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Thu Jun 30, 2016, 11:10 AM Jun 2016

Interesting Opinion Piece ... Actually, a series of OP ...

I know that PUBs and pro lefties don’t think they’re racist or sexist, but that’s kind of the point. For some reason, there is a sense that they believe that calling themselves progressive gives them a pass to say whatever they want to People of Color, immigrants, and women.


And this is the problem with these people in a nutshell. PUBs have convinced themselves that the issues they have decided are most important in our society are the most important issues for everyone and that their position on these issues is the only acceptable position. They live in a tiny white (mostly male) bubble and don’t care how anyone else thinks about anything.


The rant(s) is/are written by a white person; but, could have been written by any African-American that has regularly posted thoughts to the group, that is unrelated to Sanders, as it is what has been written, repeatedly, since January 2009.
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Interesting Opinion Piece ... Actually, a series of OP ... (Original Post) 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 OP
Progressive Unicorn Brigade irisblue Jun 2016 #1
It is the third, in what promises to be an extended rant ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #3
That was an excellent read JustAnotherGen Jun 2016 #2
Please go back and read the previous two OPs at the link. 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #4
The first blog posting JustAnotherGen Jun 2016 #17
Yes ... Yes ... Yes. 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #18
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #5
Thank you for proving the OP's point, Mr./Ms. whiteman that must make something perfectly clear ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #8
Excellent! K&R brer cat Jun 2016 #6
Man, ain't that the truth. giftedgirl77 Jun 2016 #7
Milt Shook is AWESOME!! Thanks for the links, 1SBM. Everything I read in his three OPs BlueCaliDem Jun 2016 #9
LOL ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #10
These are outstanding rants, 1SBM! BlueMTexpat Jun 2016 #11
My favorite line (from the Neoliberalism, My Ass Rant) ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #14
Exactly. eom BlueMTexpat Jun 2016 #15
Of course Shook does a lot of name calling too . . FairWinds Jun 2016 #12
Yeah ... he did call a lot of names ... And, regarding the BB's treatment of John Lewis ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #16
Well, Lewis did apologize . . FairWinds Jun 2016 #19
Let's continue pretending that the BBs treatment of Lewis was unrelated to his endorsement ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #21
bookmarked site . ThAnk you for the link Person 2713 Jun 2016 #13
This is so good! mcar Jun 2016 #20
I am far less frustrated with the (progressive) Left's turning on President Obama than ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #22
I find it so hard to fathom how grown ups can think like that mcar Jun 2016 #27
I know ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #32
Yikes mcar Jun 2016 #47
Here it is ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #48
That's just sad mcar Jun 2016 #49
There certainly is a lot of Obama bashing around here... Blanks Jun 2016 #33
+1, even thinking someone who has no followers and no delegates and no down ballot money can uponit7771 Jul 2016 #64
Milt Shook sheshe2 Jun 2016 #23
K&R freshwest Jun 2016 #24
oooh JustAnotherGen Jun 2016 #25
"Those people" cuts both ways. 99th_Monkey Jun 2016 #26
Hell ... I proudly "outted" myself more than a year ago ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #34
Are Progressives perfect, and above reproach? No. 99th_Monkey Jun 2016 #37
See that's the thing ... It's NOT about being on the right side of the issues ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #43
So how do you "relate" to the TPP? 99th_Monkey Jun 2016 #45
I "relate" to TPP like most trade agreements ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #46
We've had about 20 years to see how NAFTA has killed US jobs .. 99th_Monkey Jun 2016 #50
If I may ask DonCoquixote Jul 2016 #58
Perhaps 99th_Monkey Jul 2016 #67
Please do not define others as "not progressive" because they do not support your candidate. seabeyond Jul 2016 #66
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #28
This white progressive says hell yes they are. Orrex Jun 2016 #29
Wait ... I must be mis-reading this ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #36
Group Host - Please Clarify This Statement JustAnotherGen Jun 2016 #41
That's how I read it, too. 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #44
If you want to keep this group exclusive... fbc Jun 2016 #55
That's not how DU works JustAnotherGen Jun 2016 #56
If and when Skinner changes that... sheshe2 Jul 2016 #57
Dumb.... Digital Puppy Jul 2016 #59
Reading simple and obvious headers at the top of a thread page must be so very difficult. LanternWaste Jul 2016 #60
In part I agree psychmommy Jun 2016 #30
Other issues were more important to other people JustAnotherGen Jun 2016 #40
I vote in relation to my issues. psychmommy Jul 2016 #68
You've experienced America differently from me JustAnotherGen Jul 2016 #69
our issues will never be represented if we psychmommy Jul 2016 #71
I'm involved in an FDR discussion in GD JustAnotherGen Jul 2016 #72
I am not asking you to vote for anything. psychmommy Jul 2016 #73
You just made assumptions JustAnotherGen Jul 2016 #74
What assumptions did I make? psychmommy Jul 2016 #75
I'm going to recommend this post 15 times. Orrex Jun 2016 #31
Thanks for posting this and links to the others Blue_Adept Jun 2016 #35
I SO want to have the courage of this conviction. I'm trying to speak up more but...damn. nolabear Jun 2016 #38
Omg--I love this guy ismnotwasm Jun 2016 #39
thank you DonCoquixote Jun 2016 #42
Great article. Thanks to you lovemydog Jun 2016 #51
See my post #34. 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #53
Prescient indeed. lovemydog Jun 2016 #54
Wow, as I said in a comment on his blog The Polack MSgt Jun 2016 #52
This is fantastic! Most of us have been saying the same thing for years. The racism on the Political Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #61
K&R Jamaal510 Jul 2016 #62
The part about a black man sticking it to the establishment rings loud and true uponit7771 Jul 2016 #63
Pretty much it's super sekrit club "progressivism". forjusticethunders Jul 2016 #65
very interesting link heaven05 Jul 2016 #70


(31,849 posts)
3. It is the third, in what promises to be an extended rant ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 11:20 AM
Jun 2016

each one, to this point, I could have written every word, as it is spot on to where I am. Please read the previous two, as well.



(31,849 posts)
4. Please go back and read the previous two OPs at the link.
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 11:22 AM
Jun 2016

They reflect where I am, and what I have written, with respect to "progressives".

Response to 1StrongBlackMan (Original post)



(31,849 posts)
8. Thank you for proving the OP's point, Mr./Ms. whiteman that must make something perfectly clear ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 11:43 AM
Jun 2016

Last edited Thu Jun 30, 2016, 12:21 PM - Edit history (1)

to this Black man, while posting in the African-American Group.

Zero self-awareness.

ETA: Oh Yeah ... Welcome back! Or, rather ... Bah Bye!


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9. Milt Shook is AWESOME!! Thanks for the links, 1SBM. Everything I read in his three OPs
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 11:45 AM
Jun 2016

remind me of what some posters on this site have been posting.

I've been pretty much called just about everything Shook's been called, and it's always baffled me when that name-calling - totally without basis in truth - was directed at me from fellow Liberals. It had gotten so bad that I had to leave DU for a year or two just to not be crucified for supporting President Obama and understanding why he had to make choices that wasn't as far-left as many here would like.

Yes, as Deaniac (former DUer) had said looooong long ago, he's a pragmatic progressive, but so am I. It's why I'm a Democrat, not a Greenie or a Socialist, but a Democrat. It's why the Democratic Party is the only Party strong enough and big enough to defeat the well-funded Republican Party. It just tells me we're more popular, more powerful, more organized, and willing to move forward pragmatically than burn the bridges to get our way than the more leftist Parties. It's why we've survived so long.

Thanks again for the excellent find and for sharing it with us!

Bookmarked for future reference.

Oh, and edited to add:

Just cuz it's so dang CUTE.


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11. These are outstanding rants, 1SBM!
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 11:57 AM
Jun 2016

It's as if the writer has been living in my mind! Only he expresses himself much better. Thanks so much for posting the initial link and, thanks to you, I have bookmarked this blog and have become a Milt Shook fan. I'll be reading it from now on.

From this rant at the same blog: http://pleasecutthecrap.com/while-far-lefties-were-sleeping/

Many of the people who need our help the most – you know, the poor people PUBs and pro lefties claim to be advocating for, still don’t have access to healthcare, and it’s not because we don’t have a single-payer system, it’s because a number of Republican-led states have refused to provide Medicaid to the poor in their state. Everyone in poverty in every state in the union would have access to free or really cheap healthcare if Republicans were not in charge.

And that is the key. For all of their hemming and hawing and your pretending to care about those who have nothing, they have apparently been sleeping and not noticed that, while they have been dreaming about frog-marching Bush and Cheney to The Hague and parading “banksters” to prison in orange jumpsuits during their slumber, the poor in this country have been royally screwed by a major political party that is not the Democrats and is most certainly not Hillary Clinton.

Wake up and get a clue, far lefties; Democrats are not the enemy. Not even close. If you really want to make the United States more progressive, start by embracing Democrats and getting rid of the current GOP. That’s the first step in any such plan.

And this one: http://pleasecutthecrap.com/tilting-at-the-third-way-windmill/

I am an idealist, just like them. The only difference is, I have both feet planted in the real world, where making demands results in absolutely nothing getting done. The real difference between the morons on the far left, with all of their screaming and demands, and me is that I can appreciate the concept of nuance.

Why have these idiots not realized that nothing they demand ever actually gets done? And why would it get done? The key to a democratic system is getting the most people to vote for your side, but who the hell wants to support a group of people who are always screaming at others, for Chrissakes? I mean, when two crazy people are shouting at each other on the sidewalk, are you more likely to cross the street to get away from them or do you listen more closely, to see who’s making the better point? Again, I live in the real world; like most people, I cross the street.

Darn you, 1SBM! I may end up reading EVERY post in this blog!


(31,849 posts)
14. My favorite line (from the Neoliberalism, My Ass Rant) ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 12:06 PM
Jun 2016
They live in a fantasy world, and they demand that we join them. No thanks, I live in the real world, as do most actual progressives. I mean, how smart are you, really? Democrats elected a progressive president, Barack Obama, and we put Democrats within 2-3 votes of having a 1960s-style Democratic supermajority in Congress, and you decided to sabotage that by targeting Blue Dogs, whom you accused of all sorts of delusional “crimes” and replacing them with Tea Party members? But we’re supposed to follow your lead?

Strategic-f@$king-Genius on display ... not unlike, pouring out your water because you think there might be a desert rain storm coming.


(1,717 posts)
12. Of course Shook does a lot of name calling too . .
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 12:01 PM
Jun 2016

and in the rant he distorts the debate over John Lewis.

Shook writes that the BB's (Bernie Backers) criticized Lewis
for backing Hillary; but the source he uses is about Lewis'
initial dismissal of Bernie's civil rights record. (For which
Lewis later apologized, as well he should have.)



(31,849 posts)
16. Yeah ... he did call a lot of names ... And, regarding the BB's treatment of John Lewis ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 12:11 PM
Jun 2016

let's all pretend it was about Bernie's (45+ year old) civil rights record. It'll fit the living in a fantasy world description well!



(1,717 posts)
19. Well, Lewis did apologize . .
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 12:29 PM
Jun 2016

Lewis said . ." he had not meant to express doubt “that Senator Sanders participated in the civil rights movement, neither was I attempting to disparage his activism”. (Guardian)

I'm a huge Lewis fan, and always will be. Our Vets For Peace Golden Rule project honors sailors and freedom riders whom Lewis credits with saving his life. (Bert Bigelow)

Thanks for helping to keep this civil . .


(42,267 posts)
20. This is so good!
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 12:30 PM
Jun 2016

And so true. It lays out all of the frustration I have felt about the "left" turning on Pres Obama the way they did.



(31,849 posts)
22. I am far less frustrated with the (progressive) Left's turning on President Obama than ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 12:42 PM
Jun 2016

their penchant for magical thinking and their reaction(s) when others don't follow suit.



(31,849 posts)
32. I know ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 01:49 PM
Jun 2016

But then, I read where a significant segment of the population includes lottery winnings, as a part (or all) of their retirement planning.



(31,849 posts)
48. Here it is ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 03:14 PM
Jun 2016
A recent survey sponsored by the Consumer Federation of America and the Financial Planning Association indicated that 20 percent of the 1,000 Americans polled were counting on winning the lottery for their retirement. This is not a joke. People do not believe they can accumulate the $200,000 in net worth that is the minimum (with Social Security) necessary to retire, according to planners. Indeed, the lower the income of those questioned, the more doubtful about savings and the more "reliance" on the lottery.


And, it ain't just Americans ...

A similar study of Canadians showed that about 12 percent were counting on winning a big lottery so they could have enough retirement income to retire in style.

Even more recently, a study found that one-third of Canadian female Baby Boomers are hoping for a lottery win to fund their retirement.



(4,835 posts)
33. There certainly is a lot of Obama bashing around here...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 01:50 PM
Jun 2016

About the kind of things that were mentioned in the link in the OP.

Folks around here don't seem to understand the limitations placed on the executive branch when congress is controlled by the opposition party.

The thing that President Obama has done that has most impressed me, is that he was able to maintain his dignity in the face of overwhelming opposition.

As much respect as I have for Jimmy Carter, if he could have stayed as cool and collected, he would have been reelected in 1980. Carter looked worn out, and it was obvious that 2012 was supposed to be a repeat of that election in the republican playbook.

Overall Obama has done an excellent job given the mess that Dubya left for him to clean up.

People don't seem to understand that it takes a while to break the government, and it takes a while to fix it. When the republicans took over in 2010, I thought democrats were done for, but that doesn't appear to be the case. In fact, it looks more like the opposite.


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64. +1, even thinking someone who has no followers and no delegates and no down ballot money can
Fri Jul 1, 2016, 09:57 PM
Jul 2016

... "demand" anything from the person who has all of that.



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34. Hell ... I proudly "outted" myself more than a year ago ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 01:55 PM
Jun 2016
If being (DU) "progressive" means ... advocating income equality AND championing sacrificing the poor and working classes (i.e., "Let's go over the fiscal cliff!&quot ; and/or, advocating income equality AND championing sacrificing PoC, women, and the LGBT community (i.e., "Income Equality IS the most important issue of our time&quot ; and/or, advocating a set of policy goals that begins with "IF" (and that "IF" involves a series of unlikely occurrences) AND criticize Democratic policies (established in the current political environment), as inadequate; but, in their imperfection, do benefit the majority of the poor and working classes (i.e., the ACA, Executive Orders, etc.); and/or, spending the vast majority of your posts (especially during election season), criticizing Democrats, Democratic candidates, and "other" Democrats for supporting Democrats and/or Democratic candidates, as has been presented by DU "progressives"; then, ...

you are quite correct ... I am in no way a DU "progressive"!

Thank the universe!


Notice how closely my grievance(s) matches that/those of the OP. I said it before him, and agree with him now.


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37. Are Progressives perfect, and above reproach? No.
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 02:10 PM
Jun 2016

Are Progressives on the correct side of the issue 90-95% of the time? Yes.

I like those odds, so I'm happily remaining Progressive. So good luck with your
Progressive-bashing ... you'll need it.



(31,849 posts)
43. See that's the thing ... It's NOT about being on the right side of the issues ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 02:43 PM
Jun 2016

rather, it's about HOW you relate to those issues, in order to get them accomplished. And more, I haven't had any (few) problems with the progressives I have met in real life, as none (few) have exhibited any of the traits described above.

But then, I suspect ... as the OPs observe ... those progressives would be called everything, but ... if they where to post on line.



(31,849 posts)
46. I "relate" to TPP like most trade agreements ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 02:55 PM
Jun 2016

without the hyperbole that would have it being the end of American labor, as we know it.

The TPP will be no where near as good as it proponents say; nor, as bad as its detractors predict ... and we will not know, one way or the other, for maybe 15 years.



(19,326 posts)
50. We've had about 20 years to see how NAFTA has killed US jobs ..
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 03:24 PM
Jun 2016

I would not expect anything but more of the same from the TPP.

Response to 1StrongBlackMan (Original post)



(31,849 posts)
36. Wait ... I must be mis-reading this ...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 02:10 PM
Jun 2016

are you saying that African-Americans are more racist than white progressives ... by far?

If so, perhaps you should learn what "Racism" is ... and not what the collector of popular parlance, Webster's says it is; trying what the social scientists and anti-racist say about it.


(31,762 posts)
41. Group Host - Please Clarify This Statement
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 02:22 PM
Jun 2016

28. In general, would you say that white progressives are more racist than African Americans?

View profile

My experience has been the opposite. In fact, it's not even close.

The way I'm reading this - you jumped into the African American group to tell us we are racist?



(1,668 posts)
55. If you want to keep this group exclusive...
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 05:47 PM
Jun 2016

Perhaps your moderators should ask that its threads do not appear on the front page.

I've never "jumped into the African American group".

But it does jump out at me occasionally.


(31,762 posts)
56. That's not how DU works
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 06:18 PM
Jun 2016

If you want it - YOU ask Skinner.

And you jumped in and called blacks racist.

Don't come back. Do what I've done to the gun rights, socialists, men's groups etc etc - put us on block.

My first instinct is never to alert. I asked the question - you dodged, deflected, and deferred in response.

By not clarifying you are doubling down.

Now go.


(83,563 posts)
57. If and when Skinner changes that...
Fri Jul 1, 2016, 12:06 AM
Jul 2016

I suggest you read the headers in GD before you post. It is clear which group it is posted in.

Thanks. I host HC and BOG.



(37,748 posts)
60. Reading simple and obvious headers at the top of a thread page must be so very difficult.
Fri Jul 1, 2016, 12:40 PM
Jul 2016

Reading simple and obvious headers at the top of a thread page must be so very difficult. perhaps you should ask they become flashing neon lights with loud sirens so that the mentally undisciplined do not "accidentally" click on a link.


(1,739 posts)
30. In part I agree
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 01:48 PM
Jun 2016

But, I also see that during the primaries, Hillary supporters had that "it's her turn" , we need a woman in the wh attitude. I didn't care that Obama was black, there were black repubs running and I would never vote for them. There has to be more substance than they are in a minority group lets vote them in. This sounds more like bernie supporter bashing on the dl. He was not the messiah, but he did speak to my issues and to me, they are the most important thing.


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40. Other issues were more important to other people
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 02:20 PM
Jun 2016
but he did speak to my issues and to me, they are the most important thing.

See - from where I sit - my issues are the most important thing . . . in selecting a candidate.

I would never have the arrogance to tell you - psych YOURS should be mine.

Just please -out of respect - don't shove down my throat that your issues are more important than mine in selecting a candidate.


(1,739 posts)
68. I vote in relation to my issues.
Tue Jul 5, 2016, 04:11 PM
Jul 2016

My issues may not matter to you but they are where i am lead to vote. But, if you vote for her because she is a her-not because she champions your issues-you are going to be sorely disappointed when she goes against your interests with say tpp or war or the environment. See I knew Obama had warts and I supported him warts and all. I will vote for Hillary but I don't support her warts and all. I will vote a straight d ticket. I don't see myself hustling for votes.
I do believe as dems we should have similar issues. I won't be surprised when my issues are ignored.


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69. You've experienced America differently from me
Tue Jul 5, 2016, 04:20 PM
Jul 2016

So of course your issues are different than mine.

You do you.

I'm also going to be just out for myself.

Why is that so shocking to Democratic Party members to understand .

What else is in that crystal ball? Please do tell this O'Malley supporter. My financial interests will never be represented by the Democratic party. Start there.


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72. I'm involved in an FDR discussion in GD
Wed Jul 6, 2016, 02:08 PM
Jul 2016

My interest - I make enough each year that I stop paying at the end of Q2 into SSDI.

My stake - will my targeted monthly payments be there when I'm older?

Will Fed Gov allow me to keep the current targeted monthly return - if they stop the stupid practice of stopping the collection at $118,500?

Will Fed Gov then make a targeted effort to make up the unfair and unequal wages our senior (of all races) women made?

I need DETAILS. See out there - someone is asking in ALL CAPS for explicit reasons as to why we wouldn't trust the dominant culture to vote these concepts into reality with an equal application to all. I need specific ways that previously ignored individuals will get their just rewards in this country.

I'm trying to wrap my head around - a bunch of people who fucked America up (that's all I've read, heard seen from the far left and far right in this country for about three years) -

Asking me to trust them to not fuck up again.

That's like asking me to hire a bank robber to be a bank teller. Only a fool would believe.

So what are my interests -

Work in Corporate America.
Married to a foreigner so now have dual citizenship (need the ability to move freely among countries).

What are you asking me to vote for? What are my interests?


(1,739 posts)
73. I am not asking you to vote for anything.
Wed Jul 6, 2016, 02:22 PM
Jul 2016

If you think that the establishment you are voting for is going to try to make everyone pay their fair share you are mistaken. Though you are affluent, if you have kids-they are still black. if you have sons they are in danger. You are not as affluent as the top 10% and it is their issues being met by the establishment in each party. Do you want clean air to breathe and water to drink-no matter what country you are in? Do you want to know whats in your food and where it comes from? i want toys and cars to be safe. If any of these are your concern, then you are voting against your interests.


(31,762 posts)
74. You just made assumptions
Wed Jul 6, 2016, 02:25 PM
Jul 2016

I'm actually a democratic party member for these reasons


We are in the top 5%.


(6,393 posts)
35. Thanks for posting this and links to the others
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 02:04 PM
Jun 2016

Pretty much encapsulates my feelings in general that were wildly reinforced throughout the primary, especially here.


(41,926 posts)
38. I SO want to have the courage of this conviction. I'm trying to speak up more but...damn.
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 02:11 PM
Jun 2016

Let me start off by saying I am white as hell. Not only am I white, I'm a native Southerner. Not only Southern but Mississippi-Louisiana Southern, raised there in the last half of the last century when things were, shall we say, cataclysmic. Why I was always a liberal I do not know. I'm the only one in the family. But the other half of that insane dynamic is that you do not have the bubble from which you proclaim what would be amazing and ideal and wonderful for just every damn body because, well, aren't we all the same and aren't we all just like me?

No, we are not all the same. And some of us have fought one another and loved one another and been stuck with one another and had to work things out in ways that leave everybody beat up and hurting, and trying to figure out what we have done to one another and what we can bear doing in the future.

Frankly I was impressed that President Obama, who seems to have had a foot in so many worlds that he couldn't immerse in just one, could stand all the things we all projected onto him and stay sane. The man is remarkable as hell. But he's got all the constraints of having to actually FIGHT the fights that others can believe they'd surely do more purely or nobly or with more of exactly what they profess to hate, the blinders of ideology. You know, those people who have not had to live intimately with people they disagree with, and sometimes hate. And the alternative isn't NO ideology, as the idealists seem to believe. It's pragmatism. It's recognizing that you might hate a whole lot of things that people say and do but you have to live with those people unless you're willing to kill them or negate their rights, and you have to learn to get along in ways that advance everyone a few steps rather than grabbing them by the balls and being just sure their hearts and minds will follow. Cute phrase, don't work.

So, Hillary. Hillary is a pragmatist like I'm a pragmatist and a liberal like I'm a liberal. The crazy kicker is that I love those family members whose ways of thinking and acting have never been like my own, and I don't want to subjugate them any more than I want to subjugate the people they DO want to. In a way it's more liberal. Liberal isn't just "us." It's everyone. It's having good will and hopeful intentions toward people who make you nuts and recognizing that even when you have to take a firm stand and say "Oh HELL no" to some of the things they want to do, doing it by force without consideration makes you a dictator in the name of liberalism.


(41,952 posts)
39. Omg--I love this guy
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 02:14 PM
Jun 2016
And they never stopped beating up on Obama and the Democrats. Those of us who followed his campaign closely knew we were getting a progressive centrist (No, PUBs, that is not an oxymoron!), but they apparently envisioned him showing up on inauguration day wearing a dashiki and giving a “black power” salute. I used to laugh at the right wingers who derided liberals for treating Obama as if he was a messiah, until I realized they were right, if you think the professional left actually reflects progressive thought. I mean, President Obama, in concert with the Democratic Party, got us out of the deepest recession in the post-War era more quickly than anyone believed possible, and they did so with absolutely zero help from the Republican Party. For all of the professional left talk about Democrats being “anti-worker,” they managed to rescue unionized auto workers from losing their jobs at a time when the economy was still tanking.

And the rest is right on


(11,833 posts)
51. Great article. Thanks to you
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 05:07 PM
Jun 2016

I've stopped identifying as progressive. The term is too nebulous. And it tends to cover too many people who pull the 'more progressive than thou' card, without paying attention to the social changes that are moving us forward.

The Polack MSgt

(13,174 posts)
52. Wow, as I said in a comment on his blog
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 05:13 PM
Jun 2016

I may need a better tinfoil hat since he seems to have been reading my mind.

From rant 2 "Neoliberalism, My Ass"

in the minds of people like this, someone who says all the right things IS progressive, while those who make actual “progress” don’t qualify

Thank you 1SBM



(20,450 posts)
61. This is fantastic! Most of us have been saying the same thing for years. The racism on the Political
Fri Jul 1, 2016, 03:52 PM
Jul 2016

Left to me is much worse, precisely because they DON'T think it exists. That form of psychological racism is much more insidious than the overt or explicit racism that we often see on the political right.



(1,151 posts)
65. Pretty much it's super sekrit club "progressivism".
Fri Jul 1, 2016, 10:33 PM
Jul 2016

It's about ego and virtue signaling to your club and showing off, not actually helping people.

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