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Wed Jun 8, 2016, 08:46 AM Jun 2016

Sorry Hobson; Bernie's Choice

As of this morning, one thing is clear; Bernie Sanders is now an afterthought.

He has lost the Democratic nomination by every metric, by every measure. He will not be the nominee, no matter how many phone calls he makes to superdelegates. The ship has sailed, and all that's left is for Bernie to decide how to disembark. He has two choices.

1) Shortly after the DC primary next week, he comes out and concedes he has lost, forcefully endorsing Clinton. If he does this, we can move on to the convention with respect for one another, and a serious and peaceful discussion can take place as to the platform. That is what Bernie says he wants, so this choice should require no thought.

2) He can continue to insist he's going to 'contest' the nomination in Philadelphia, looking with each passing day more and more like a sore loser who is more intent on proving he is right than actually enacting any of his goals. He will receive little to no attention from the media, other than the occasional scoff that he is still perpetrating the charade. If he takes this tact, the party will not be kind to him when the convention arrives, and the likelihood of getting concessions will be slim.

I will give Bernie a week or so to come to terms with this, but we will soon see whether or not Bernie thinks he is more important than the Democratic party, or the Presidency as a whole.

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2. An after thought? Nawwww you don't get it
Wed Jun 8, 2016, 08:52 AM
Jun 2016

See, it isn't an afterthought, this is ONLY the beginning.
You don't understand that. Are you aware that an entirely new progressive political party has sprung up which backs Bernie and is based upon his views and stances? That has never happened before.

An afterthought. An afterthought doesn't pack arenas to the brim with people. An after thought doesn't bring many people into the Dem party although many will leave and go back to being indy voters are perhaps vote third party.

This is just the beginning, in the next 4 years millennials will own this country & there isn't a damn thing you or anybody else can do to stop that. NOTHING. They are far more progressive than you and your candidate and it's only a matter of time until things begin to drastically change in the United States.

It's called evolution and it's called revolution. The fire won't die, we'll fight for true progressives down ticket who will challenge the establishment who have sold their souls to Walmart and Exxon. We're not coming, we're already here and we're going to change the rules to make sure EVERYONE'S voices are heard, not just a select few.

You haven't a clue.



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6. Regarding the idiom 'Hobson's Choice': While Sophie had a terrible binary choice forced upon her
Wed Jun 8, 2016, 09:14 AM
Jun 2016

the choice in Hobson's choice is no choice at all. 'Hobson's choice' means 'take what you are given' or 'luck of the draw'.
The original Hobson had a livery. If you picked your own horse, it cost more. The lowest rate was 'Hobson's choice' of horses, the mount selected by the house and not by the rider.



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8. Still not Hobson's choice. Sorry, this isn't political I'm like this about words and such at all
Wed Jun 8, 2016, 09:33 AM
Jun 2016

times. Hobson's choice means no agency at all,not limited choices.

When Trump gets replaced by the Republicans, they will be asked to vote for Hobson's choice, someone selected by their Party and not by the voters. That's Hobson's choice. 'We own the place and this is what you get'.



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10. DEM convention...
Wed Jun 8, 2016, 09:40 AM
Jun 2016

'Bernie thinks he is more important than the Democratic party, or the Presidency as a whole'

Party over principle... this is the bit, HRC and her supporters embrace and what they fail to understand about Bernie's campaign

Simply put, DEM establishment is in uncharted waters, they have NO bearing to guide them... their flailing until convention will be a thing to behold...

'Sore winner' will be the tamest of the adjectives to define them...

Principle matters so much more than party.. and this lesson will hurt... and hurt badly rolling into and through convention but one DEM establishment will learn



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12. ...uncharted waters...
Wed Jun 8, 2016, 09:53 AM
Jun 2016

I get your frustration, but settle in, relax, enjoy the ride... we're just getting to the good part of this lesson on principle over party and how establishment fits in

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