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Fri Sep 15, 2017, 12:08 AM

Hillary on Maddow --interview for "what Happened" book

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Amy Siskind‏Verified account @Amy_Siskind 27m27 minutes ago

Listening to Hillary on #maddow a painful reminder we have an uninformed embarrassing bigot w/no curiosity or capacity leading us instead.
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Pièce de Résistance‏ @AynAyahSteenkur 25m25 minutes ago

Hillary Clinton is on #Maddow now talking so intelligently about North Korea that it makes me mad/sad all over again. Badly done, America.
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Cheryl‏ @cheryl_brooks 27m27 minutes ago

Hillary Clinton sounding more intelligent in 3 minutes than Trump has sounded in his entire presidency. #Maddow
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Mary‏ @XO_PCStyle 26m26 minutes ago

Watching #Maddow & Hillary is reminding us what it would be like to have a real President in the White House
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Ricky Davila‏ @TheRickyDavila 17m17 minutes ago

Imagine what Hillary has endured & how much disgusting hate she receives yet still shows strength & holds her head up high. Sigh. #Maddow
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Jocelyn Dee‏ @jocelyn528 27m27 minutes ago

Hillary Clinton has shown more understanding of international relations in 3 minutes than 45 has in 8 months. #maddow
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nanababs‏ @BarbVina1 27m27 minutes ago

Hillary is trying to save our country...right now.....#Maddow
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Jason Karsh‏ @jkarsh 29m29 minutes ago

#Maddow foregoes the normal 18 minute intro for HRC and is basically like, “So, how would a real president handle North Korea right now?”
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Amy Siskind‏Verified account @Amy_Siskind 10m10 minutes ago

Well if this isn't a wake-up call listening to Hillary describe Trump as an aspiring authoritarian, don't know what else is! #Maddow
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Nick Walden Poublon‏ @NWPinPDX 8m8 minutes ago

Watching #Clinton on #Maddow. It's hard after 8 months of Trump not to be surprised by a leader who is clear-headed, articulate, adult.
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Matt Manzella‏ @MatManz 21m21 minutes ago

This is why I don't want Hillary to retire from politics. You don't have to agree w/ her to recognize she knows her shit.#policywonk #maddow
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Joyce S‏ @WholeInCenter 21m21 minutes ago

Hillary has her voice back. Preach #Maddow
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Amy Siskind‏Verified account @Amy_Siskind 6m6 minutes ago

This interview is also a moment to pause and imagine what the rest of the world thinks watching the unbalanced chaos in our country. #Maddow
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janetFrain‏ @jefrainstl 20m20 minutes ago

OMG-listening to HRC on Maddow show is so refreshing! She's bright, articulate & STRATEGIC! If she was Prez my angst would be gone.#Maddow

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See this DU thread:


Some tweets:

kob‏ @kabyber 15m15 minutes ago

The idiocy of Donald Trump is inversely proportional to Hillary Clinton's brilliance. I feel like we're living in a Greek tragedy. #Maddow
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WorldCitizen‏ @NYwonk 26m26 minutes ago

Damn... That woman should be the President!
How starved are we of a lucid, intelligible voice, instead of a tweeting imbecile? #maddow

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