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raging moderate

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Thu Sep 17, 2015, 07:50 AM Sep 2015

I'm moving to Maryland!

What do most people do for internet and TV service in Frederick, MD? I hear Comcast is pretty popular. What are the alternatives?
Also, what is the most annoying thing that you wish people from Illinois would not do? I do not wish to offend, but I have never lived anywhere else, so I am woefully provincial.

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I'm moving to Maryland! (Original Post) raging moderate Sep 2015 OP
Welcome! Happyhippychick Sep 2015 #1
Thank you. raging moderate Sep 2015 #2
Welcome Deny and Shred Sep 2015 #3
Howdy Waiting For Everyman Sep 2015 #4
Welcome to Maryland LiberalEsto Sep 2015 #5
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WELCOME! elleng Sep 2015 #7
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GREAT! You'll be happy here! elleng Sep 2015 #9
route 40 is called the "Golden Mile" :-) ReasonableToo Sep 2015 #10


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1. Welcome!
Thu Sep 17, 2015, 07:58 AM
Sep 2015

I don't live near Frederick, I'm in Montgomery County, but I LOVE Frederick! It is a great area with fantastic restaurants, very quaint too. You will love it. It's not as liberal as MoCo which is a bastion of liberalness. I'm sure you won't offend anyone!

raging moderate

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2. Thank you.
Thu Sep 17, 2015, 08:12 AM
Sep 2015

We are unhooking the computer soon, and I still have to finish packing, loading, and cleaning. I will be without Internet access for some time here. I feel sad about leaving Illinois, but Maryland looks beautiful to me, so I also feel very hopeful.

Deny and Shred

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3. Welcome
Thu Sep 17, 2015, 08:38 AM
Sep 2015

I have lived and will in a couple years live in Frederick. I am there often. DirectTv is the obvious alternative, and in my mind, superior.

The town has grown quickly in 30 years. Its a very interesting blend between its rural farmer roots and suburban DC sophistication. As a whole it leans liberal, yer there is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative element as well - enough that kept Roscoe Bartlett in office forever. Jan Gardner is, by all accounts, a great County Executive. Frederick believes in the arts, is very dog-friendly, has a monthly 'festival' on every First Saturday that you should check out.

I wouldn't say there is any specific repeated annoyance of which you should be aware. Learn the one-way streets and don't take forever to parallel park downtown, and you'll be fine.

PM me once you've settled in.

Waiting For Everyman

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4. Howdy
Thu Sep 17, 2015, 08:56 AM
Sep 2015

You're moving to my area, I know you'll like it. I'd recommend doing a little research online and taking some day trips, there's so much cool stuff around here within an hour's drive or so. And if you're into history, there's a ton of it here.

My family's been here since the 1700's (even earlier on the Bay), so I wouldn't know personally, but I've never seen or heard of anyone being unwelcoming to a newcomer. People are pretty friendly, I don't think you'll have any difficulty.

Don't know about alternatives to Comcast, as that's what I've had for a long time. I think there's Fios in certain areas and a satellite service. (Be advised, there's no cell service at all on any carrier in the areas near Camp David and some other areas in the MD and WV mountains.)

We're equidistant from Baltimore and D.C., which is kinda fun. We get local tv stations from both cities. There's Amtrak train service to D.C. Not to Baltimore though.

Here's the County site:

And the City site:


p.s. Don't forget to register to vote. And welcome!

p.p.s. If you have to go to work during rush hour down I-270, get to know the back roads. It's awful.

Oh and, if you have more questions once you get here, you can pm me.



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5. Welcome to Maryland
Thu Sep 17, 2015, 09:37 AM
Sep 2015

We get internet, etc. from Verizon. Not great, but Comcrap is awful. There are also various satellite services like DirecTV and DISH network, but I don't know which ones operate in Frederick because we live in Montgomery County.

I can't think of anything annoying that folks from Illinois do.
Friendliness might offend some of the people who live close to DC. We moved here from NJ 25 years ago and I was appalled at how unfriendly and "too busy" many of the people I encountered were. I'd ask other moms to come over for coffee, try to set up play dates, chat with them outside the school like I did in NJ. Nothing but rebuffs or cold stares. I don't know whether Frederick is different, but I'd like to hope so for your sake.

Also, drivers here have no mercy whatsoever. If you dare to use a turn signal to indicate you want to change lanes, people will speed up just to get ahead of you. Almost nobody except newcomers bothers using turn signals -- I believe they're a government secret.

All that said, you will love how beautiful Maryland is. Make sure you get out to the Caroctin Maountains (the western skyline of the city of Frederick.) especially when the leaves are turning color. Downtown Frederick is also a really neat place to explore.



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6. Former Marylander
Thu Sep 17, 2015, 09:37 AM
Sep 2015

You'll love it - unlike Florida with its bland weather, Maryland's will keep you on your toes. Lots of outdoor stuff to do and places to see - including nearby D.C. People are , at least were, open-minded and friendly. Two things - avoid the highways if you can. 270 was a bitch back when I left and is probably worse now and try with every breath to avoid its mother- The Beltway . Nearly lost my life a few times on that highway and I was there when it was being built. Ironically once almost plowing into an ice-cream truck.


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Thu Sep 17, 2015, 06:58 PM
Sep 2015

Most of what I'd tell you has already been said. I've lived north (Hagerstown, not far from Frederick,) central (Silver Spring, near DC,) and now south (Lusby,) and it's a varied and interesting state. And remember mountains and foothills, UP near you, and beaches, south/east, along what's called the DelMarVa Peninsula.

Had comcast, kind of a pain, now have DirecTV and a Verizon hot spot. IF you're thinking of DirecTV let us know, as if we refer you, we get a prize, reduced charges!!!

Your new congressional district switched recently, was gerrymandered so now is represented by a Dem, John Delaney; had been an old pain in the neck repug. SOME residents may complain about the redistricting. Let us know if you run into any of that.



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8. How about that, me too!
Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:55 AM
Sep 2015

Hello! My wife and I are arriving in January to live in Frederick. Bad timing I guess. I'm reading all this info with great interest. I've been told to avoid looking for a place along the 40, Miracle Mile area? Is that right? We're hoping to find a place with a fireplace, a little room to garden, etc.

We've been reading a bunch of websites that seem to show Frederick and Maryland in general are pretty high speed. Lots of Arts energy, nice looking restaurants and cafes, etc. Hope to hit the ground and get involved if we can.

I'm in the Army, my wife is an artist. Ceramics and painting. Life long Democratic Party voter, not too active since going into the Army but interested in getting involved again. I was active back in the day--I even DJ'ed a big election night party the night Bill Clinton was voted in. Nice memory. Got in a bar fight arguing about what a dick Reagan was back in the day. Our little college activist group all wore black armbands the day after Reagan was elected.

Hope to make contact with some wonderful people out there in Maryland!


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9. GREAT! You'll be happy here!
Tue Sep 29, 2015, 09:39 PM
Sep 2015

Tho I've not lived there, I suspect your wife will find a lot of artsy stuff.

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