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Wed Aug 26, 2015, 09:38 AM Aug 2015

I have often stated....

I have often stated that many of the Sanders supporter's, to put it mildly, dislike of HRC seems to outweigh the importance of their efforts to promote him. If you haven't noticed, which I suspect all of you have, seems every pro Sanders thread is immediately, if not eventually, dominated by smearing HRC. I don't see that in pro Hillary threads. What I do see, as if their own threads are not enough, are all out attempts to hijack those threads, not with valid criticism, nor with any positive defense of their chosen candidate, but with, you guessed it, more fox/repuggish style smearing. I do believe the worst thing a Clinton supporter has said about Bernie is probably nicer than the best thing many of his supporters have said about Hillary. I am a Hillary supporter, and I am not anti-Bernie Sanders. I am a Democrat.
If anyone in this group thinks that I have gone too far with my opinion, I will delete, and relegate myself back to observer status confident that this group will stay above the fray, and continue to fight the good fight without my shoot from the hip input. (as if y'all ever needed it )
Let me state that this does not apply to all of Bernie's supporters. Being from the south, I don't want to be accused of something I find rather shallow, and offensive. That would be the "broad blanket" toss. Thanks to all

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1. You needn't fear here.
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 09:42 AM
Aug 2015

You spoke truthfully & from the heart and without malice. What more could we ask for?



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2. Because there are people here who are here to tear down instead of building up.
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 09:42 AM
Aug 2015

Mostly the same crew that won't commit to supporting the nominee. I have my doubts about that group.

I consider them suspect and have put most of that contingent on ignore.

The Hillary hate is strong here.


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3. This is why most pro Hillary threads are submitted to this group.
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 09:48 AM
Aug 2015

Some do end up in GD rimaries but most end up here that way they are not hijacked. My suggestion is to do what most of us do, put the worst offenders on ignore, trash GD Primaries if need be and post here where you are welcome. Please note that you can always trash keywords and other groups.


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4. Yes, any postive Hillary thread is all they need to whip out the ol smear brush.. and no attack
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 09:58 AM
Aug 2015

is too ugly and out of bounds. And, a lot are left to stand because they have "85%" of the jury pool.

They think they're helping their candidate with all these personal attacks but they couldn't be more wrong.


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5. Since I'm reeeaaaalllyyy
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 11:05 AM
Aug 2015

...slow on the kindle keyboard, I'll send this thanks to all of you by way of my OP. Let me just say that if Bernie Sanders was to pull a miraculous upset, he would, like all genuine Hillary supporters, get my vote, despite the monumental efforts of his supporters to dissuade me from doing so. I do not believe for one second that will happen, but it points to the big difference between Hillary's people and Bernie's. Hillary Clinton will be the first woman to hold the highest office of the United States of America, and the most qualified person to do so. Thanks again everyone for the great replies.


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6. You are spot on and not over the top at all.
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 01:53 PM
Aug 2015

It has to be really cheap to hire a few people to attack HRC, or any other Democrat, in comment sections on media sites, as well as, liberal leaning websites. The GOP has been at this for a very long time. Their efforts to drive up Democratic candidates negatives in the polls is very effective in suppressing voter turnout. It started in the late '60's and early '70's as "All politicians are the same, they are all crooks". In 2000, they used it very effectively against Gore by dressing it up with Nader saying that Gore and Bush were no different. This gave the GOP cover to steal the 2000 election. A new variation in 2004 was the swift boating of Kerry, which was again used to good advantage to increase Kerry's negatives and allowing the news media to ignore the obvious theft of the election in Ohio. They were planning on doing the same thing in Ohio in 2012, just watch Rove's meltdown on live Fox TV, but could not pull it off for some reason, probably because the election was not going to turn on Ohio that time and little Jon Husted was not going to risk his neck for something so ridiculously obvious, since he closed the Ohio SOS office and disappeared before all the poll results were in during a presidential election. It was bizarre to say the least.

Anyway, a long way to say that I am sure a lot of the supposed Bernie supporters are not really supporters but just trying to drive a wedge into the Democratic Party. The GOP has absolutely nothing to run on except racism and class warfare which sadly seems to be effective to garner votes from middle class suburban voters and rural white people to get them to vote against their own economic self interests.

Ohio has been run by the GOP for decades now and it is turning into a crumbling ruin.The news media outlets are pretty much all owned by right wingers, so one only hears how great the GOP run state and John Kasich are doing. John Kasich has run the state so poorly that Ohio is now 33 months in a row below the national average in job growth. Our infrastructure is a disaster the state colleges are selling off their assets to private interests at a record pace, our public schools are being looted to enrich a few charter schools owners, and our state parks and forests are now open for strip mining, logging and oil/gas drilling. People who live in the well to do suburbs are blind to the damage to the rest of the state and keep voting for these thugs and thieves. The recent outrage is the closure of two facilities for the developmentally disabled in Dayton and Youngstown, two towns that tend to vote democratic. The people who live in these facilities will be forced to live in privatized group homes and the state employees will lose their jobs. At the same time, as the GOP are destroying facilities for the disabled, they are proposing to make it illegal for a pregnant woman to terminate her pregnancy is the fetus is diagnosed with Down's Syndrome.


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7. So true what you say
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 02:25 PM
Aug 2015

... and I know there are trolls, paid ones, but given the size of the smear brigade, it's hard to believe there are that many.
As for the Republican Party, this pretty much sums it up for me?w=430


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8. Many of the Sanders supporters are in denial about Sanders viability
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 05:54 PM
Aug 2015

I have seen this week that Sanders supporters think that Sanders is viable because"
1. The Democratic blue wall is magical and will work for anyone with a D behind their name even in they are not in the mainstream or if they are not adequatedly funded.
2. Twitter is magic
3. Social Media is magic
4. Youtube is more important than tv advertising and Hillary Clinton is not as comfortable on youtube as Sanders
5. Money is evil and so does not matter in politics.

The magical thinking of Sanders supporters as to his viability in a general election where the Kochs are spending $887 million and the RNC candidate may spend another billion dollars is amazing. Sanders is not broadening his base beyond the current limited base because many Democrats do not think that Sanders is a serious candidate who can run a viable general election campaign. I doubt that Sanders can broaden his appeal without convincing Democratic voters that he is viable


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9. I think....
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 07:30 PM
Aug 2015

...there is going to be a lot of sad people here when the reality hits them, and although I will admit to a certain degree of satisfaction when it comes to certain people, I won't find any satisfaction in the way it was achieved. Whether Sanders or Clinton, I think the big majority will vote for our nominee. I think that's another reality some are not facing. Another republican president. It should be an easy decision to make once they stop thinking about themselves, look at family, friends, poc, the poor, etc, and realize their are far more important things to consider than their own sense of self satisfaction.

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