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Fri Apr 29, 2016, 11:14 AM Apr 2016

My personal thanks to Obama for his service.

Let me preface this by getting out of the way, there are many issues I have had with him in regards to what I saw as a continuation of the Bush years. His first term was not one I was thrilled with.


The excitement he inspired in me in '08 was extremely close to what I now feel with Bernie's campaign, he made me happy to be a Democrat. That fire he ignited in me still burns, I still have Hope that Change is possible. Thank you president Obama for your inspiration.

This last term has been amazing imo. His foreign policy towards Iran and Cuba make me proud. Decades of closed doors have been re-openned. I think he did a very good job considering the hellish 8 years we had in this nation prior. I even lessen my angst towards some of my first term disappointments. He had to deal with so much negative momentum coming out of the Bush years. He was in the game. I was an armchair quarterback. It was easy for me to call out what I felt were inadequacies, but he had to deal first hand with those shithead racist warmongering obstructionist Repukes daily. I could not have done it with the class he has shown in his terms.

I am proud to have voted, donated, and canvassed for his campaigns.

Thank you for your service President Obama.


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3. I thank him for his service but I don't think his service is nearly over, there will be more,
Fri Apr 29, 2016, 11:43 AM
Apr 2016

it is the Barack Obama way.

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