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1. Me: "We can't have all four seasons in one week!"
Sun Apr 14, 2019, 07:53 AM
Apr 2019

Missouri: "Hold my beer and watch!"

I'm near Kansas City, and it was 39 degrees this morning.


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4. We had some snow falling, this morning, in Michigan. It melted as soon as it hit the ground
Sun Apr 14, 2019, 07:57 AM
Apr 2019

We might get another snow shower, or two, tonight, but tomorrow will be in the 50's.

I do wish the weather would settle on a season (we had tornadoes, in March), but this is Michigan, so......

Sherman A1

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8. Wow!
Sun Apr 14, 2019, 09:27 AM
Apr 2019

We lost power at 2:45am and just got things back about 45 minutes ago. No snow here or expected to get any, but it's not that far to our West.

Sherman A1

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15. Thank You
Sun Apr 14, 2019, 12:25 PM
Apr 2019

We are good with no known damage. The local diner was overwhelmed as everyone had the same idea this morning. Gave the waitress a extra big tip as she was working alone.

Did see some snow about 10am.

Hope all is good in your part of the Show Me State.


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12. Now it is snowing at my house, SW of St. Louis county!
Sun Apr 14, 2019, 10:20 AM
Apr 2019

We had a lot of wind last night. It blew a robin's nest out of the tree. Cracked two of the four eggs. I had my son and husband put it back. Now I can't tell if the mama bird is there to keep the eggs warm!!!

April is the cruelest month, and I always assume that relates to weather. Missouri is just a crazy place weatherwise!

Kurt V.

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14. i was looking at some pics from the storm. wow. glad you and family are safe. my best to the robins
Sun Apr 14, 2019, 10:26 AM
Apr 2019
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