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Nuclear Unicorn

(19,497 posts)
Sat Jan 3, 2015, 11:21 AM Jan 2015

What would you say about a man who said to women

"Why are you working outside the home? Don't you know that's not your place?"

We would probably all be stunned into silent, blinking incredulity. The thought that anyone would suggest a woman she could not make her own way in the world strikes us as deeply offensive.

Suppose, then, this interlocutor doubled-down on their argument by saying a woman choosing to work outside the home was better off leaving such things to more capable people, that she was probably going to do more harm to herself or, worse, her selfish desire was the gateway by which others would be able to ruin society, in effect making her the reason for society's ills.

Such a person would be more than merely dismissed. They would be sent packing as nothing more than a blunt-headed misogynist.

If they then backed-up their demands with suggestions that women be compelled by any means to keep their place it would be immediately known that such a person could not be reasoned with and the more distance put between such a person and one's self, the better. The argument betrays itself, it isn't about what is best for society or women but about control so as to force others to live by that person's expectations.

Control. That's all it is about. nothing more and nothing less.

Sexual assault -- rape -- is also about control. There is no other explanation. Someone wanted something and another person refused to provide it so it will be taken or simply to show another who is boss.

Some people choose to demonstrate a sense of control in various ways but the rapist seeks a method that strikes at the very soul of the victim. It degrades, dehumanizes and humiliates the victim. That is its intent. No person should have to suffer such things. No person should be allowed to inflict such things.

So when a woman decides she wants to proactively take the means to defend herself, to not suffer an assault (or not suffer an assault -- again) she has the right to do so. To own one's body is far more personal than seeking a career outside the home. To tell her she should leave such things to more capable people or that she is to more is going to do more harm to herself or, worse, her choice is the gateway for the evils of others is -- at best -- demeaning.

To then suggest that such a woman should be compelled to obey -- just as before -- betrays the purpose of those arguments.


I am no more suggesting a woman is required to own a gun to prove her feminist bona fides anymore than I am suggesting a woman must work outside the home (For the record I do not carry a gun and I work outside the home part-time, spending the majority of my time taking care of my school-aged SIL). However, the choice must be there and it is a choice exercised by millions of women.

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grilled onions

(1,957 posts)
2. Women In The Olden Days
Sat Jan 3, 2015, 11:46 AM
Jan 2015

It seemed the men who had control of women(in the home) often feared that women could compare their lives working at home vs working outside the home. They feared if the woman had a bit of money to spend on herself she might buy clothes he wouldn't like,an extra toy for their kids,--this kind of husband never believed in extra anything. Life is tough and it's time to teach the kids by not spoiling them with little extras. Other men get suspicious if she buys new clothes with her own money. Who is she dressing up for? They often feel that she's going to seek out other men. (He would have to feel guilty to think this way. Others are afraid she may become her own person ,develope her own mind,get her own political views be her own spirit. It's also a time when she realizes often times she will have to protect herself. Her spouse or other male in her life will not always be there to guard her from others. This may also start forming her political views. Work or not work is a choice and it should be her choice. Have six kids or have none at all should not be a males decision. She is not a baby machine. She is a woman with feelings,intelligence and can make the same decisions men can(right or wrong).



(23,156 posts)
3. Working outside the home and owning a gun.
Sat Jan 3, 2015, 12:28 PM
Jan 2015

Somehow I don't think those two things as being linked in any way.

And since it's not 1955 anymore, any man who, fifteen years into the 21st century, spouts such nonsense about women working or not working, is such a misguided moron that nothing else he says is probably worth listening to either.

Personally, I am opposed to all gun ownership, but since they are legal, for anyone to suggest that women not be allowed to own while men are, is likewise an idiot.

Nuclear Unicorn

(19,497 posts)
5. "but since they are legal"
Sat Jan 3, 2015, 12:55 PM
Jan 2015

And if guns were illegal would you then be satisfied with women defending themselves solely by their own physical strength?


(11,417 posts)
4. A woman slept with her gun and her husband
Sat Jan 3, 2015, 12:32 PM
Jan 2015

said he moved it and it went off. She is dead. Another woman is dead because her two year old shot her.

Having a gun is a woman's right but she endangers her life more than the woman who does have a gun.



(16,974 posts)
7. If this is the one you are talking about
Sat Jan 3, 2015, 02:18 PM
Jan 2015

she is not dead and shot one time not twice, still very bad and should never have happened.

It was initially reported that the chief shot her two times, according to the 911 recording, but authorities now say she was shot just once.

Margaret was flown by helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center, where she was still listed in critical condition Thursday afternoon.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations is taking over the case, and will file a report on the shooting to the District Attorney's office which will decide whether to press charges.

GBI Director Sherry Lang said the police chief is being fully cooperative with the investigation.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2893919/Bizarre-911-call-reveals-police-chief-accidentally-shot-wife-told-operator-shot-twice-fact-shot-once.html#ixzz3NmeaAbsv
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(68,644 posts)
9. IMO, many gun control groups are perpetuating sexist memes, they think they can fool women.
Sat Jan 3, 2015, 02:47 PM
Jan 2015

The seem to think women are gullible and susceptible to coercion, more emotional than rational.

That's what much of their rhetoric seems to rely upon.

Take Sharon Watts and her supposed "Stay at home mom" title. Indeed.



(16,974 posts)
11. Take Sharon Watts and her supposed "Stay at home mom" title.
Sat Jan 3, 2015, 03:01 PM
Jan 2015

that makes me

She should be proud of her accomplishments and promote them instead of trying to hide them.

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