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Would Biden take the VP slot if offered? Would that be a good thing? nt (Original Post) Jitter65 Jul 2016 OP
Probably not. bigwillq Jul 2016 #1
I doubt that Biden wants to be remembered as sufrommich Jul 2016 #2
no. no. nt La Lioness Priyanka Jul 2016 #3
this ^ Vote2016 Jul 2016 #13
Yes! Although it's not the presidency, it would suffice to fulfill Beau's wishes, along with a whole Frustratedlady Jul 2016 #4
Depends. Would Clinton let him keep working on that Trans-am he keeps on the white house lawn? Scootaloo Jul 2016 #5
I really think he's ready for something else, like retirement! n/t CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2016 #6
No and no, and why does this subject keep coming up? MoonRiver Jul 2016 #7
I think the argument would be that jcgoldie Jul 2016 #8
The argument he gave was that his grief kept him from putting his heart into a campaign. MoonRiver Jul 2016 #11
Although VP is a good job rock Jul 2016 #9
No to both. longship Jul 2016 #10
Do we really need yet another thread on this topic? SheilaT Jul 2016 #12
That would be "double jeopardy". John Poet Jul 2016 #14


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1. Probably not.
Fri Jul 8, 2016, 04:07 PM
Jul 2016

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Won't be a bad thing but I don't want Biden. Eight years was enough, and not in a bad way, but it's time for someone new, imo.


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4. Yes! Although it's not the presidency, it would suffice to fulfill Beau's wishes, along with a whole
Fri Jul 8, 2016, 04:10 PM
Jul 2016

bunch of others' (including me). I've met and visited with him personally and, in my humble opinion, Joe is the real Joe.

Plagiarism would seem pretty tame, this go around.


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7. No and no, and why does this subject keep coming up?
Fri Jul 8, 2016, 04:26 PM
Jul 2016

Both Biden and Warren turned down chances to run for president. Why on earth, if they didn't choose to run for the highest office, would they want to run as Hillary's VP. Makes no sense, to me at least.


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8. I think the argument would be that
Fri Jul 8, 2016, 04:31 PM
Jul 2016

He didn't think he could win the primary race against Clinton and so he did not run.


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11. The argument he gave was that his grief kept him from putting his heart into a campaign.
Fri Jul 8, 2016, 04:34 PM
Jul 2016

Unless he has significantly healed, which I doubt, in the past few months, that issue is still there. Plus the guy is 74 and just served 8 years as VP. Why on earth would he want that going nowhere job again for another 8 years? He's be 82 at the end of Hillary's second term! Maybe he would actually like to have a relaxing retirement before he dies.


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9. Although VP is a good job
Fri Jul 8, 2016, 04:32 PM
Jul 2016

It's just not as illustrious as (say) PLO. You all have seen "No time for sergeants", haven't you?


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10. No to both.
Fri Jul 8, 2016, 04:32 PM
Jul 2016

He wants to retire from active politics, although I think we'll no doubt hear from him again. (One can only hope!)

Love Joe! But his time has passed. Nevertheless, he's been one helluva great VEEP.



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12. Do we really need yet another thread on this topic?
Fri Jul 8, 2016, 04:44 PM
Jul 2016

Given that there are some legitimate concerns about Hillary Clinton's age already, she needs to select a VP several decades younger than she is. Biden's been veep for almost eight years now, and at age 73 may well be looking forward to an even quieter life.

One of the things that bothered me a great deal on the Democratic side during this entire primary season, is that there has been almost no new blood in the mix. Elizabeth Warren would have been that newcomer I would have loved to been able to vote for. But she chose not to run and all of those who are dreamily proposing her for VP, apparently have forgotten that a while back one strong argument against her running was that she was needed in the Senate. That still applies.

Bernie was a newcomer to the Democratic party and to the National scene, but his age was likewise a concern, although all the way through his campaign he certainly displayed a lot more energy than Hillary. Doesn't matter now.

I know some of the names that have been put out for the VP slot, and while I have no sense of who'd be good (other than Biden and Warren being poor choices) but keep in mind what the essential qualifications for that job are:
1. Must align well with Hillary's policies. Which may well include a lot of shifting about on various ones, but that of course goes with the territory.
2. Must be likeable, appeal to categories of people who might otherwise not be willing to vote for her. Personally I've never had a VP selection change who I was going to vote for, although Gore's selection of Lieberman was a terrible one, not quite bad enough to keep me from voting for them, however.
3. Must be willing to do nothing very important most of the time. Attend funerals, represent the President at various functions here and abroad.
4. Must never, never be actually more appealing than the President.
5. It's considered desirable to have a VP who gives some sort of diversity to the ticket, but not so much as to turn off too many potential voters. So Keith Ellison would be excellent in many ways, his being a Muslim at this particular time in history would be used against him, perhaps effectively enough to cost the White House. Same problem with a woman vp at this point.
6. Which is why a Hispanic could be just the choice. But what do I know?

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