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Wed May 25, 2016, 08:06 PM

Hosting of Contests: Name Bank of Willing Substitutes

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Note from Mira:
I attempted to add a name, and it was no longer possible to edit this post, so I had to self delete the old one and create this
Anyone wanting to add their name I suspect the edit capabilities will remain a good while. If not, we'll just do it again.

Hosting of Contests: Name Bank of Willing Substitutes

It happens.
A win in a contest, and life prevents the winner from running the contest to follow.
When a legitimate reason makes this a reality, here are a list of folks who have expressed the willingness to be approached to substitute.

Please contact them by pm, and then announce that the substitution has been made, please express your gratitude and also whether you are choosing the theme yourself, or turning that part over as well.
I would say it stands to reason that the person who has been helped will be available in the future to pay it forward.

If you want to add your name to the list, please do so. I hope and expect this list will grow a bit.
For a variety of reasons I think to have this list will be a help to our contests in the future, albeit substitutions will probably be quite rare.
If anyone can think of something that should be in this post please make a note of it in a response.

Here - as of Mid June 2014 - are the names of who those who have clearly said they would be willing, if able, to help out:

Crispy Q
Mz Pip
Maniac Joe
Solly Mack, after the ordeal


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