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Mc Mike

(9,123 posts)
Mon Nov 21, 2016, 01:23 PM Nov 2016

Pre-hack fun, talking with ghosts on DU.

Having made a fearless self inventory of the "My Posts" section of my account, I came up with 19 ghost posts in 16 days, prior to the site crash. Links are provided as a courtesy, no need to click on them all, but they're offered as proof. A description of the anomaly associated is provided before each link.

10/23, post # 46, out of 45 total posts, there’s a post # 48

10/24, post # 79, out of 78 replies, there’s a post 81

10/24, post 36, out of 69 re s, there’s a post 80

10/26, post 7, to a tossed member:

10/27, 30 out of 39, o.p. er is t.s ed, there’s a post 40

10/27, 5th out of 5, doesn’t show up on the thread

10/28, 7th of 5, same op as previous link above, and also doesn’t show up on thread

10/29, to tossed nazi repug

10/31, no anomaly, I posted to someone who should almost CERTAINLY be tossed

11/2, 115 out of 114, a post #129, shows, to a post er who ghosts their own re s

11/3, 1, to someone who ghosted their o.p.

11/2, 32 out of 76, there’s a post 82 showing, my post 32 doesn’t show in the thread

11/3, 57, same thread as above, doesn’t show in the thread

11/3, 17 out of 15, a post 16 shows, my 17 doesn’t show in the thread

11/3, same thread as above, should be a ghost

11/4, 3 out of 1, in my own op

11/4, 29 out of 32, a post 34 shows, my 29 doesn’t

11/7, 7 out of 10, doesn’t show in the thread, a post 12 shows

11/7, 10 of 10, same op as above, doesn’t show in thread

That’s about it. 19 ghost talk posts in 16 days. 2 don’t count, because one’s an ATA, I assume the site managers have their own reasons; and the other one’s not a ghost.

So what’s the point? Obviously, cleaning up the site is going to create anomalies. Whatever the repug yahoos did while they were attacking the site is going to cause problems with some op s and subthreads once they’re cleaned up. But every one of the 17 cases was one where I stated opposition to a repug move, and it drew the attention of someone who's now a ghost. Or someone posted something that I thought should be opposed, in order to oppose repug spin or framing. And that post er is now a ghost.

Everyone else on this site has the same 30 day “my posts” window they could look at and count up the pre-hack anomalies, just by looking at the blanks in the “Post I replied to” column. Nobody needs to spend time analyzing and compiling the links to the actual posts as proof. If they do analyze their own ghosts, they might see some of the infiltrator post-ers who seem to be connected to the site hack, though. May see what those people were saying, what way they were trying to steer or de-rail conversations to help the repugs, and what specific subjects those people felt the need to weigh in, on.

Is 17 in 16 days a high score? Do a lot of members here have me beat, in that regard? Please DU this poll

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One ghost per day is small potatoes, I have a lot more ghosts in my posting past.
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You're a very unlucky person, and it's best that you stay away from me. (Credit to Trumbo)
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That's a higher ghost count than I experienced.
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You associate with a suspiciously large amount of unsavory characters. Where's MIRT when you need them?
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