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Mon Mar 30, 2015, 10:30 AM

Iran - speculation & very creative

Ancient Aliens (History Channel) had a segment on entirely about Iran. It came about because someone in our government wondered at the ability of Iran to capture one of our drones, and they were suspicious as to how the Iranians had attained this capability.

Now, some in our government have confessed that because of reverse engineering, the US has lots of stuff that put us way ahead of what we were before Roswell. Transistors, for one...Germany was supposed to be advanced because of ufo involvement. And so the government (according to History Channel) is wondering if many countries have crashed ufos that they are back engineering, Iran for one. They spoke about a major flap they had in '76.

I looked it up on the web and there are plenty of articles, pictures of UFOs in Iran. So much for that.

Now, we go to my search for the true religion. I never found it if it exists.

But I did get a huge book with lots of apocryphal books -the Book of Enoch for one. It mentions that 200 "watchers" were placed on earth way back when Adam and Eve were kids, and from them we learned lots of things about medicine, science, ladies makeup, food, etc.., and the things they taught were things that they thought would help us. The folks upstairs didn't like it, and the "watchers" were cast from heaven, or the big spaceship upstairs, fir disobeying orders.

Now, if you're still reading this, which I doubt, these "watchers" didn't necessarily like each other and they started men to wars here and there as proxies in a war with another watcher. Ancient Aliens tells the names of these groups - the only one I remember are Jinns, I think in India. All continents have them and they go by different names, and they start wars over borders, etc., because they don't like each other. They whisper in mens ears (naturally not known to men) and some are malevolent, and some like to play tricks.

After taking all this bullshit into account, I wondered if our talks with Germany, France, Britain, China and Russia are the result of Iran's having weapons that are back-engineered and we want to rein them in. Some of these countries have an open UFO press, unlike us.

One other episode, or maybe the same one, don't remember, says that the UFOs that are seen are looking for the watchers to capture them. I dunno why.

Have fun with this. Sometimes I wonder why this kind of stuff interests me so much. Am I mad? Or perceptive? Or both

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