for some time.

With this technology, party member input becomes real and important. As for primary elections, they can be held over and over until a real consensus is formed. The whole thing would cost less money than a single state primary does now. People have lost faith in the party system. We need to get it back of we are to restore real democracy to our constitutional process. Just sayin' ...


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24. Ah Bill, Bill. . .
Wed Jun 8, 2016, 07:42 AM
Jun 2016

This is a cute homonym joke thread..

Welcome to DU.. You'll get the hang of it with more time.

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