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Wed Jul 1, 2015, 07:35 PM Jul 2015

State of the States - Repro Health Watch (9 articles)

Natl Partnership f/ Women & Families

The State of the States | July 1, 2015 Over the first half of this year, state legislators have increased the number and type of abortion restrictions they are considering. Abortion-rights supporters have fought back against these restrictions in the courts and through proposed proactive legislation. 

Antiabortion-Rights Measures Add Up To Limit Access

State laws that have incrementally restricted access to abortion are accumulating, making the procedure nearly inaccessible in some states, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

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50-State Report Card on Reproductive Health and Rights

In this map, the Population Institute graded the states on their reproductive rights by considering each state's unintended pregnancy rate, access to abortion services and family planning funding, among other factors. The Institute gave the U.S. an overall grade of "C" for 2014 -- reflecting advances in curbing the teenage pregnancy rate and expanding contraceptive access -- but noted that many individual states saw their scores decline because of increased abortion restrictions and a failure to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (PL 111-148).


Featured Video: Abortion Providers Across the U.S. Continue To Face Harassment

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry talks with authors David Cohen and Krysten Connon about their book, "Living in the Crosshairs," which details abortion-rights opponents' ongoing harassment of abortion providers. In the interview, Cohen notes that the harassment is "an ongoing problem for abortion providers across the country," adding that some providers "are living ... in fear of having people come to their home; ... their children being stalked at schools; death threats through the mail, on the phone; being followed to and from work."


Supreme Court Blocks HB 2, Allows Clinics To Remain Open While Appeal Pends

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to temporarily block certain provisions in a Texas omnibus antiabortion-rights law (HB 2) from taking effect, allowing the remaining clinics in the state to stay open until the high court decides whether to review the case, the New York Times reports.  

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Op-Ed: Texas Bills Would Help 'Protect the Patient-Provider Relationship'

Two measures introduced in Texas "would protect the patient-provider relationship from inappropriate political interference in personal decisions that should be ma[d]e by women and their trained health care providers," family physician Bich-May Nguyen writes in a Houston Chronicle opinion piece.  

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Kan. Judge Delays Ban on Abortion Procedure While Legal Challenge Continues

A Kansas judge temporarily blocked a state law (SB 95) that would bar physicians from performing a certain type of abortion procedure, the New York Times reports.  

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"Supreme Court Lets Doctors Practice Medicine, Not Politics"

The Supreme Court announced it would not "review the Fourth Circuit's decision striking down a coercive North Carolina law [SL 2011-45] that inserted politicians' views where they don't belong," Rachel Easter writes for National Women's Law Center's "Womenstake," calling the decision "good ... for women's health and the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship." 

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Iowa Supreme Court Strikes Down State Rule Banning Telemedicine Abortion

The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled against a state rule banning the use of telemedicine in abortion services, the Des Moines Register reports.  

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Ark. AG Appeals Decision Overturning 12-Week Abortion Ban
Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge (R) asked the full 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear a ruling that struck down part of a state law (Act 301) prohibiting abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy if a fetal heartbeat is detectable, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reports.  

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