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Wed Apr 27, 2016, 01:11 AM Apr 2016

Everytime I start to fret about the (D) Party

I go to the Tea Party forums. They provide a valuable service in cheering me up.

The Republican establishment has already lost; they're stuck between a Tea Party guy (Cruz) and the anti-establishment guy (Trump) that's actually winning.

The Tea Nuts are also divided against themselves with their leaders (aka establishment) supporting Cruz and, get this, the Trump supporters post articles from Salon and Alternet to prove how corrupt the 'Tea Party Establishment' is. They have it so much worse than we do.

Tea Party forum comedy club has amazing threads such as:

Saying good bye to the Drudge Report and the other Trump propaganda media.

Something Aint Right In El Trampo Land -I s Donald Trump Showing The Early Signs Of DEMENTIA?

Trump Math


I think Hillary has this in the bag (but then I always think that).

And a bonus r/Hillary link. Bernie supporters coming over to make nice: https://www.reddit.com/r/hillaryclinton/comments/4gm30h/greetings_from_rsandersforpresident/

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