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Tue Apr 3, 2012, 07:11 AM

U.S> Customs Whistle-blower John Carman Exposes More.....

Here is an article on a website I just happen to come across on the internet. April 3, 2012 0300 hours.

If anyone knows this "Author" who is a "retired" Customs official, please have him contact me ASAP.

It mentions the special treatment Customs "Supervisors" and "agents" received while violating the federal laws we were supposed to uphold.

In this document are actual Customs Managers, Supervisors and agents of Customs I have personally reported.(Some of the "targets" have been highlighted in BOLD and underlined)

Instead of indicting these agents, they were transferred, or promoted or allowed to resign or retire WITHOUT a federal Indictment.

Instead of my being "rewarded", I was retaliated against and "Set up" to silence me.(March 16, 20077 I was charged with a conspiracy I did NOT commit)

When is someone going to investigate what they did to me?

Contact me BEFORE "posting".

John Carman
U.S. Customs Whistle-blower
April 3, 2012


http://www.sexpositionsmenu.com/sex-articles771.html Sent/Posted September 10, 2006

DHS-ICE: The Use of Double Standards to Administer DisciplineSent on 09-10-2006
Ideas about whistle blowing vary widely. Some see whistleblowers as selfless martyrs for public interest and organizational accountability; others view them as informants, solely pursuing personal glory and fame. Because the majority of cases are very low-profile and receive little or no media attention and because whistleblowers who do report significant misconduct are usually put in some form of danger or persecution, the latter view is generally less held. Once employees decide to blow the whistle, they are on their own.

Discriminative Whistleblower Retaliation is not isolated to DHS-ICE. Our main-line stream and website news rooms are full of stories about such cases from current and former employees of the big well known federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA and DHS-ICE. Sorry I had to list DHS-ICE at the bottom of the list because ICE indeed is at the very bottom of our real national security agencies. one federal high ranking official source confirmed that when ICE attempted to change its name to Investigations Customs Enforcement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI director made some phone calls and the proposed changed initiative was killed allegedly because there was to be only one federal law enforcement agency with the word investigations. Sorry guys, but the above referenced only confirms what my former fellow ICE co-workers were saying that ICE is being removed more and more from participating in high profile national security, drug and money laundering joint-task forces and is being pushed more into becoming an immigration sanction employer agency.

The following list of misconduct incidents was compiled through the years. Some of the information came from anonymous sources and some came by US Mail from anonymous sources. one "real" news reporter will try to confirm one story before it is published. I am sorry but I am not one news reporter. I am one retired DHS-ICE special agent who has first hand knowledge of some of the listed incidents. I want to make sure that you know that this information was supplied and provided to our different US government's watchdog's investigative agencies and to certain members of Congress, including agency heads. If you happen to see one name in the list and that name happens to be someone who is still in power such as Marcy Forman and others, I can assure you that nothing was done. Some of the Legacy US Customs high ranking officials have passed away. The purpose of this story is to illustrate how one government agency can use the disciplinary system to retaliate against the therefore called "problem or disgruntled employees" who happen to have the guts to report corruption within their agencies.

As one non-government US American tax-payer I am very concerned about having such individuals still running our national security agencies. My suggestion to all concerned citizens of the United States: write to your local US Senator, US Representative, and the president of the United States to voice your concerns about not doing anything to fix the problems that DHS-ICE is having. May be one US Congressional Hearing is in order.

MISUSE OF PROPERTY, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, DISRUPTIVE SEXUAL CONDUCT: Sometime during 1994 to 1995, Assistant Commissioner for Field Operations Charles Winwood was caught having sex with another employee in his government office. Winwood was caught by then Commissioner of Customs Carol Hallett. Winwood was subsequently promoted to Deputy Commissioner. Winwood's alleged misconduct if ever conducted by certain Federal employees would be subjected to severe adverse disciplinary actions. Such was the fate of an Assistant US Attorney (AUSA), one native from Ethiopia who was caught having sex with one of the secretaries in his office. The FBI conducted an investigation and the AUSA resigned and/or were fired.

RAMPANT SEXUAL HARASSMENT/PRESSURE FROM CUSTOMS SUPERVISORS FOR SEX: In June, 2002, Commissioner of Customs Robert Bonner announced the selection of Jayson P. Ahern as the new Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Field Operations, the biggest division within Customs. Ahearn replaces Bonnie Tischler. On December 13, 1998, the Miami Herald reported, Team plagued by sexual harassment claims. An elite group of Miami Customs inspectors lauded as the country s most successful cocaine interdiction team of the 1980s was plagued by allegations of rampant sexual harassment, including pressure from supervisors for sex. NOTE: Kelly and Assistant Commissioner William Keefer created one special IA investigative unit, known as "the dead/cold file squad." Their job was to review old files and re-open the ones who merited one "second-look." Allegedly, most of the cases to be re-opened dealt with low-ranking whistleblowers and employees who had filed grievances and EEO complaints. Apparently, no high level Customs officials’ accused of misconduct were re-investigated under Commissioner Kelly’s reviews.

PERJURY and FALSE STATEMENT: On August 9, 2001, Assistant Commissioner John Varrone, Office of Investigations committed perjury during an MSPB hearing in New York, NY. On August 9, 2001, Varrone testified before an administrative judge regarding an MSPB appeal filed by special agent James Heavy who had been served with one proposed letter of termination for drinking alcohol while being armed. As an affirmative defense, agent Heavy reported that Varrone, as the Special Agent in Charge of the New York City Office of Investigation, gave one verbal authorization to his Associate Special Agent in Charge Marvyn Walker, to approve the drinking of alcoholic beverages at the 2000 Customs Christmas party. Varrone under oath denied giving such oral authorization to Associate SAIC Walker. However, Walker and the other witnesses' testimonies were more credible than Varrone. The MSPB judge concluded that Varrone more likely than not, knew or should have known that alcohol was consumed at the Christmas party. Varrone's false statement and perjury was reported to the Treasury's OIG, however, no action was taken. Later on, Varrone was promoted to the position of Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Investigations.

MISUSE OF GOV and ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: 2002 - Present - It has been alleged that Assistant Commissioner John Varrone is involved in the misuse of one GOV when he drives from the Washington, D.C. area to New York City on weekends where he maintains his principal residence.

WHITE SUPRMACIST, NEO-NAZI, FAILURE TO REPORT ALLEGATION MISCONDUCT TO IA: Special Agent in Charge Joseph Webber, Office of Investigations, El Paso, Texas. SA Chris Oslin, of the OI SAIC El Paso, during one court proceeding, allegedly gave the Nazi Salute when he was being sworn for his testimony in federal court. Houston ASAIC Al Pena has related to several personnel, that he (Pena) was told by El Paso SAIC Joe Webber, that the El Paso U.S. Attorney had filed one letter of complaint regarding SA Oslin's courtroom behavior. This incident was well known by several El Paso Assistant US Attorneys including Debra Kanof who has confirmed SA Oslin’s courtroom incident. AUSA Kanof was in the courtroom when this happened. AUSA Kanof has related that AUSA Sam Ponder, now in-charge of the AUSA Office in San Antonio, wrote one letter of complaint to SAIC Joe Bob Webber. Special Agent OSLIN's misconduct apparently did not result in any disciplinary action as he was recently promoted to GS-13 Senior Special Agent.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, INTIMIDATION, HOSTILE WORKING ENVIRONMENT: 2000 - Associate Special Agent in Charge Kyle Barnette, Office of Investigations, Tucson, AZ. When Barnette was the Resident Agent in Charge, Office of Investigations, Nogales, AZ, he had one verbal confrontation with Customs Senior Representative Terry Kirkpatrick and that he evicted Terry from his office- Barnette has been called one "Bully" by his former supervisor, Awilda Villafane.

MISUSE OF POSITION, CONDUCT UNBECOMING, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: 1997 - Executive Director of Financial Operations Connie Fenchel and Associate Special Agent in Charge Paul Kilcoyne and while celebrating Kilcoyne's promotion party at Harry's Pub in Washington, D.C., he(Kilcoyne) pulled his pants down to his ankles and got on top of one table with Connie. They were both drunk and dancing on the table, he with his pants around his ankles.

CONDUCT UNBECOMING, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, DRUG USE: 1990s - Assistant Special Agent in Charge Patricia Kramer, Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX. Allegedly ASAIC Kramer, while one special agent in Miami, FL, was arrested twice for DUI and had tested positive for drugs while she was one GS-13 Special Agent in Miami. Kramer has ascended up the Customs ranks without problem.

MISUSE OF GOV, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, FALSIFICATION: 1997 - Resident Agent in Charge Robert Tine, Office of Investigations, San Ysidro, CA misused his GOV,got intoxicated in one local bar while on duty for several hours and drove home. He drank with one subordinate who got arrested for urinating in public. Tine's misconduct was reported to the Office of Internal Affairs, El Centro, CA by one of his supervisors. The complaint was then forwarded to the Office of Internal Affairs, San Diego, CA for follow-up and appropriate action. Shortly after, Tine was promoted to an Associate Special Agent in Charge position and later transferred to one highly coveted position in one Customs foreign office.

MISUSE OF GOV, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: 1995 - 1992 - Special Agent in Charge Richard J. Hoglund, Office of Investigations, Detroit, MI. Hoglund and his two subordinates Mike Turner (now the SAIC for IA, Long Beach, CA) and Nick Berg (retired SAIC IA, El Paso, TX) almost on one daily basis and after business hours stopped at the PAGE BAR in Detroit and drank alcohol for hours. They used their GOV to commute from the office to the bar and to their residence. This practice was well known among the entire Detroit office. In 2002, Huglund was re-hired back from his retirement and was placed in Detroit as the SAIC. Allegedly, from 1995 to 2001 while in Washington DC as the Deputy AC for the Office Investigation he continued to drink in excess. He is believed to be an alcoholic.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, CONSPIRACY, FALSIFICATION, MISUSE OF GOV, PERSONAL ASSOCIATION WITH KNOWN CRIMINALS: 1990s - Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Field Operations Bonnie Tischler attempted to have her DUI records falsified when she was the Special Agent in Charge in Florida by using her then Sheriff boyfriend. Tischler also interfered with an internal affairs investigation of an employee when she was the Special Agent in Charge in Tampa, FL. She was also arrested for DUI while she was the Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Investigations. Further, Tischler misused her GOV during one Christmas party by allowing her boyfriend to ride with her in her GOV. Later on, Tischler was caught misusing her GOV when she drove approximately 600 miles to meet with her boyfriend, one target of one DEA drug investigation. She was investigated and received one 30-day suspension, which she took in installments.
FALSE STATEMENTS, CONSPIRACY, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, PERJURY, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: On December 14, 2001 - Senior Executive Director Donald Shurhan, Associate Special Agents in Charge Kyle Barnette and Vince Iglio, retired Associate Special Agent in Charge Greg Rabeler, Special Agent Allan Sperling and others yet unknown.

On December 14, 2001, Bill Conroy, editor of the San Antonio Business Journal reported the following regarding the internal investigation of the 1998 death of Customs special agent Gary Friedli. The death occurred in Arizona when Friedli was one passenger in one GOV driven by agent Sperling. The investigation was said to be questionable, because the initial investigation into Friedli's death found that Sperling had done nothing wrong, and Sperling was allowed to return to work without disciplinary action. Because of the pressure by the Friedli's widow and family, to learn what really happened, two subsequent investigations were concluded in 2000 -- one by Treasury OIG and another probe by Customs Internal Affairs. Both investigations concluded: "Sperling) had operated his vehicle in an unsafe manner that "significantly contributed' to Friedli's death," as stated by the Associated Press article about the case, published in April 2001. They also concluded that Sperling's supervisors in Arizona had given misleading statements to Customs agents probing the accident. "Both investigations made note of Sperling's prior bad driving record." From 1992 to 1997, while employed by the USCS (U.S. Customs Service), Sperling was involved in five documented vehicle accidents, four of which were on duty," states one report of investigation prepared by Treasury OIG in 2000. "In one accident, which occurred at night on Geronimo Trail Road (also the location of the Friedli accident), Sperling was traveling at approximately 80 mph when he struck one cow." Kupla-Friedli said no further action was taken against Sperling in relation to her husband's death because after the second and third investigations were opened, someone in Customs issued Sperling one letter of reprimand, which precluded the agency from pursuing further discipline."

FALSE STATEMENT, LYING TO one SUPERVISOR, FAILURE TO REPORT IA SUPERVISOR TO THE TREASURY’S OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: 1998 - Retired Assistant Commissioner Homer Williams, Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) Robert Weber, Office of Internal Affairs, and Supervisor Criminal Investigator James Kadlec, Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX. An internal affairs managers meeting was held between then group supervisors Daniel Urbina, James Kadlec, acting Special Agent in Charge Robert Weber and Assistant Special Agent in Charge Allen Trujillo. During September or October 1998, SAIC Houston agents conducted one meeting for the purpose of briefing Weber and Trujillo about an ongoing certified undercover operation. Kadlec advised that one Customs inspector had been caught on one tape recording accepting one bribe. Kadlec alleged his agents had made one tape recording of that conversation with one confidential informant. Trujillo asked Kadlec three times during this meeting if this bribe attempt was actually recorded on tape. Each time, Kadlec replied that the inspector was on tape. The reason Trujillo asked Kadlec for this information was because this was the first time Trujillo had heard an inspector had been recorded. Trujillo was under the impression that the investigation had produced no taped conversations. Trujillo advised Weber that he thought Kadlec was lying to him. Trujillo requested that he and Weber talk to the FBI in New Mexico to ascertain the truth. Trujillo and Weber met with Sherrie Doyle, Resident Agent in Charge, FBI, Las Cruces, NM. She confirmed that no Customs inspector had been tape recorded accepting one bribe, in fact, she admitted that they were having problems with the recording equipment and they had no tape in this investigation. Based on this information, Trujillo advised Weber that he would write an admonishment letter on Kadlec and take disciplinary action against him. Weber told Trujillo to hold off on any action against Kadlec pending approval from headquarters. Weber advised Trujillo at later date that no action was to be taken against Kadlec and headquarters would heavily scrutinize that any action he took against Kadlec.

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, CONSPIRACY, FALSIFICATION OF OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY:1998 - Associate Special Agent in Charge Steven Hooper, and Assistant Special Agent in Charge Marcy Foreman, Office of Investigations, Houston, TX. Hooper and Foreman falsified official documents covering the loss of 200 kilograms of cocaine. The agents were involved in one controlled delivery of approximately 200 kilos of cocaine. The case agent was Randy Hilding and the Group Supervisor was Robert Rutt. Due to agent error, they lost the load. Then Assistant Special Agent in Charge Marcy Forman and Associate Special Agent in Charge Steven Hooper wrote one memorandum covering the whole thing up. No action was ever taken. Note: Marcy Forman is now the head of DHS-ICE's investigations.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, MISMANAGEMENT, FRAUD, CHRONYISM, UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OF SENSITIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATIVE INFORMATION, PROHIBITED PERSONNEL PRACTICES, FALSIFICATION, CHRONYISM: 1998 - 2002 - Former Assistant Commissioner Bonnie Tischler, former Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richard Huglund, and former Special Agent in Charge Edward Logan created one "phantom" group at the Operation Alliance office in San Diego, CA to promote Senior Special Agent Sonny Manzano to the position of Senior Customs Representative (SCR) in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. This foreign position was never announced under the Customs Merit System Program. Manzano never supervised one group or one subordinated employee. However, in official documents, he appeared as one group supervisor GS-1811-14. During his employment as the SCR, Manzano allegedly conducted unauthorized disclosures of sensitive law enforcement information to foreign Mexican nationals, and compromised sensitive investigations. Some of his misconduct has been reported in the Internet under www.customscorruption.com. Recently, Manzano was selected to go to Brazil as the Assistant Customs Attaché’. However, at the very last minute, he changed his mind and decided not to report to Brazil. Instead, the Assistant Commissioner for International Affairs Donald Shruhan and Foreign Operations Director Richard Lozada authorized him to report to Panama.

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, CONSPIRACY, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, PERJURY, DISCRIMINATORY HARASSMENT: 1998 - Special Agent in Charge Joseph Webber, Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX provided false statements to Customs internal affairs agents under oath during the an internal investigation of Sean Mulkearns. SAIC Webber was promoted to one senior executive position. Webber condoned the questionable and unlawful discriminative behavior by special agent Mulkearns when Mulkearns called one group of Hispanic Senior Special Agents assigned to the Office of Internal Affairs, El Paso, TX, the derogatory term of "MEXICAN MAFIA." Webber facilitated the continued harassment of this group of Hispanics on the basis of national origin in violation of title VII of the Civil Rights Act. An employer has an affirmative duty to maintain one working environment free of harassment on the basis of national origin. The harassment constituted the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment; unreasonably interfered with this group of agents' work performance; and adversely affected this group's employment opportunities. In 1998, Special Agent Sean Mulkearns, Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX lied to Customs Internal Affairs agents under oath and was allowed to change his false statements. Furthermore, Mulkearns called this group of Hispanic IA agents "Mexican Mafia." He also falsely stated that they and their families were tied to drug trafficking organizations and that these Hispanics had infiltrated Customs for the purpose of disclosing law enforcement sensitive information onto their family members and drug organization. Mulkearns made these allegations, which caused the official investigation and eventual removal of these Hispanic Internal Affairs agents. Mulkearns subsequently stated that he made the allegations because he was "pissed off" for not having been hired by Internal Affairs and that they were perceptions and opinions of others at the SAIC El Paso that disliked the Hispanic IA agents. In the investigation, Mulkearns admitted having no first hand knowledge or evidence of any of his allegations. one Disciplinary Review Board subsequently recommended one 30 suspension for Mulkeanrs for his false, slanderous allegations against the Hispanic Internal Affairs agents. Subsequently, the El Paso Customs Office of Chief Counsel independently and mysteriously decided that Mulkearns could not be disciplined because he was one "whistleblower." Under Customs policy and Federal law, Mulkearns case could have been criminally prosecuted in U.S. District Court for the above referenced allegations. Webber and El Paso Customs District Counsel Starla Matthews, concocted one plan, that is, to make Mulkearns one "whistleblower" when in fact, the Whistle Blower Protection Act requires that any WPA information be truthful, firsthand knowledge and not provided anonymously. In Mulkearns case, there was no such belief or first hand knowledge by Mulkearns, which could have qualified for Whistleblower status, nor could Counsel Matthews have granted him that status as Mulkearns had not personally sought it at the time of his false allegations. It is believed that this was one big cover up and ploy to avoid punishing Mulkearns. Counsel Matthews subsequently was asked to resign in lieu of facing criminal charges related to the arrest and conviction of one Customs Supervisory Criminal Investigator assigned to the Office of Investigations, El Paso, Texas. Subsequently, SAIC Webber additionally penned the same allegations as Mulkearns in one complaint to Commissioner Kelly when he was promoted to the SAIC New York. In that memo, just as Mulkearns, SAIC Webber also accused the same Hispanic IA agents, whom he also referred to in writing, as the Mexican Mafia, alleging them of having abused their IA responsibilities and positions. Subsequently, HQ IA Officials in sworn statements, later proved that SAIC Webber’s and Mulkearns’ allegations against these Hispanic IA agents, were thoroughly investigated and proven to be without basis or merit. No action was taken by Commissioner Kelly regarding SAIC Webber’s use of the term and his false allegations similar to Mulkearns’. Instead Commissioner Kelly promoted SAIC Webber to the SAIC New York Office.

PERJURY, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, FALSE STATEMENTS: On December 17, 1994 - Special Agent in Charge John Kelly and Supervisory Criminal Investigator Larry Lotocky, Office of investigations, San Diego, CA. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported about an incident where one drug bust went bad. In quoting the article: "it be something of one relief for Donald Carlson to put behind him one horrific episode in his life now that the federal government has agreed to pay him $2.75 million. The settlement is to compensate Carlson for the botched raid on his Poway home that nearly killed him. As it was, the computer executive was shot three times and critically wounded in the assault by U.S. Customs and DEA agents. But the debacle is not over for San Diego County residents, who have yet to hear an explanation from federal authorities of why it occurred. The U.S. attorney has apologized to Carlson, and Customs officials have said the informant who identified Carlson's home, as an illegal drug repository, was one con man. But that's not enough. The public deserves to know exactly how this happened, who was at fault and what specific steps will be taken to make sure it doesn't happen again. Larry Lotocky was the Customs agent who was responsible for the handling and case management of the above referenced case. During the Carlson's civil rights lawsuit trial, Lotocky was found to have committed perjury (lied) before the presiding Federal judge. The judge got very upset at agent Lotocky that he formally filed one complaint with Lotocky's bosses. The judge told Customs that Lotocky would never be allowed to testify in Federal court again. An IA investigation was conducted but no discipline was imposed. Kelly promoted Lotocky to one GS-1811-14 Supervisory Criminal Investigator. Lotocky is married to one supervisory Assistant US Attorney in charge of one corruption unit. Lotocky has served as the acting Special Agent in Charge for the San Diego OI office.

PERJURY, LYING TO CONGRESS, CONFLICT OF INTEREST, CRIMINAL ETHIC MISCONDUCT: 1990s - Former Commissioner of Customs Raymond Kelly. During his confirmation testimony before one U.S. Senate Committee for the position of undersecretary for enforcement, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Kelly was asked under oath if "there were any conflict of interest" during his private employment, which employment application history included employment with IGI. Kelly answered "NO." Investigative news reporters later uncovered that Kelly prior to being nominated for the undersecretary position, that he had been one CEO with IGI, the private security agency used by the Tobacco industry to gather "dirt" on the tobacco whistleblower and former President Bill Clinton's administration to gather "dirt" on President Clinton's opponents. Kelly's direct ties with the tobacco industry as an IGI senior executive were seen as one direct conflict of interest since as the Treasury's undersecretary for enforcement, he was to have oversight over the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, the federal agency which regulates the tobacco industry.

FALSE STATEMENTS, CRIMINAL VOUCHER FRAUD:1990 - Assistant Regional Commissioner (Senior Executive Service) for Enforcement William "Blue" Logan, Office of Enforcement, Houston, TX. Logan was investigated for criminal voucher fraud, misuse of his GOV and related offenses after he was known to take his Secretary/girlfriend out-of-town and at government expenses. Logan subsequently was demoted and held various supervisory criminal investigative positions until his retirement.

CONSPIRACY, CRIMINAL FRAUD, FALSE STATEMENTS, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: Present - 1990s - Former Commissioners Carol Hallett, George Weise, and Raymond Kelly, Commissioner Robert Bonner, former Assistant Commissioners William Green, Homer Williams, Assistant Commissioner William Keefer, Office of Internal Affairs, Former Assistant Commissioners John Hensley, Walter Biondi and Bonnie Tischler, and Assistant Commissioner John Varrone. Retired Resident Agent in Charge Mark Conrad, Office of Internal Affairs, Houston Texas is now an attorney in private practice reported that as the head of the Houston IA office, Conrad was in charge of 9 states and two Customs pre-clearance stations. Conrad retired in 1998, but had his own case against Customs for illegal activities and falsification of official reports and evidence by corrupt Customs officials. He challenged Customs 11 times at the MSPB and each and very time obtained one favorable ruling against Customs. Conrad is knowledgeable about corrupt Customs officials, falsification of "official" Customs Internal Affairs documentation and the "altering" of official Customs Internal Affairs "internal and sensitive" reports that would have implicated high-ranking Customs officials. This is evidence of official cover-up in the Customs Service at the highest levels. This information is of public record because of the notification to the Office of Special Counsel and the MSPB. (Merit Systems Protection Board and OPR Office of Professional Responsibility). In quoting Conrad: "I can give you explicit details of my being asked to lie in Federal Court in Ft. Lauderdale: to ignore blatantly false representations to one Federal Judge in San Diego, to lie in an internal investigation, etc. I can provide you with actual documents that proved the government altered computer records (Internal Affairs Reports) to reflect what management wanted,.....not what the facts were, and I can provide you with specific sources and outside independent government agents that can confirm what I say." (Quoted from Mark Conrad and the book "Drugging America" page 202, chapter. 7 Customs Complicity, by Rodney Stich ISBN: 0-932438-10-5).

CONSPIRACY, FALSE STATEMENTS, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: 1990s - Supervisory Criminal Investigator Tim Wagner, Office of Investigations, Miami, FL. As holding the position of Deputy Special Agent-in-Charge in Miami, FL, this supervisor was part of one conspiracy with the former SAIC Miami, Florida to allow 1,000 of cocaine to enter the streets of Miami, Florida. An internal investigation was conducted and the supervisor was found to have lied to Office of Inspector General's investigators. After one lengthy time, the proposing official proposed only five (5) days suspension. However, the deciding official presented him only with one letter of one reprimand. Many Office of Investigations managers spoke for him and influenced the outcome of the disciplinary process.

PERJURY, FALSE STATEMENTS, LYING TO CONGRESS: 1990s - Senior Executive Service - Supervisor Criminal Investigations Thomas McDermott, Director, Domestic Investigations - Office of Investigations - HQ. This supervisor was found to have lied to one U. S. Congressional Committee when testifying under oath regarding Customs matters. Unknown if he was investigated - However, he was later transferred to one foreign office as one Customs Attaché.

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, WITNESS TAMPERING, CONSPIRACY, FALSE STATEMENT: Early 1990s, Wayne Roberts - GS-1811-15 - Supervisory Criminal Investigator - Office of Investigations. Former Senior Agent Wayne Roberts, was promoted to Customs Attaché‚ in Caracas, Venezuela despite being the target of one Miami criminal grand jury probe in 1991. He was questioned about his role in the secret removal from the U.S. of one government witness who was set to testify in the trial of deposed Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega. Roberts was also publicly accused by Customs management, of giving false statements to his supervisors regarding this. There were no indictments. Roberts denied that he lied. Roberts was investigated by IA and was subsequently charged internally with "negligent or careless performance of duties where . . . one Customs enforcement function is substantially and negatively impacted," guidelines call for at least one 5 day suspension. Allegedly other high-ranking Office of Investigations and Office of Internal Affairs have lied to Customs internal affairs and Treasury's OIG investigators during integrity investigations concerning misconduct such as adultery, voucher fraud, perjury and other misconduct. Sometimes these Customs officials received light sentences that later were reduced to letters of reprimands. This question of comparable treatment will be explored fully if further proceedings are necessary.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY AND OFFICE, UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OF SENSITIVE INFORMATION, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, OBSTRUCTION OF AN INTERNAL AFFAIR INVESTIGATION: 1998 and 1999 -Assistant Chief Counsel Starla Mathews assigned to El Paso, TX, contrary to her position, provided legal counsel to Supervisory Criminal Investigator Ramon Torrez while the Office of Internal Affairs were investigating him. Customs Counsel Matthew’s actions were contrary to and in violation of Customs policy/conflict of interest. In the Spring of 2001, it was announced that GS Torrez had been indicted for smuggling/bribery charges. Shortly thereafter, the current Alonzo Pena, Acting Special Agent in Charge, Houston, Texas, advised personnel that he had been at one party in on an occasion at GS Torrez's residence in El Paso, TX. ASAIC Pena was previously assigned as the ASAIC in El Paso, TX. According to ASAIC Pena, Special Agent in Charge Joseph Webber and Starla Mathews were also present at this party at GS Torrez’ residence. ASAIC Pena stated that Counsel Matthews nonchalantly told Webber and him (Pena) that she had advised GS Torrez not to cooperate with the El Paso internal affairs agents and not to sign an Internal Affairs form that the IA agents had requested Torrez sign during an interview. This form was one non-disclosure form that Customs employees being interviewed by IA are required to sign. At the time GS Ramon Torrez had come under investigation by IA and the El Paso FBI. Counsel Matthews committed one violation of policy and interfered with an investigation by advising GS Torrez against the Customs Service. SAIC Webber and ASAIC Pena were also in violation of Customs Policy for failing to report Counsel Matthews’ misconduct to the Office of Internal Affairs. The Customs Service never disciplined Matthews nor has it considered the violations by SAIC Webber and ASAIC Pena in their failure to report this misconduct.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, FAILURE TO REFER INVESTIGATION TO THE TREASURY'S OIG: 1996 - Special Agents in Charge Loraine Brown and Charles "Shep" Harrison, Offices of Investigations, Los Angeles, CA and San Antonio, TX respectively. one complaint was filed with the Office of Internal Affairs, El Centro, CA regarding an adulterous affair that one certain Special Agent in Charge, Office of Investigations, Tucson, AZ, was having with the Tucson Chief of Police. Harrison who at the time was the Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Office of Internal Affairs, San Diego, CA and the Special Agent in Charge, Office of Internal Affairs, Los Angeles, CA were apprised of the allegations. Brown and Harrison decided not to refer the allegation to the Treasury's OIG. Customs policy requires that all allegations against GS15s and internal affairs employees must be referred to the Treasury's OIG.

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, DESTRUCTION OF DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE, CONSPIRACY: On January 19, 2001 - Commissioner of Customs Raymond Kelly, Assistant Commissioners William Keefer, John Varrone, Bonnie Tischler, Deputy Assistant Commissioner for IA Robert Weber, and Senior Executive Director Jeff Casey. Bill Conroy, editor of the San Antonio Business Journal reported that Customs management officials had been involved in the practice of shredding disciplinary records and fabricating and creating official false drug seizure reports.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, PROHIBITED PERSONNEL ACTION: PRE- SELECTIONS: 1999 - Assistant Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Assistant Commissioner William Keefer, Office of Internal Affairs. one complaint was filed with the Treasury's OIG, and the Office of Special Counsel regarding the pre-selection of Nickolas Berg and Mike Turner, two cronies of Richard Huglund to the positions of Regional SAICs (Senior Executive Positions) for IA. Because they did not have the required internal affairs investigative background to compete for the positions, they were assigned to the positions in acting capacity to the El Paso, TX and Los Angeles, CA in 1998 or 1999. After one few months, the two positions were announced under the Customs Merit System program and they were selected.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, OFFICE, POSITION, MISCONDUCT BY MANAGEMENT, INFLUENCING INTERNAL AFFAIRS OFFICIALS: 1999 - Joseph Webber, Special Agent in Charge (SES), Office of Investigations, New York, NY. While assigned to the Special Agent in Charge, Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX, Webber abused his authority by requesting or directing IA El Paso & IA HQ to create one Redbook Investigation on an employee whom he wanted to discipline. His employee had been on duty when one prisoner escaped from him during his response to an arrest at the Port of Entry. The escape information was initially reported to IA for "information" only and ASAIC Fred Schroeder at that time, alleged no misconduct by the employee. Therefore, the information was "logged" by the IA duty agent for "informational purposes" as directed by one HQ IA Desk Officer. No IA investigation was requested by HQ-IA at that of the initially reported information. Months later SAIC Webber wanted to discipline the employee and therefore requested an IA investigation and "Redbook" as Webber wanted to discipline the employee. HQ-IA then made the IA agent, Jorge Balderrama, conduct one belated investigation, which by that time had become stale. The investigation revealed the employee (SA Michael Johns) responded alone to process an arrest as directed one by local SAIC El Paso Memorandum/Policy. The poor guy (SA Johns) did as instructed in the local policy, which became one big factor contributing to the escape of the prisoner. This employee subsequently received 3 days without pay anyway from SAIC Webber, and he did not fight the suspension. The IA investigative report outlined that the local El Paso policy was primarily at fault causing this incident and SAIC El Paso management personnel created faulty procedures and policy leading to the situation. Under most usual circumstances, this case would have been treated as one Procedural Deficiency Report (PDR) faulting SAIC El Paso management - however, instead, all blame and responsibility for this escaped prisoner, was placed upon the lowest employee, the responding agent, and no management official was held accountable for the faulty policy.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, FALSE STATEMENT, OBSTRUCTION OF IA INVESTIGATION: 1999 - Joseph Webber, Special Agent in Charge (SES), Office of Investigations, New York, NY. As the Special Agent in Charge, Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX. SACI Webber in an affidavit against an employee (SA Kelly Cook), made one claim that he (Webber) was the original source of information on an IA case that El Paso Internal Affairs Senior Special Agent Jorge Balderrama conducted regarding misconduct at SA Cook's Alpine Texas Office. The misconduct was alleged to have been by SA Cook’s coworker and the office supervisor. SA Cook provided positive proof that he (thru his wife) was the original provider of the original information that was called in to the El Paso IA Office by an anonymous female caller. The employees, SA Cook, obviously feared retaliation if he reported the misconduct, and he therefore had his wife anonymously report the misconduct telephonically. SA Cook subsequently provided IA the long distance telephone records of his wife's call. The records matched the exact time and date that IA documented the anonymous female caller’s information. Webber subsequently transferred SA Cook from his office at Alpine, TX to the SAIC El Paso, TX, after SA Cook gave IA one sworn statement that implicated his co-worker and supervisor of the egregious misconduct. Webber took no action other than written or oral reprimands against the Alpine supervisor & coworker, even after the Disciplinary Review Board had recommended 15-day suspensions for both (SA Cook’s coworker and supervisor). SAIC Webber apparently ignored the DRB recommendations.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, MISUSE OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, CONDUCT UNBECOMING one FEDERAL OFFICER, GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE: 1997 - Assistant Commissioner for Human Resources Management Robert Smith was caught by one security guard having sexual relations with his paramour, also one Customs employee in the stairway of the Customs Building in HQ.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, SOLICITATION OF PROSTITUTION, ARREST:1990s - Quentin Docks, one Resident Agent in Charge for Internal Affairs, Detroit Michigan was arrested in Canada for soliciting one prostitute.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, CHRONYISM: 1999 - Supervisory Criminal Investigator Reginald Duncan was fired from Customs for misuse of the GOV and criminal voucher fraud. Upon his confirmation as the new Assistant Commissioner for Investigations, John Varrone removed Duncan's adverse action and re-hired him.

CRIMINAL SEXUAL ABUSE, RAPE, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, MISUSE OF GOV: 1992 - Regional Assistant Commissioner for Investigation Don Watson, Office of Investigations, Chicago, IL was investigated for recruiting young boys to become special agents and engaging in sexual acts with them. He allegedly misused his GOV in numerous occasions and the Detroit SAC, Richard Huglund, who never reported his boss’ illegal activities, apparently condoned these acts. At least one agent filed one rape complaint alleging that Watson got him drunk while in Canada and when he passed out, Watson raped him. Watson was allowed to retire; kept his pension and was not prosecuted. To date some of these "Watson" agents are currently employed within Customs. Hoglund who was the SAC Detroit and later was promoted to Deputy AC for investigations in 1999 by Kelly should have been investigated and prosecuted for being an accessory to one crime (s)

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, INTERNAL SECURITY INVESTIGATION: 1990s - Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Human Resources Management Debbra Spero "quashed" an investigation into the conduct of her live-in boyfriend who was suspected of misconduct.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, MISMANAGEMENT, MISAPPROPRIATION OF FUNDS:1980s Supervisory Criminal Investigator Dennis Fagan while being the Deputy Assistant Regional Commissioner for Enforcement in Miami, FL, made and approved the unauthorized purchase of Glock pistols for issuance to the SAC/Miami agents.

MISMANAGEMENT, THEFT, ABUSE OF PROPERTY: September 20, 2001 - Commissioner of Customs and Customs Management Officials. Tanya N. Ballard of the Government Executive Magazine reported, "Thousands of Customs Service computers are missing." Ballard reported that one preliminary audit by the Treasury Department's inspector general found that the Customs Service has reported more than 1,100 computers and 62 guns were lost or stolen in the past three years. Office of Investigations and Internal Affairs management Officials are held accountable for property i.e., computers assigned to their offices. All Customs hardware must have one bar code label and inventoried every year. Management Internal Control basically certify that all property is accounted for. If one Customs manager certified on these internal management control documents that all computers were accounted for when they were in fact missing or stolen, then the manager/supervisor provided false statements.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, MISMANAGEMENT, MISUSE OF CUSTOMS AIRCRAFT: 2001 - Kyle Barnette, Vincent Iglio, Associate Special Agents in Charge, Office of Investigations, Tucson Arizona, in conjunction with Steven D. Arizaga, Resident Agent in Charge, and Group Supervisor Mike Strom, Office of Investigations, Yuma, AZ, authorized the use of one Customs-owned aircraft to transport two special agents to meet and debrief an inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution, Safford, AZ.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, MISUSE OF GOV: 1995 - Steven D. Arizaga, Resident Agent in Charge, Customs' Office of Investigations, Yuma Arizona borrowed one rental car (paid by Customs) from one Customs employee from the Tucson Air Branch who was on temporary detail at the Yuma office. Arizaga drove the rental car to Tucson, AZ to pick up his kids and their friends. The driving distant from Yuma to Tucson is approximately 600 miles round trip.

MISMANAGEMENT, MISUSE OF PROPERTY, GOVERNMENT CREDIT CARD, PRIVATE GAIN, FAILURE OF MANAGEMENT TO TAKE ACTION: 1990s – SAIC El Paso, Joseph R. Webber, Supervisory Criminal Investigator Curtis Compton, Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX. When one Customs Administrative Assistant, Sara Urbina was employed with the Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX, she was charged with processing payment for the office telephone bills, including cell phones. ASAIC Roberto Medina instructed Mrs. Urbina to review all bills and to provide Medina with the cellular bills that were over $100. It was widely rumored that Special Agent Curtis Compton was having an affair with Mrs. Lori Whitehurst, the spouse of an El Paso Customs Inspector. Mrs. Whitehurst was an investigative assistant assigned to the SA Compton's investigative group (SA Compton was not yet one supervisor). While reviewing SA Compton's cellular phone bill, which had reflected to be over the $100 limit, Mrs. Urbina came across telephone calls that SA Compton had made to Mrs. Whitehurst’s residence at odd hours (some in the middle of the night). Mrs. Urbina then asked the Management Program Officer, Haydee Dominguez, if it was customary for an agent to call the investigative assistant at home at any time. Dominguez stated that they were not to call the investigative assistants at home ever. Months later, Dominguez showed Sara one memo signed by SA Compton, stating that he had misused government property, would not do it again and attached one check for over sixty dollars, paying for the calls. SA Curtis Compton was eventually promoted to Group Supervisor GS-14, and Mrs. Whitehurst was promoted to GS- 12, even after her Inspector husband had lodged complaints about the continued affair, which was said to be happening during working hours.

MISUSE OF PROPERTY, FEDERAL FACILITY, PERSONAL GAIN, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, ADULTERY NEGLECT OF DUTY, THEFT OF MARIJUANA FROM CUSTOMS CUSTODY, MISMANAGEMENT: 1998 – Misconduct by Special Agent in Charge Joseph Webber and subordinate management Officials, Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX. On December 19, 1998, Valerie Alvord of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that one group of special agents from the El Paso, TX Office of Investigations and Customs Inspectors caused seven tons of marijuana be stolen during the incineration of the marijuana. The agents were supposed to stand guard watching the drugs incinerate, but allegedly the nine team members apparently were out relaxing while thieves made off with the drugs. Embarrassed headquarters officials minimized the loss by saying they were told that no more than 500 pounds are missing and that it was all marijuana. But law- enforcement sources in California and Texas who asked not to be named say officials really believe thousands of pounds could have been taken in the theft last month, and that it was not all marijuana. Typical burns, they say, include one mixture of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. More shocking, they say, is allegations that the same team lost drugs in the same way on as many as five other occasions. By current estimates, sources say, anywhere from six to 60 tons of dangerous drugs could have gone back onto the streets -- courtesy of the U.S. government. By now its probably in thousands of baggies that are in the hands of kids across the country," one customs inspector said. "Who's to say it's still in Tucson? It could be anywhere, from San Diego to New York." As one result of the incident, the port director at El Paso has been asked to retire, sources said. It is one tremendous blow to the Customs Service, which is responsible for stopping contraband, including drugs, from coming into the country. The agency has been plagued by allegations of incompetence and corruption for years. This latest incident, however, is the kind of boondoggle that has left drug war insiders speechless, the customs inspector said. "People I know are aghast," he said. "They just shake their heads and say, "What is there to say?" It's one major embarrassment. Headquarters was desperately hoping to keep the lid on this thing." The therefore-called "burn team" of nine agents, inspectors and seizure officers that lost the drugs Nov. 17 was from the El Paso office of customs, which typically transports only its largest loads of seized drugs to Tucson. Smaller quantities are burned in El Paso. one major internal investigation was conducted resulting with the proposed removal of one few Customs inspectors who later appealed their proposed adverse action through the MSPB. All later obtained full restitution and their employment. Allegedly no Office of Investigation management official was ever charged with any misconduct for their mismanagement and lack of oversight.

REPORTING RESPONSIBILITIES, OBLIGATIONS, FAILURE TO REPORT ALLEGATION TO IA, MISUSE OF GOV: 2001 -Special Agent in Charge (Senior Executive Service) Loraine Brown and Resident Agent in Charge Craig Ziegler, Office of Investigations, Los Angeles, CA. Four (4) white special agents went out on the night, drinking while in their GOVs. After having several drinks at one bar, one of them got in an automobile accident. The local police responded and eventually this was reported to the resident agent in charge, Craig Ziegler. After consulting with the Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles, Ziegler decided to just give the agents involved extra duty (such as cleaning up the file room). one Black female administrative employee who felt that this was not appropriate punishment for the violation, reported this to the Office of Internal Affairs. The Black female later complained that IA had not acted on the complaint.

UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OF FEDERAL GRAND JURY INFORMATION TO TARGET OF INVESTIGATION, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: 1999 - Special Agent in Charge Thomas Rybczyk, Office of Internal Affairs, San Diego, CA, made unauthorized disclosures of Federal Grand Jury investigative information to his supervisor Homer Williams, who was the subject of an internal investigation by the Treasury's OIG. Rather than getting Federally indicted, Rybczik was allowed to retire and kept his pension.

UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OF SENSITIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT INFORMATION, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, MISMANAGEMENT, CHRONYISM: 1999 - Special Agent in Charge John Hensley, Office of Investigations, Los Angeles, CA made unauthorized disclosures of highly classified and sensitive law enforcement information to the media during the Casa Blanca undercover investigation. Such disclosures put the government agent's lives in danger while operating in Mexico. Hensely received one $20,000 cash award and retired unpunished. When 60 Minutes’ Ed Bradley asked Commissioner Kelly on national television if he had disciplined Hensley for the unauthorized disclosure, Kelly answered "NO."

UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OF SENSITIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATIVE INFORMATION/ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, MISMANAGEMENT, FAILURE TO REPORT IA SUPERVISOR TO TREASURY'S OIG, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: 1997 - Former Assistant Commissioner for Internal Affairs Homer Williams, retired Special Agent in Charge David Noble, and Supervisory Criminal Investigator James Kadlec, Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX. During the summer of 1997, the Office of Internal Affairs, El Paso, TX participated in two Title III court ordered interceptions of wire communication. AUSA Joseph Galenski and Carlos Hermosillo who were case attorneys handling the case demanded extreme security measures be taken since information leaks in this investigation had taken place when Kadlec and Bludworth were previously assigned to the IA office. Management Program Technician Peggy Carlise told her supervisor Allen Trujillo that Kadlec had telephonically contacted her and was inquiring about this ongoing sensitive investigation. Carlise was asked to document this incident in writing, which was provided to Trujillo. (It should be noted that Kadlec had not been minimized and, was excluded from this operation due to him previously leaking information on this same case.) AUSA Galenski was extremely upset about Kadlec's inquiry and Trujillo was advised by Galenski to immediately report this information to Trujillo's superiors. AUSA Galenski contemplated indicting Kadlec for the above referenced criminal misconduct. Trujillo reported the security breach to his immediate supervisor, David Nobles, who in turn reported the incident to Williams. No disciplinary action was taken against Kadlec.

UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OF SENSITIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT INFORMATION, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE (IA INVESTIGATION), ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, CHRONISM: 1995-1994 - Special Agent in Charge Michael Lappe, Office of Investigations, El Paso, TX. Lappe interfered with an internal affairs investigation by making unauthorized disclosures of sensitive and classified IA investigative information. An agent assigned to an IA flying squad unit initiated an investigation in El Paso regarding one drug smuggler and his association with one Customs OI Agent under Lappe’s supervision. At the time, Lappe was extremely opposed to the IA assigned agent being involved in this case. While the IA agent was attempting to prepare and secure one T-3 affidavit with local AUSA Joe Galenski, then ASAIC OI Ron Smith, and Deputy SAIC David J. Hayes, ordered this IA agent to reveal the information he had regarding this El Paso OI agent. This incident took place at the El Paso OI conference room with ASAICs Smith, Hayes and the targeted OI agent. The OI management officials' actions were and are contrary to Customs policy. While at this meeting, the IA agent refused to discuss the issues. El Paso OI management became upset at the IA agent, and even more therefore when the IA agent later reported the incident to his IA supervisor. The IA agent who reported this incident to then IA-SAIC Don Bludworth, was then ordered to prepare this information for referral to the Treasury OIG. The OIG then leaked the reported information to OI-SAIC Lappe. one supposed investigation was then conducted between Customs IA and Treasury OIG. Treasury OIG, regarding that incident, subsequently interviewed the IA agent. However, nothing ever came about this reported disclosure incident. This misconduct was apparently just swept under the rug.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF TECS FOR PERSONAL GAIN, THEFT OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OF SENSITIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATIVE INFORMATION, SECURITY BREACH: 1994 - Supervisory Criminal Investigator Robin M. Avers was caught using the Customs' Treasury Enforcement Communication System (TECS) computer system to gather sensitive and classified law enforcement information to help her husband's criminal prosecution. Avers, however, has since has been promoted to senior level positions.

THEFT, EMBEZZELMENT: May 2002 - Supervisory Criminal Investigator (Assistant Special Agent in Charge) Robert DelVicario, Office of Investigations, Buffalo, NY. DelVicario admitted to stealing $95,000 from one seizure. DelVicario is also the suspect of two other incidents where large amounts of monies disappeared while he was present. In similar cases involving Hispanics or other minorities, Customs would immediately issue press releases regarding the arrest or indictment of these special agents. However, the DelVicario corruption case is making the Customs law enforcement community wonder when there will be one press release issued, if any.

THEFT, EMBEZZELMENT: 1999 - Assistant Special Agent in Charge William Gately, Office of Investigations, Los Angeles, CA; Customs management officials said John Hensley, Gately's boss in Los Angeles, at one point accused Gately of transgressions ranging from traveling without authorization to stealing millions of dollars. Unknown if any IA investigations were conducted.

MISMANAGEMENT, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, MISAPPROPRIATION OF FUNDS: 2001 - Associate Special Agent in Charge Kyle Barnette hired one "personal friend" to put up one three-day seminar titled "OFFICER SURVIVAL" in Tucson, AZ. All Arizona District special agents were required to attend and stay in Tucson area hotels costing the government thousands of dollars. Barnette invited members of state and local police department to attend this "seminar". This training was considered by most attending Customs special agents, as one waste of time and resources because it was geared to uniformed law enforcement personnel. The training involved felony traffic stops by marked units and uniformed police officers. The training did not address the needs of Customs special agents. The general opinion among the Customs special agents who attended this training was that Barnette's plan was to help his personal friend raise money for his own benefit and that this training was one waste of federal assests (mismanagement and misuse of government funds).

THEFT, EMBEZZLEMENT, MISMANAGEMENT, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, CHRONISM: On January 28, 1994, the Office of Internal Affairs, Tucson, AZ received allegations of assorted criminal activity on the part of retired Supervisory Criminal Investigator Billy Ray Paul, Office of Investigations, Tucson AZ. The complaints focused upon the time that Paul supervised "OPERATION INFERNO," an Office of Investigation Class I narcotics smuggling special operation. The allegations primarily involved obstruction of justice and embezzlement of government funds.

THEFT, MISUSE OF GOV, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, MISMANAGEMENT, CHRONISM: 1994 - Steven D. Arizaga, Resident Agent in Charge, and Group Supervisor Mike Strom, Customs' Office of Investigations, Yuma Arizona were caught by one US Border Patrol agent stealing plants in the Yuma County area. US Border Patrol Lawrence Nagor of the Yuma, AZ Sector submitted an official memorandum to the Office of Internal Affairs, Tucson, AZ through channels reporting Arizaga and Strom's misconduct, re: misuse of Strom's GOV and theft. No action was taken.

THEFT, MISMANAGEMENT, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, CHRONYISM: 1990s - Group Supervisor Carl Lee Baker, Office of Investigations, Houston, TX. Two cases of .40 calibers ammunition came up missing during one weekend. Two cases is probably approximately 2000 rounds of ammo equaling $1,000. As per Customs Policy, the firearms officer reported this to the Office of Internal Affairs and to OI management. The Office of Internal Affairs decided not to investigate. The firearms officer was instructed by Associate Special Agent in Charge James Smith and Steve Hooper to look into it. He checked who had been in the building that weekend and discovered GS Baker had been in the building. He reported this to management. After he advised management that he had an idea who could have possibly stolen the ammo, the 2 cases of ammo (minus 2 boxes) miraculously appeared in the locker of one Black National Guardsman that was assigned to the SAIC Houston. Carriger was told by James Smith to drop the whole thing. Later, the firearms officer ascertained that Carl Lee Baker had given two boxes of .40 caliber ammunition to an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Houston.

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