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Mon Mar 23, 2020, 02:04 PM Mar 2020

''Tis the season

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by eppur_se_muova (a host of the Science group).

Approximately a month ago, tornados struck Nashville in a devastating way. Not even the season. We are now approaching the season and tomorrow Nashville is in a TorCon alert. Climate change has made these destructive storms more and more powerful. Now in the midsts of a pandemic there will be many, many ppl homeless with no help coming, Hospitals full, no medical equipment. So bailing out the Corps with free cash, the very Corps that pay GOP to deny climate change and allow more pollution and damage is just total bullshit. Let those Corps, that do not pay taxes, dig into their offshore billions to rescue their business. That is capitalism, Right? None of the socialist free money, “our” money crap. Trump’s whole life has been a socialist bailout. Tax Payers, need the help with the Taxes they pay. It’s our money and We need it now! 877-Cashnow!

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