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Wed Feb 12, 2020, 06:01 PM

Inside the World of 'Femcels'

The amount and types of alienation in this current, post-modern culture are astounding and troubling. We hear about the incels, but this is the first I have heard of femcels and there are two sides to this story now and though both incels and femcels have some things in common, they really diverge from there.

I really don't expect or celebrate or expect conformity and our differences can be a welcome celebration of diversity, but if we were looking at and for the cohesiveness of our "society" there are some significant and growing issues that might indicate something systemically wrong under the hood. Our commons and commonality are at stake here, perhaps. It may be an emergence and result of many factors that we can do nothing about, but what puts some credence into understanding it better is that what we call a society, (which relates to culture, politics, the economy, etc.) may just have some important sociological factors that act as an adhesive and that holds it together.

Since I think it is generally agreed that humans are pretty-much wired to be social creatures, generally speaking, then since that has been an important part of our early evolution and survival strategy, what about now? Is it really disposable? Can we continue to thrive individually and collectively if it continues to breakdown and decay?

Just like men, many women feel their ‘inferior’ looks and personality make them unfuckable. But as they turn to online forums for the ‘involuntarily celibate,’ they must also contend with men who don’t believe they could possibly exist

While it would seem that the manosphere is exclusively the domain of miserable white men, there’s a surprising number of women among it, too. And so, throughout this week, we will present you with six features that explore the lives and beliefs of these women, from femcels to Honey Badgers: Who are they? What have they experienced in life to end up cavorting with men who — to varying degrees — deny their humanity? And why do we know so little about them?


In one sense, femcels are similar to male incels in that they claim to have trouble finding someone to have sex with or date because of their looks or personality. But while everyone feels that way from time to time, femcels believe the physical, mental and cognitive inadequacies they have are unique and extreme. According to femcel canon, their “defects” — which are arbitrary and entirely self-defined — must “exceed those of normal” women and exist in a much more “severe form.” These could be related to their looks, age, disabilities, medical conditions, mental illnesses, the repressive cultures some live in or some combination thereof, but whatever the case, femcels believe they make their sexual situation entirely out of their control. They were dealt a shitty hand, the sentiment goes, and the only way out of the lonely hellscapes they live in is to “ascend” (femcel-speak for “get hotter”).


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