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Thu Jul 6, 2017, 09:46 AM Jul 2017

An interesting perspective that I overheard on the SYSK Stoicism podcast the other day

I forgot who said it but I believe it was Josh that mused along the lines that, Stoicism, being this philosophy of taking the good with the bad in equal measure and not getting worked up over your lot in life was certainly utilized in many religions...

And he said this, I'm paraphrasing here... "No, worker. Don't worry about all of your suffering here! YOUR treasure is waiting in the afterlife! So don't worry about improving things here. Take the good with the bad"

He was referring to the idea that religion is used as an ideological tool of suppression against the workers while the wealthy at the top can pretend to adhere to the suffering of Stoicism as well.

I always knew religion was a tool to control, but this idea that we should keep our heads down and just work and shutup because our reward is in the afterlife is a new perspective to me.

To the gamers in here... The cake is a lie. That phrase has new meaning.

An interesting perspective that I overheard on the SYSK Stoicism podcast the other day (Original Post) retrowire Jul 2017 OP
Those words are a direct paraphrase defacto7 Jul 2017 #1
I am pretty sure that that suffering on earth for LakeArenal Jul 2017 #2


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1. Those words are a direct paraphrase
Thu Jul 6, 2017, 10:31 AM
Jul 2017

From the good old bible. I can't remember back that far but it goes something like... Be ye not concerned for the things of this world where moth and dust doth corrupt, but be thoughtful of the heaven where neither moth nor dust doth corrupt. Better to ?? Think about heaven ?? than to be cast into hell...... blah blah....
It's a tongue twister... "where neither moth nor dust doth corrupt".... say that ten times as fast as you can... well, at least it has some value.

But you see, that sentiment is centuries old and an ingrained part of christian brainwashing.

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