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Her Sister

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Wed Mar 9, 2016, 05:08 PM Mar 2016

Trump ~ Clown Genius ~Dilbert by Scott Adam's blog

Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert seems to think Trump is a genius clown and that is why he is so difficult to take down. He blogs a lot about Trump.

"On the surface, and several layers deep as well, Trump appears to be a narcissistic blow-hard with inadequate credentials to lead a country.

The only problem with my analysis is that there is an eerie consistency to his success so far. Is there a method to it? Is there some sort of system at work under the hood?

Probably yes. Allow me to describe some of the hypnosis and persuasion methods Mr. Trump has employed on you. (Most of you know I am a trained hypnotist and this topic is a hobby of mine.)

For starters, Trump literally wrote the book on negotiating, called The Art of the Deal. So we know he is familiar with the finer points of persuasion. For our purposes today, persuasion, hypnosis, and negotiating all share a common set of tools, so I will conflate them.

Would Trump use his negotiation and persuasion skills in the campaign? Of course he would. And we expect him to do just that.

But where is the smoking gun of his persuasion? Where is his technique laid out for us to see.

Everywhere. "

here's more...


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Trump ~ Clown Genius ~Dilbert by Scott Adam's blog (Original Post) Her Sister Mar 2016 OP
That is some terrifying stuff in that article. WhiteTara Mar 2016 #1
I posted it so we are aware of his bee-ess Her Sister Mar 2016 #2
Most people can't resist the car salesman WhiteTara Mar 2016 #3
Sometimes the truth newblewtoo Mar 2016 #4
He has written a lot on Trump Her Sister Mar 2016 #5
Scott Adams keeps writing about Trump Her Sister Mar 2016 #6
I love Dilbert - I'm disappointed in Scott Adam CajunBlazer Mar 2016 #7


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1. That is some terrifying stuff in that article.
Wed Mar 9, 2016, 05:59 PM
Mar 2016

I hate his prediction that Trump will win with his bullshit, but he may.


(29,822 posts)
3. Most people can't resist the car salesman
Wed Mar 9, 2016, 06:06 PM
Mar 2016

how are they (we) going to resist his bee-ess? I don't approve of him, but I do recognize his skill.


Her Sister

(6,444 posts)
5. He has written a lot on Trump
Wed Mar 9, 2016, 07:14 PM
Mar 2016


Readers of this blog have been asking me to compile my Trump posts in a convenient index so you can direct others to it. And so I have. I’ll try to keep this updated as I go.

The fun of it is seeing how early I predicted Trump’s rise (8/13/15).

Trump Master Persuader Reading List

8/5/15 How Trump Becomes President

8/10/15 Trump’s Plan To Put a Ring Around ISIS

8/13/15 Clown Genius (Most important post of the series)

8/17/15 Wizard Wars

8/19/15 Political Reporters Cover a Business Candidate

8/24/15 Trump VS Bush: Persuasion Wars

8/26/15 The Third Way on Immigration (Sort of a Trump Post)

8/27/15 Trump Persuasion Alert: The Bush-Slayer Comment

8/28/15 Nate Silver Gives Trump 2% Chance of Getting Nominated

8/28/15 Trump and Godwin’s Law

8/31/15 RRN - about Celebrity Apprentice

9/1/15 Trump: The “Bad System” Linguistic Bayonette

9/3/15 The Tells (for cognitive dissonance)

9/5/15 Nice Guy

9/7/15 The Outsider Explanation

9/10/15 Trump engineers a Linguistic Kill Shot for Fiorina

9/11/15 Who is Smarter - the Smart People or the Dumb People?

9/14/15 The Trump Versus Sanders Match-up

9/14/15 The Daily Beast Reports on My Trump Posts

9/17/15 Wizard Attacks Wizard

9/17/15 Carly Fiorina and the Master Filter

9/18/15 When Wives Attack

9/20/15 Calling Jimmy from the Third Dimension

9/23/15 The Reason for Trump’s Success

10/1/15 One-on-One Match-ups

10/9/15 Tells for Cognitive Dissonance (with some Trump flavoring)

10/18/15 Trump’s Persuasiveness - Per the Washington Post

10/20/15 Trump’s Third Act

10/22/15 The Alpha in the Room

10/23/15 The Case for a Trump Landslide (Part 1)

10/25/15 Talking Like a Fourth-Grader

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10/30/15 Economics and Expectations (with a Trump point)

10/31/15 Trump’s Selfish Motives (Please explain them to me)

11/2/15 Why Donald Trump will Ruin the World

11/6/15 The Upside of Ben Carson

11/12/15 Election Notes (Trump and Stuff)

11/16/15 Cognitive Dissonance Update 1

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11/22/15 Fire the Head of the DEA

11/26/15 Trump Trouble Report

11/29/15 How Trump Can Solve Immigration

12/2/15 Trump’s Favorability

12/3/15 My Prediction about My Predictions

12/8/15 Risk Management

12/9/15 My Offer to Stop Donald Trump

12/10/15 The Trump Immigration Surprise - The Trap is Half-Sprung

12/11/15 Master Persuader Update

12/15/15 Master Persuader Update - Slip of the Tongue

12/21/15 And Then This Happened

12/22/15 A Deeply Unscientific Test of Your Political Bias

12/25/15 Master Persuader Scorecard Update - Clinton Top?

12/27/15 Is Iowa a Caucus or a Mental Health Problem?

12/29/15 The Time I Got Promoted to Nobody

12/30/15 Ranking the Best Political Pundits of 2015

½/16 Master Persuader Scorecard Update: 10out-of-10 Coming?

¼/16 Trump Prediction about the Wall

1/6/16 The Canadian Gambit

1/7/16 Trump and Climate Science

1/11/16 Today I Help You See the Future

1/13/16 Charisma Vs. Danger

1/15/16 The Biggest Trump Story That You Missed

1/19/16 RRN about British Politicians and Trump

1/20/16 The Gender Card Top

1/21/16 Bernie Sanders Turns on the Iowa Afterburners

1/21/16 Trump’s Talent Stack: Systems versus Goals

2/1/16 Can a Master Persuader Reverse Hate?

2/3/16 New Hampshire Prediction (Master Persuader Series)

2/4/16 Scoring My Iowa Fraud Call

2/4/16 Spooky Alert! Spooky Alert!

2/4/16 The Pledge of Allegiance

2/5/16 Friday Trump Joke

2/7/16 The GOP Debate Scorecard (Master Persuader Series)

2/8/16 New Hampshire Election Fraud Prediction

2/9/16 The Thinking Filters

2/9/16 The Movie Persuasion Filter

2/10/16 My New Hampshire Prediction Scorecard

2/11/16 Why Does Trump Terrify People?

2/12/16 Policies and Name Recognition (Trump Persuasion Series)

You might also enjoy The Persuasion Reading List that I put together on request. These are the books that explain how I noticed Trump’s persuasion skills so early. He is a natural, but also well-trained in the science of persuasion. None of his campaign success so far is an accident.

My book is on that list, or you can see it here."


Her Sister

(6,444 posts)
6. Scott Adams keeps writing about Trump
Fri Mar 18, 2016, 06:42 PM
Mar 2016

Pretty annoying. New article is how Trump is using the word "stamina" about HRC! to cause confirmation bias.

S.A. finds this genius:

"Confirmation bias is what makes you see any kind of evidence as supporting your point of view. Once Trump puts in our heads the idea that Clinton might have some stamina (health) issues, that’s all we will see in the evidence, even if it doesn’t exist."

Trump is older than HRC. He is going to be 70 yo this year. (born June 14, 1946)


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