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Nuclear Unicorn

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Sun Jul 12, 2015, 11:43 AM Jul 2015

x-post from Creative Speculation: Has Charlie Manson's Helter Skelter Finally Arrived?

Has Charlie Manson's Helter Skelter Finally Arrived?

Charlie Manson talked to his many followers about the racial wars that would come, naming them Helter Skelter. It was at a New Year's Eve gathering of the Family in 1968 that he coined the term. He said blacks without an outlet for their frustrations would lash out in violent crimes against whites resulting in a murderous rampage against blacks by frightened whites, as recorded in Wikipedia. Although Charlie's goal was a Shangri-la for his family and an outlet for his music, what he described as the events leading up to it, Helter Skelter, were very similar to what is going on today between blacks and law enforcement.

Two anonymous Baltimore police officers said, simply, they are "feeling scared." Baltimore PD leaders have put them in a mode of just reacting instead of being proactive, which has allowed the city's streets to run wild, resulting in 42 killings just in May. But in Helter Skelter Charles Manson was considered by his followers as their savior, Jesus Christ, a leader who interpreted for them Chap. 9 from Revelations, which describes, as one biblical professor put it, when "All Hell Breaks Loose." If there is a leader in today's violence it has to be the gun lobby led by the National Rifle Assn. because of their persistence to put more guns on the street, thus, more murders. Racial tension has always been there but the gun rights bunch gave blacks the means to follow through on Helter Skelter.


Emphasis mine.

You guys may remember the OP. He posted here for a few days before retreating to less challenging environs. I must say, that's an interesting theory he has going. This is not isolated either.

Just yesterday I replied to a poster in GD that suggested whoever was ran Dylan Roof's background check deliberately overlooked disqualifying history so as to facilitate the rampage shooting.

This just underscores my curiosity from observing that many Controllers subscribe to such lurid fantasies of widespread violence -- while insisting on being defenseless. Meanwhile, I feel fairly confident that the pro-RKBA posters here must be scratching their heads at this silly fear-mongering.
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x-post from Creative Speculation: Has Charlie Manson's Helter Skelter Finally Arrived? (Original Post) Nuclear Unicorn Jul 2015 OP
Authoritarians tend to think alike Shamash Jul 2015 #1
Charles Manson is second only to Hitler as everybody's favorite boogerman tularetom Jul 2015 #2
Ah, the Blog Flogger strikes again DonP Jul 2015 #3
"I confess to bit of Schadenfreude.........." pablo_marmol Jul 2015 #6
"...gun rightsts bunch gave blacks the means to follow through on Helter Skelter." Eleanors38 Jul 2015 #4
Controller "mindset" artfully explained in three parts: pablo_marmol Jul 2015 #5
I think you may be giving undeserved credit on the "smart" part. n/t Shamash Jul 2015 #7
Could be in many cases, however....... pablo_marmol Jul 2015 #8
Do the last few paragraphs of the last article sound familiar? (emphasis added) pablo_marmol Jul 2015 #9


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1. Authoritarians tend to think alike
Sun Jul 12, 2015, 12:34 PM
Jul 2015

The rhetoric, tactics, fear and hate of far-left authoritarians and far-right ones is virtually identical. Only the subject matter changes. There are plenty of people here at DU who fall into this category:

All proposals that include a permanent presence, a permanent regulation of guns in the United States, do not solve the gun question, for they do not eliminate the guns from the US. And that is what we want to do. If gun owners are able to exploit the government forever, they will remain a constant source of the open, destructive flame of violence, making it easy to repeatedly kindle it again, not to mention the political uncertainties resulting from disunity within the people and the danger to social unity. Let us swear off such thinking forever. To summarize, the state can and must focus on systematical elimination of guns.


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2. Charles Manson is second only to Hitler as everybody's favorite boogerman
Sun Jul 12, 2015, 12:53 PM
Jul 2015

Wanna get some people scared? Invoke Manson.

It's great fodder for conspiracy theorists and other fringe nuts. Otherwise, its bullshit.



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3. Ah, the Blog Flogger strikes again
Sun Jul 12, 2015, 01:28 PM
Jul 2015

Funny how most of the people that show up here, rant and rave about evil guns, NRA talking points and immoral gun owners a while, then go off to another group and wind up banned because they treated other groups the same way they treat people in this one.

I confess to bit of Schadenfreude, watching the Bernie and Hillary groups ranting about how "rude" the other group is, accusing them of lying, twisting facts, using false data and other terrible things and demanding the banning of certain people..

I'm guessing most of them wouldn't last a week down here in the Gungeon.



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4. "...gun rightsts bunch gave blacks the means to follow through on Helter Skelter."
Sun Jul 12, 2015, 01:31 PM
Jul 2015

That sounds alert-worthy. Did the OP actually say this?

"Following through on Helter Skelter" assumes blacks WANT this condition, even promote it. Gross stereotype of African-Americans at a minimum... all in a ham-handed attempt to discredit gun-owners and 2A defenders.


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8. Could be in many cases, however.......
Sun Jul 12, 2015, 07:35 PM
Jul 2015

........I personally know many pretty damn smart people who go completely stupid on the gun restriction/gun rights issue.

It's all about hubris, hate......and narrow, narrow thinking.

Her reminder about the inverse relationship between competence, and one's one view of one's competence applies especially to our issue, and the extreme arrogance displayed by The Controllers. (I can't as much define what an "assault weapon" is.....but dammit I don't need to!)


(2,375 posts)
9. Do the last few paragraphs of the last article sound familiar? (emphasis added)
Sun Jul 12, 2015, 07:41 PM
Jul 2015

If you think that you are competent or right, if you don’t know that you don’t know and you won’t accept criticism as feedback, it’s unlikely that you will make the changes needed to become competent.

This problem affects more than learning. It is a factor in everything from voting to interpersonal relationships to deciding which peanut butter to buy. When we are unable to set aside our beliefs and opinions, unable to accept the possibility that those beliefs are wrong, we are unable to objectively evaluate arguments and evidence. When we are unable to be objective, we are unable to be rational. And when we are unable to be rational, we risk forming beliefs and making choices which do not lead us to our goals.

Open-mindedness, humility, and flexibility are cornerstones of rationality. Science–the best means of acquiring knowledge–is humble, open, and flexible for that reason. You may be reasonably certain of a conclusion, but the moment you close the door on the possibility that you are wrong, you become irrational.

So being smart is not enough. Being smart and educated is not enough. We must be smart, educated, curious, and open-minded, and this last one is perhaps the most important of them all.

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