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Sat Oct 6, 2018, 05:39 PM

Dear Men, Here's How To NOT Treat Women In The Era Of

#METOO, tRump and Kavanaugh...


"Donít rape anyone.
Donít be a piece of shit.
Donít make jokes about sexual assault.
DO call out your buddies for their uncool behavior.
Believe survivors. All of them. Always.
Donít want to be accused of assault? Donít assault someone!"

"Good afternoon, male readers. Between the Kavanaugh/Ford case, #MeToo, and the general fact of having Trump as president, itís a pretty scary time to be alive. Especially for a man!

Man, it is so difficult being a cis white man in America these days! You think youíre just leaving your house one night, minding your business to get a Starbucks and buy some board shorts, and boom! Youíre accused of sexual assault! What is a guy to do, am I right?

But letís be real. We would be remiss without acknowledging that the ladies in your life are having a bit of a time, too. Itís rough out there for us girls. So I bet youíre sitting there asking yourself: ďBrad, my man. What can I do for the ladies in my life? How can I be a better ally?Ē

Weíre glad you asked, Todd! Just for you, we have created a handy dandy top six list thatíll tell you how to be a better ally to the girls in your life!

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