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Mon Mar 2, 2020, 07:11 AM Mar 2020

For Cody

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I wrote this for my nephew/Godson who was hit by a drunk driver while riding his bike two days after his 15th birthday. He was brain dead at impact, which I didn’t know when the first responders called me by running down names in his cell phone trying to find someone to meet them at the hospital. I guess he had me listed as Aunt Kristin, so I was toward the top. They kept him on life support for about 6 hours to harvest his organs, something that does still bring us comfort. To be honest, he was a troubled young man, but had become an incredibly gifted drummer and was to attend a performing arts high school that September. He had played with several really famous bands. (I actually forget all of them but I know KISS sent a giant flower arrangement. I have pictures of him with the bands, but that’s not really the point.) Anyway, I don’t love the rhythm of this, but it’s an emotional subject for me. Any suggestions would be welcome.

On a hot, hazy, lazy summer day
You rode off, head back, laughing and went away
Your life, so fragile, had only just begun
But you, destined for stardom, rode straight into the sun

Our tears ran slowly from our aching eyes
You were far too young to leave our sides
We’re just mortals, frozen, standing on the ground
Mourning, Aching to feel your presence around

When the winds whip and the thunder roars
Is that you drumming with the angels for the Lord
Do your sticks still fly but now through heavenly air
So here on earth your music can be shared

Can you see us, out there, wherever you are
Is that you, shining bright, from that shooting star
Is it peaceful and happy far away from us there
Can you hear us, when we talk to you, in our prayers

Maybe you were just too good for this earth
Nothing can compare now to what you were worth
Left to rant and rave, its crazy but it’s true
I thought, somehow, the music would save you

When the winds whip and the thunder roars
Is that you drumming with the angels for the Lord
When the winds rest and the sun shines on for miles
We know you were sent as a gift for just a while
The music and memories you left here make us smile
We’ll see you in a while
Until then, we’ll think of you and smile
And see you in a while

For Cody (Original Post) Tucker08087 Mar 2020 OP
A sad story, a beautiful tribute poem. Croney Mar 2020 #1
Thank you! Tucker08087 Mar 2020 #2


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1. A sad story, a beautiful tribute poem.
Mon Mar 2, 2020, 07:42 AM
Mar 2020

Your auto-correct wrote "you're" in the third line, just letting you know.

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