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Wed Jun 18, 2014, 09:27 PM Jun 2014

Really sick of Democrats making fools of themselves

I'm watching the Senate committee hearing on ecigs right now and I'm so disgusted ...


This is such junk. Whose attracted to flavors like cherry etc? "I'm not" as they drink FLAVORED Canada Dry soda. It goes downhill from there. I'm just hoping there isn't a Sen. Harkin moment were he holds up a USB charger as proof they are marketing to kids.

Why does alcohol, condoms and personal lubricants have flavors? How about NRT gums with flavors? I guess those are to attract kids too.

The fact is that nicotine without combustion is up to 90% safer. NRT products are safer for that reason. In study and study after study, that's not disputed. The FDA / CDC don't dispute that. There is also ZERO evidencce that kids are picking up ecigs! It has risen among kids who are already smoking (the CDC forgot to mention that in their original press release).

I can't watch. They are too stupid to believe.

Posion control calls? <1/100th of the number of calls for TOOTHPASTE. A majority of those calls were for information. Not an incident, largely due to press releases. There was a grand total of 1 er visit in 6 months, which did not result in admission to the hospital or treatment. It's called hysteris. Have you ever tried eliquid? It is nasty. People get sick and throw up before overdosing. Aren't kids attracted to gums which also taste good (unlike eliquid). The percentages of nicotine in both are the same.

I mix my own eliquids. Yes, it's wise to keep out of reach of children and pets. I doubt there's objections to child safety protections, even proactively (unlike nicotine gum). Just as no one objects to restricting sales to minors. I don't even think banning underage from vape shops or limiting ads to "non-kiddie" hours or banning ads althogether would see a serious rise in objections.

Banning ecigs altogether like the FDA deeming regulations are posed to do - yes. That would be crushing the most important public health advancement in this century.

True to form, all these "tobacco acts" really do is to protect Marlboro.

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Really sick of Democrats making fools of themselves (Original Post) aikanae Jun 2014 OP
Are they that willing to kill the goose that laid the golden egg? meow2u3 Jun 2014 #1
Why isn't there even one voice of reason? PennyK Jun 2014 #2
Who? aikanae Jun 2014 #3
They have driven industry giant Mt. Baker Vapor from WA to AZ. Skeeter Barnes Jun 2015 #4


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1. Are they that willing to kill the goose that laid the golden egg?
Thu Jun 19, 2014, 03:11 PM
Jun 2014

Democrats are sounding more like repukes on the e-cig issue, in that they're not about to let scientific facts get in the way of their anti-nicotine ideological crusade.

Senate Democrats, especially liberals, are shooting themselves in the foot regarding vaping. E-cigs are the gateway FROM smoking and the illnesses that arise from traditional tobacco, and the nicotine prohibitionists in the Senate are acting as if vaping ought to be a crime.


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2. Why isn't there even one voice of reason?
Thu Jun 19, 2014, 03:34 PM
Jun 2014

I'm just so overjoyed that I was able to stop smoking that I absolutely can't believe our side is so wrong on this topic!


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3. Who?
Fri Jun 20, 2014, 12:20 PM
Jun 2014

What I don't understand is who are they grandstanding for? Obviously their "base" doesn't care one way or the other (actually polls I have seen at MSNBC and articles at KOS show majority are against regulations - Huff Po is on a tangent against them too, but not their readers, the majority). Ecigs just don't seem to be on the map for a political issue for Dem's. Swing voters are siding with "let's wait and see" and Republicans are standing up (barely) against them (in the spotlight).

So why are they doing this? These are not sophomore politicians involved and they can't be THAT stupid to have survived for so long? The biggest money in the game are the pharmaceuticals. Next in line might be governmental taxes (85% the price of cigs + Master Settlement Pymts).

The truth is that vaping could be the biggest health advancement in a half century (or more). There are studies that prove that. What we do know is that they are far less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

And it appears the tag line for the next campaign season is "evidence-based". LOL! They couldn't make themselves appear more hypocritical. As usual, Democrats are their own worst enemy.

Skeeter Barnes

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4. They have driven industry giant Mt. Baker Vapor from WA to AZ.
Tue Jun 2, 2015, 06:19 PM
Jun 2015

Sorry to necro such an old thread but had no idea where else to put this. The title is perfect.

[quote]Due to Legislative Pressure, Mt Baker Vapor is Relocating to Arizona
02 Jun, 2015 5 comments
It is with some sadness but also great excitement that we would like to announce the relocation of Mt. Baker Vapor from our birthplace of Bellingham, WA to a new home in Mesa, AZ. We are hoping to be fully operational at this new facility by Fall 2015. During this process we will strive to have zero downtime or interruptions to the normal ordering process at mtbakervapor.com.

While we love Washington and are thankful for the opportunity it has afforded us to grow this wonderful business, legislative pressure from Washington State has made it clear that they no longer offer a suitable environment for a growing business in the vaping industry. The Governor is currently sponsoring two bills (HB 1645 and HB 2211) that look to, among other things, ban online sales and impose enormous taxes on the sale of vapor products. You can find our previous coverage of the proposed vaping laws here.

These bills are a clear existential threat to our business. While they have not yet been passed, we cannot continue effective operations with the constant threat they present hanging over our head. Even if the bills did fail, Governor Inslee has another year left in office and has made it clear he will continue tormenting our industry. This situation, coupled with the potential that Mesa and the State of Arizona hold for allowing us to expand our manufacturing facilities, tap new markets, and diversify our business ventures, make this relocation a necessary endeavor.[/quote]

- See more at: http://blog.mtbakervapor.com/due-to-legislative-pressure-mt-baker-vapor-is-relocating-to-arizona/#sthash.SvE4m2OW.dpuf


I'm over four months smoke free thanks to vaping. Smoked for 26 years and was up to 2 PAD the last five or so. Vaping has changed my life for the better. My cough is gone and I feel better and save almost $300 instead of smoking. Why do Democrats want to destroy it? Shit like they are pulling in WA will not help them get elected.

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