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Tue Mar 16, 2021, 03:01 PM

Yet another (final?) question re: CD R - paging Hugh Lebowski (if chooses to respond)

Last edited Wed Mar 17, 2021, 02:43 AM - Edit history (1)

NOTE: Obviously, anybody who might chime in is welcome, just semi-calling out said Hugh because he has been helpful several times.

*** So. When last we met (just yesterday), it appeared that I had resolved the Burn-to-CDR issue, and today's check on the burned CD shows the content is there. Also checked the Adobe Cloud version and that content is there as well.

----------- However, when I open the E: drive with the written CD R and the file name showing in the Window, there is a message saying that the file is "in queue ready to be burned." Ignoring that and Opening the CD R file, the complete content is there in perfect scrolling order.

----------- *Also*, Hugh's very clear, detailed, and precise instructions to the Burn process and to the differences in media (CD R, thumb drive, Cloud) came across to me that a CD R is the only one of the three that is *permanent* without being able to be changed/re-written.

Well, the one I burned has everything on it, but for kicks, tried making a change, moving a page, thinking it would not be possible. But. it. WAS (possible). It took the change and I Saved it to the CD R and when I checked it afterwards, the CD R contained the CHANGED version.

****** The two kinks (waiting in queue, plus, accepting re-write) make me wonder whether the Burn was Finished/finalized, leaving the content susceptible to be as changeable as the thumb drive or Cloud?

Thanks, much and again and again!

********ON EDIT: Possibly have an answer, am too quick on the post and often stumble into an answer. So, there's a "Protect" feature in the Adobe/Acrobat editing, and haven't tried it yet, but seems like that would freeze the CD R that won't allow it to be Changed!

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