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Tue Nov 4, 2014, 06:05 PM Nov 2014

Comparisons to 2010 do not make sense. Why? There should be few close contests...

Just an observation:

When Democrats got blown out in 2010, there were few close contests. Sure, there were some, but not nearly as many as there are tonight--IN RED STATES. Moreover, in 2010, turnout was very low and the mood of the country very different. Dems had no record to run on; Obama was more unpopular then than he is now and Republicans had a higher approval rating.

Fast forward to 2014, and the media wants us to believe that it'll be like 2010 all over again--a Republican victory is a surefire thing, just like it was back then, even though the conditions are different. Republicans are having to spend tons of money (over $4 billion for both parties when this is over) to contest these Senate seats. Their approval rating is low, much lower than the president's. And yet, with these close races in RED states, higher than expected turnout, and more money spent than in the history of midterm elections, why all these proclamations of Republican victories?

Just marinate on that for awhile, folks.

...and keep your head up!!

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