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Tue Oct 9, 2012, 10:54 PM

MSM doesn't get "Detroying the Joint" and what it really means.

Less than 24 hours after what some consider Julia Gillard's best performance ever in parliament, the MSM just doesn't get its significance.

Most of our media are focussing their attention on Gillard's defence of Peter Slipper - in defending the indefensible, she "chose to defend her numbers. She chose power over principle. It was the wrong choice. It was an unprincipled decision and turned out not to be pragmatic either. The Prime Minister gained nothing and lost a great deal." (Peter Hartcher)


I usually respect Peter Hartcher, who tries to steer a middle course (though I suspect he's a Liberal), but he's way off the mark here.

And from the ABC website we have:

"Labor and the Coalition are continuing to trade blows over yesterday's dramatic exit of the Speaker Peter Slipper, amid a broader debate over political judgement and sexism in the Parliament."

All yesterday's events are raked over, with one exception: Tony Abbott's extraordinary statement that "this government should have died of shame". Did he really think this gross re-use of Alan Jones's ugly comment would go unnoticed by Gillard, and by other people who found it deeply offensive? Well, it did go unreported by the ABC's reporter, Simon Cullen:


But here's somebody who does get what's going on - that Gillard's speech was not only a defence of herself, but a defence of all women who have suffered from male chauvinism, sexist bullying, anti-feminism, and plain old misygony.

"The past few weeks have made clear that the people are no longer passive observers in the news process, says Tim Dunlop. If journalists want to stay relevant, they'd better work with their audience.

The events of the past few weeks - from Alan Jones' unconscionable slur against Julia Gillard to the Prime Minister's takedown of Tony Abbott in Parliament - has brought into focus something that has been apparent for more than a decade now, and it is this.

As an audience, we are no longer dependent on the mainstream media to interpret and explain important events to us.

In a previous era, we had to wait for the six o'clock news in order to see the footage of what had happened in Canberra that day, and even then our understanding was restricted according to the choices made by journalists and editors."


Tim Dunlop gets it, and do the Facebook and Twitter accounts which have been running wild on this topic for the past two weeks. And the global media are reporting Gillard's speech, and they, for the most part, understand its significance.

Something has changed in our psyche; we have rediscovered the power of the people. Alan Jones has the right, as his supporters claim, to freedom of speech.

And so do those who disagree with his views, and they are shouting loud and clear. The MSM should start paying attention.

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Reply MSM doesn't get "Detroying the Joint" and what it really means. (Original post)
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Response to Matilda (Original post)

Fri Oct 12, 2012, 02:49 AM

1. isnt this rather superficial??


this has gone to the gutter because the business class have more faith in libs than ALP to attack the living and working conditions of working class. In context of the global crisis in capitalism, austerity is coming to Australia, and any dirty, nasty, amoral tactic must be employed to see that is carried through by the 'right" people.

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Response to SESKATOW (Reply #1)

Fri Oct 12, 2012, 09:17 PM

2. Libs and the MSM think it's superficial.

The "business class" are interested only in getting bigger pay cheques, and they will climb over everybody else to do so. Words like "disadvantaged" and "marginalised", both of which terms often include women, whether working or not, have no meaning for them.

Austerity is already here, I can tell you that as a businesswoman, and it's going to get worse. And who gave it to us? Governments in the pockets of banks, that's who.

Eisenhower warned decades ago to "beware of the military/industrial complex". You don't have to look far to see how right he was.

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Response to Matilda (Reply #2)

Sat Oct 13, 2012, 02:49 AM

3. agreed. Much more pain to come


David Murray, the former head of both the Future Fund and the Commonwealth Bank, appeared on the ABC’s “7.30” program on Wednesday to deliver a sharp warning that the global financial markets would not tolerate any hesitation to gut welfare spending: “We have a high fixed-cost in our budget, mostly in welfare, which is now up to 100 per cent of the personal tax take,” he stated. “So, with those problems and a persistent current account deficit, Australia is not a country that can afford very much public debt, yet the public debt’s been rising.”
Asked if the Australian economy would likely avoid the kind of sovereign debt crises seen in Europe, Murray replied: “No, because Australia’s far too dependent on the rest of the world, both for trade and capital.” The program’s presenter, Leigh Sales, incredulously asked how a Greek-style crisis could be possible—“Easily possible,” Murray answered. “If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll get there.”
Sales insisted that “we’ve got so many things that are different—Australians pay more tax than Greeks, our public sector’s more accountable, we have our individual currency”, but the former Future Fund chief gave this short shrift. “We’re not a highly productive economy, our net foreign liabilities as a percentage of GDP are very high in the world, they’re not low and we have this persistent current account deficit,” he explained. “In short, all the entitlements we want to have are not ours—they’re being funded at the pleasure of some people who save and live offshore. And there comes a time if you work that way that these people say, ‘No, I don’t want to finance that anymore,’ and that’s what’s happened to Greece and Spain and Italy.”
Prime Minister Gillard dismissed Murray’s warnings, declaring it “absurd” and “grossly irresponsible” to make any comparison between the Australian and European economies. But she failed to answer any of the issues raised by the corporate chief.
Murray’s central warning—of the enormous dangers posed by the domestic economy’s complete dependence on foreign capital inflows—is not based on conjecture. In 2008, at the height of the global credit crunch, the major Australian banks were unable to access the finance from the world markets required to sustain their day-to-day operations. A collapse of the Australian banking system, which would have triggered an unprecedented economic crisis, was only averted when the federal government pledged unlimited public money as a guarantee for the major banks’ assets and debts. The Labor government’s nervous reaction to Murray’s remarks reflects its unwillingness to engage in any public debate about the likely impact of the next financial crash.

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Response to Matilda (Original post)

Sun Oct 14, 2012, 10:46 PM

4. Julia's spray

Matilda, like you, I found myself wondering, after watching "Question Time" last Tuesday, if Peter Hartcher was watching the same parliament. At no time did I find Julia defending Peter Slipper. In answering the first (and only) question of the day, she told how she found it to be abhorent and was totally offended by what Peter Slipper had texted to James Ashby. Then (as usual) Abbott suspended standing orders to have a "no confidence" vote against Slipper.

After Abbott had his hypocritical tirade, then Julia said her piece. Have you ever had an experience when you have thought "enough is enough"? I have, and I think so had Julia there and then. She wasn't reading from any prepared speech, I really think it came from the heart. There have been many times during my life where I have encountered sexism, and I think that Julia stood up and spoke for most women in the country.

As the day went on, I was gobsmacked to hear what the press gallery had said about her speech. I personally feel that she did the right thing by letting Peter Slipper resign. Say what you think, but I think the whole Slipper text messages affair was a storm in a tea cup.

Firstly. They were PRIVATE text messages sent to someone a few years back who he thought was a friend.
Second. Why did the court release those text messages before the judge had come to a decision about the matter (remembering that they were private).
Third. I read the texts and I've called Sophie Mirabella a lot worse than a BOTCH. The other stuff that was mentioned in the texts weren't as bad as I was expecting. I remember a few years back a Rugby League player's text messages were advertised by the person he was harrassing and they were quite disgusting. I wonder what Warnie's written in his. What I'm actually getting at is, among all the male MP's in parliament, would they like to hand over their mobiles so they can be scrutinized? In other words "He who is without sin, cast the first stone".
I've never liked Peter Slipper, but I dont think he deserves all shit.

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Response to pink (Reply #4)

Wed Oct 17, 2012, 03:38 AM

5. I think Julia's speech will outlive both the Slipper affair and Tony Abbott.

I didn't find Slipper's comments particularly offensive - "juvenile" is the word I'd use. Not worthy of a man in his position, but both sides of politics have been aware of his personal shortcomings for years, and both chose to ignore that when it suited them. I am far more offended by the many slights against women that have come from Tony Abbott's mouth over the years.

I've read this week that Slipper is having to sell some property to meet his legal bills, which are apparently over $400,000. Big question is - who is paying for Ashby's legal bills? The whole point of this exercise is to bring down Peter Slipper so Mal Brough can take his place - I hope Labor is digging into just who knew what, and when they knew it. There are still many unanswered questions on this one.

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Response to Matilda (Reply #5)

Thu Oct 18, 2012, 09:58 PM

7. The law firm that is representing Ashby is

the same one that is representing Kathy Jackson. I cant remember the name of the firm, but they are obviously Liberal party sympathisers. I also read that they are only charging Ashby $1 for their services and Kathy Jackson is getting them pro bono. Do you smell a rat?

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Response to pink (Reply #7)

Fri Oct 19, 2012, 12:40 AM

8. A big, stinky rat!

Three, in fact, and their names are Ashby, Brough, and Pyne.

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Response to Matilda (Original post)

Wed Oct 17, 2012, 09:57 PM

6. Peter Harcher & all the Libs are the same

Sorry folks,BUT I watched that Parliamentary address by Julia Gillard,I also watched the 'arrogant' comments by the Libs.Sophie Mirrabella is a MORON,Julie Bishop isnt much better and Tony Abbott has never liked to see a woman of authority.
At NO stage did Julia Gillard insult anyone except for the leader of the Opposition and I throughly agreed with everything that she said.he is arrogant,he also dosent like a WOMAN in authority and also one can see why Julie Bishop wont challenge Tony Rabbitt,not only is she frightened of him,BUT she is also chicken.
Alan Jones is also a MORON and even though the recording shouldnt have been made public,well Alan Jones being Alan Jones couldnt keep his mouth shut at the best of times and all these people that say he is the best thing since sliced bread,sorry BUT they need their heads examined.
We actually were approached to take his program in the AM,and the first instance I had to say NO then I said it.......
The man is an arrogant bit of dirt and we dont want him out here.Having John Laws is bad enough without having to have him running in the back ground.
All in all both Alan Jones,John Laws (god bless his cotton socks) Tony Abbott and also 90% of the Liberal Party are all tarred with the same arrogant brush.They rip off the poor and give it to the rich.Always have and always will.

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