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Sun Mar 6, 2016, 01:47 PM Mar 2016

Who is the real Bernie?

Even though I'm supporting HRC I started out liking Bernie but as he has started to become desperate he seems to have morphed into a mean spirited politician whose attacks have become more personal. On the other hand, for me at times Hillary has gone easy on Bernie and his clever scheme of promising things to certain naive segments of the electorate- things he knows he can't deliver. Is it just me or has he changed?

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Who is the real Bernie? (Original Post) redstateblues Mar 2016 OP
Maybe this will help - DURHAM D Mar 2016 #1
A must read for any Democrat. Thanks for posting redstateblues Mar 2016 #5
Great link. Excellent recitation of Sanders' decades of hypocrisy. nt SunSeeker Mar 2016 #6
the comments section! very interesting Her Sister Mar 2016 #12
The Hypocrisy is astounding. This article deserves its own thread lunamagica Mar 2016 #13
Thanks. DURHAM D Mar 2016 #15
Bookmarked link! pandr32 Mar 2016 #16
Thanks for, Durham! Cha Mar 2016 #18
Have been posting that article in other sites Her Sister Mar 2016 #20
The first red flag... yallerdawg Mar 2016 #2
Yeah, join it.. so he could trash President Obama, Dems. Cha Mar 2016 #19
really great! haha! Her Sister Mar 2016 #21
I use to listen to him on Thom Hartmann Iliyah Mar 2016 #3
Interesting SharonClark Mar 2016 #4
It's really hard to tell. Treant Mar 2016 #7
let others do your dirty work for you Her Sister Mar 2016 #8
And certainly explains his campaign pandr32 Mar 2016 #17
The origins of Sanders' ideology, in his own words Her Sister Mar 2016 #9
here more about his rel'p with Congress and other Senators Her Sister Mar 2016 #10
Excellent read. Thank you.. fun n serious Mar 2016 #11
The canonization turned me off from day one. He is just another politician, lunamagica Mar 2016 #14

Her Sister

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20. Have been posting that article in other sites
Mon Mar 7, 2016, 12:38 PM
Mar 2016

Very useful information which helps vet Bernie more than anything else anyone is doing!! Also, again the comments section is great. That audience has a lot of information...

I like their rules section too: http://www.thepeoplesview.net/rules/

"Yes, we have rules.

TPV is not everybody's protest soapbox. We are a sanctuary for pragmatists. Comments are heavily moderated (not just tone but content as well), we do not lend ourselves well to hair-on-fire ideologue rants (Left or Right), and cannot help you if your feelings are hurt because you weren't allowed to throw a tantrum.

The People's View is intended to be a progressive, participatory, open discussion blog. We embrace certain principles when it comes to debates:

Making progress is more important than ideological check lists.
A debate is not a screaming match. It is intelligent discussion, adult discourse, and informative.
We can disagree without being disagreeable.
There are no "third rails" or "sacred cows." Every policy initiative has to stand on its own.
When it comes to legislation, legislative reality does matter.
Concern trolling is not tolerated.
Specifically, while all are welcome to join this community and express themselves, respect is important. Especially respect for the viewpoints presented on the main posts, and those who write them. Anyone is free to disagree and make their case, however, disrespect in disagreements is not tolerated. We also recognize the tough road for this country, and are immensely proud of and loyal to President Barack Obama. If you come to the comment section and start screaming at posters or peaceful discussions, or start throwing pejoratives at the President or others trying to discuss an issue, you will be banned, with or without warning. Yes, this blog is a safe haven for recognizing progress, pragmatism, and civil debate. Don't try my patience on that; you won't like the results.

In other words, if you think the Internet is your place to be a bratty six-year old, you won't like it here. Conduct yourself as an adult, and make your comments as if you were talking face to face with the person you were talking to in a polite manner, and you are welcome here.

Comments are generally open to anyone who wants to comment, and you may choose to log in via any of the available networks. Moderation decisions are final. Do not post here or email me complaining about moderation decisions.

Oh, and please do not whine about your first amendment right. This is a site with a purpose, not your protest soapbox. You want to scream at the ether, start your own blog.

Other than that, have at it.

Spandan Chakrabarti
Editor in Chief"


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7. It's really hard to tell.
Sun Mar 6, 2016, 02:16 PM
Mar 2016

Certainly he's getting frustrated and that's showing a bit. I expect he'll be in high dudgeon by April.

Our tolerance is also going down as any path to victory fades and we don't have to entertain the necessity of voting for him. In my case, that allows the fact that I dislike him to be more easily expressed--I'm no longer dissonant.


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17. And certainly explains his campaign
Sun Mar 6, 2016, 05:44 PM
Mar 2016

Speaking of which, I wonder when we will get news about the investigation into the theft of Clinton campaign data.


Her Sister

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9. The origins of Sanders' ideology, in his own words
Sun Mar 6, 2016, 02:54 PM
Mar 2016

This article is long but fleshes out some of BS life:


By 1976, Sanders had run twice each for governor and the Senate, as a candidate of the Liberty Union Party. The more colorful elements of the third party's platform included a call for the Rockefeller family fortune to be seized to fund government programs; legalizing all drugs, including heroin; and widening the ramps of interstate highways to make it easier for drivers to pick up hitchhikers.

He lost all four elections, attracting no more than single-digit support in each race.

During these early years in Vermont, Sanders supported his constant quest for public office working odd jobs as a carpenter, a documentarian, a door-to-door film strip salesman and, while running his first campaign, subsisting on unemployment benefits.

A little-discussed chapter in Bernie Sanders' life
They are times Sanders talks little about, even though his hardscrabble years could endear him to struggling Americans who are gravitating toward his message of a rigged economy and income inequality.

With the exception of his efforts during the Civil-Rights era -- organizing a 15-day sit-in as an undergrad at the University of Chicago to protest segregated housing and participating in the 1963 March on Washington -- Sanders seldom discusses his personal biography before running for the House of Representatives in the late 1980s.


Her Sister

(6,444 posts)
10. here more about his rel'p with Congress and other Senators
Sun Mar 6, 2016, 02:58 PM
Mar 2016


"Mr. Sanders’s disdain for the things he views as unimportant is matched by his single-minded focus on the things he says are of real consequence, like the future of Social Security.

At the Democratic caucus lunches, at which he is a fixture, “all he ever talks about is Social Security,” one congressional aide said. “He doesn’t even try to relate it to the topic at hand."


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14. The canonization turned me off from day one. He is just another politician,
Sun Mar 6, 2016, 04:43 PM
Mar 2016

one with a long, mediocre career. The more they want me to worship at the altar of St. Bernard of Vermont, the more he turns me off.

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