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Buzz cook

(2,448 posts)
Sun Apr 17, 2016, 12:17 PM Apr 2016

What is Bernie Sanders number one issue.

Not a full member so I can't post a poll apparently. And I'd rather hear peoples own opinions rather than funneling them into a few choices.

I'll start.

I see Bernie standing for economic justice first and foremost. Breaking up the banks, reining in Wall Street, the $15 minimum wage, single pater, and free college are all rooted in economic justice.

The first two are obvious imho, the third is not only about justice but also about economic success as a stronger working class makes for a stronger economy for everyone.

Single payer and free college are also obviously about economic justice. We don't want people dying because they can't afford a platinum health care plan and we don't want people to fore go an education because their parents don't belong to a country club.

So what's your position? What would you say is Sanders number one issue?

What is Bernie Sanders number one issue. (Original Post) Buzz cook Apr 2016 OP
Corruption OUT of Politics. After that, everything else will be easier. NT Joob Apr 2016 #1
Yep RobertEarl Apr 2016 #2
Or counter revolution Buzz cook Apr 2016 #4
+ 2008 Octafish Apr 2016 #8
Fairness. jillan Apr 2016 #3
Well done Buzz cook Apr 2016 #5
Welcome to DU! riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #6
Thank you Buzz cook Apr 2016 #9
Economic justice, saving the planet, no more interventionist wars... Lone_Wolf Apr 2016 #7
Gotta say Buzz cook Apr 2016 #10


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2. Yep
Sun Apr 17, 2016, 12:21 PM
Apr 2016

And the way to that is via a political revolution

The political revolution is one that has everyone voting and everyone participating in grassroots democracy.

Buzz cook

(2,448 posts)
4. Or counter revolution
Sun Apr 17, 2016, 12:36 PM
Apr 2016

Overturning Citizens United and ending corporate personhood is counter revolutionary. We've had a silent revolution in America in which wealth and power has taken control. Ending that revolution will do a lot toward bringing America back on track.


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8. + 2008
Sun Apr 17, 2016, 02:02 PM
Apr 2016

No Justice. No Democracy.

Why I voted for Obama.

Still waiting for it, along with Don Siegelman.



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6. Welcome to DU!
Sun Apr 17, 2016, 01:55 PM
Apr 2016

I'd say he's got 2-3 big issues (that are related).

A rigged economy that's destroying our society.

Corruption in politics.

The lack of real action on climate change.

Basically though, that boils down to him aiming at the shadow government.

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