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With that much money (Original Post) KS Toronado Nov 2023 OP
These so called preachers make me sick, all they do doc03 Nov 2023 #1
He's the king of Prosperity Theology. progressoid Nov 2023 #2
Can I declare my house to be a "clergy residence" for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? nt Shermann Nov 2023 #3
IRS might look at you a little side eyed with a name like KS Toronado Nov 2023 #4
Only slightly more absurd than "Kenneth Copeland Ministries" Shermann Nov 2023 #7
True KS Toronado Nov 2023 #8
You don't expect him to act like a Christian, do you? Warpy Nov 2023 #5
P.T. Barnum was spot on. AZ8theist Nov 2023 #12
And he gets away with it. That is the travisty. twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #6
Unfortunately, that is incorrect. OldBaldy1701E Nov 2023 #10
Copeland exudes evil RussBLib Nov 2023 #9
What a malevolent clown... GiqueCee Nov 2023 #11


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1. These so called preachers make me sick, all they do
Wed Nov 22, 2023, 03:50 PM
Nov 2023

prey on sick and elderly. They should be taxed like everyone else.

KS Toronado

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4. IRS might look at you a little side eyed with a name like
Wed Nov 22, 2023, 04:39 PM
Nov 2023

" Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" They know spaghetti doesn't fly. Maybe try
Church of the Cookie Monster? Or Church of the High Rollers?


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5. You don't expect him to act like a Christian, do you?
Wed Nov 22, 2023, 05:31 PM
Nov 2023

I mean, he does his bit by lecturing other people day in and day out, he deserves his mansion and his jets and all the bling his wife wears and whatever he's paying for on the side.

I've been listening to Barbara Tuchman's "A Distant Mirror" and realizing what a great title that was. Christianity 1000 years ago was a con, religion was a racket, and the clergy were held in contempt by ordinary people with good reason.

Most ordinary people are still enriching this asshole with dollars that should have gone to feed themselves or their kids. It's a pity news networks aren't doing their jobs and exposing these conmen/


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10. Unfortunately, that is incorrect.
Thu Nov 23, 2023, 08:11 AM
Nov 2023
We let him get away with it. I have yet to see something remain in our society once we decide it should not be there. (So, if something undesirable is still in our society at large, one should remember that. Someone wants it there, or it would be gone.) Yet, these shysters and leeches are still around and still able to claim exemptions for being a 'religion'. Time to remove the special treatment these animals get. Time to remove their incentive to keep doing it. Massive fines and massive jail time. Plus, a permanent mark on your record that says you are prone to being a sleeze. But, that is just my opinion. What do I know?


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11. What a malevolent clown...
Thu Nov 23, 2023, 08:22 AM
Nov 2023

... and that Greek Chorus is hilarious. Copeland loves to "BLOW" away whatever annoys him at the moment with that gaping maw of his. It is horrifying that anyone is stupid enough to take him seriously. But they do.
I despair for the future of humanity.

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