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Tue Jun 27, 2023, 05:42 AM Jun 2023

Ex-Shin Bet agents call for halt to overhaul as military reservists renew rebellion

Veterans warn pushing ahead with contentious judicial changes will tear ‘irreparable rift’ in society after members of elite units say they won’t volunteer for reserves

26 June 2023

A group of hundreds of Shin Bet veterans called on Monday for the government to immediately halt its freshly revived push to overhaul the judiciary, citing the “critical damage” it will cause to the country’s security.

The protest came a day after the coalition renewed its plan to advance the contentious legislation, whereupon reservists in elite IDF units said they would stop volunteering for duty if it was passed, in the latest revolt by members of the defense establishment.

“Continuing with the legislation will tear an irreparable rift in Israeli society and will critically damage national resilience and the Israeli security system,” read the letter from the Shin Bet veterans, according to Channel 13 news.


“Reservists from the Special Operations Division, Unit 8200 and military doctors have announced an end to volunteering for the reserves if the government does not immediately stop the coup d’état legislation,” the group wrote, referring to elite combat units, the secretive cyberwarfare unit, and the medical corps. “We are hearing about additional reservists from other units who are going to join [the protest].”


“Without democracy, there will be no army, there will be no security, and this will be the end of the State of Israel,” the reservists said. “We will defend with our bodies and souls — in a nonviolent way — democracy and the gatekeepers of Israel.”

Source : https://www.timesofisrael.com/ex-shin-bet-agents-call-for-halt-to-overhaul-as-military-reservists-renew-rebellion/
Ex-Shin Bet agents call for halt to overhaul as military reservists renew rebellion (Original Post) Israeli Jun 2023 OP
Bibi is playing with fire. Beastly Boy Jun 2023 #1
Bibi enjoys playing with fire Israeli Jun 2023 #2
I've read the article, and it too contributed to my response. Beastly Boy Jun 2023 #3
Its not " most of Israel " Israeli Jun 2023 #4

Beastly Boy

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1. Bibi is playing with fire.
Tue Jun 27, 2023, 08:48 AM
Jun 2023

And if the shit hits the fan, he will be no less of a danger to Israel than Hamas and Hezbollah put together.


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2. Bibi enjoys playing with fire
Thu Jun 29, 2023, 07:22 AM
Jun 2023

his arrogance and his ego has no bounds .
He is another Trump / Putin .

He doesnt give a damn about how many of us take to the streets as long as he can keep his lead
in the polls .
Its all about him and his need to be " King Bibi " .

He almost brought us to the verge of civil war before with his incitement against Rabin .
He got away with it then so he thinks he will get away with it again .
Maybe he will .

Only the military reservists rebellion is growing daily and that scares the hell out of him .

see :
Over 100 Israeli Air Force Reservists Say Will Refuse to Serve if Judicial Coup Passed

The letter addressed to top military brass says reservists will 'not serve in the army of a country that is not democratic,' and will instead ‘defend the country in the streets,’ in a renewal of boycott threats as judicial overhaul marches on

@ https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/2023-06-28/ty-article/.premium/over-100-air-force-reservists-will-refuse-to-serve-if-judicial-overhaul-bills-move-forward/00000189-00df-db09-adcb-b8ff0d850000

Beastly Boy

(8,119 posts)
3. I've read the article, and it too contributed to my response.
Thu Jun 29, 2023, 09:00 AM
Jun 2023

Whether Bibi enjoys playing with fire or not, he is moving towards the point where he poses existential threat to the survival of Israel as a state, certainly a threat to Israel's survival as a democratic state. It looks like most of Israel is coming to the same conclusion, including, as the media articles show, the forces directly subordinate to his Ministry of Defense.

I don't think Israel has been in so much danger since the War of Independence in 1948. This time, however, the danger is coming from within.


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4. Its not " most of Israel "
Thu Jun 29, 2023, 12:32 PM
Jun 2023

wish that it were .

Unless you are counting those of us that live within the Green Line and are
discounting those of us that choose to live in The Wild West Bank .

This is more a secular/religious divide than a political one .
You would be surprised at how many Likudniks are on the streets protesting
with us .

Of course Bibi has to make it out as a political issue , remember he is secular

So we have this ......

Former Israeli PM and ex-parliamentarian investigated by police

Statements by Ehud Barak and Yair Golan on plans for judiciary reviewed on grounds of alleged sedition

@ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/jun/28/former-israeli-pm-ehud-barak-and-ex-parliamentarian-yair-golam-investigated-by-police

Also here .....

Incitement task force to probe Barak, Golan after calls for anti-overhaul uprising

Former prime minister and ex-Knesset member remain defiant in face of possible indictment, vowing to keep fighting against the government’s planned judicial overhaul

@ https://www.timesofisrael.com/incitement-task-force-to-probe-barak-golan-after-calls-for-anti-overhaul-uprising/

Its the big bad Leftists again

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