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Mon Aug 20, 2012, 08:46 AM


I just beat Romney's 13%.

I am on SSDI. I get about 20,000/year. Since this is my only income, I thought it would be fun to see how much in 'taxes' I pay a year. I'm sure there are more items and I can only estimate my taxes paid via sales tax as I don't keep receipts. BTW, I don't pay ANY personal income tax;

Property Taxes $2,400
Gas (0.464/gallon 35 mpg 12,000 miles) $160
License Plates $54
General Sales Tax (6.5%) (Say I bought $2,000 last year) $135
Pro Rate of Driverís License $5
Tax on Phone and Cable Bill $84
Liquor Tax (Not a big drinker) $18

Total $2,696

As a percent of income 13.5%

As to my LARGEST cost, other than the total mortgage, health care;

Medicare monthly premium $ 99
No Part D but monthly cost for 5 prescriptions $ 79
Cost of 1 admit to Hospital $1,000
18 Primary Care co-pays @$16 per $ 288
Other Medical costs, etc... $3,800

Total $5,266

This is the average over the last 3 Years for Medcial

The Principal, Interist and Insurance of my Mortgage $ 432/Month
Budget Plan Gas, Internet (No Cable TV) and Electric $ 180/Month
Gasoline $ 40/Month
Car Insurance/Month $ 28/Month
Food/Month (I don't eat much and grow a LOT of veggies) $ 80/Month
Student Loan Payment/Month $ 328/Month
Cat Food, Litter, Yearly Vet Visits (2 Cats) $ 290

Total For 'Other' $13,346

Grand Total $21,578

Subtract From Yearly SSDI $20,000

Equal -$1,578

So I Have/Month to Spend on Misc and Discretionary -132/Month in the Hole

I did Have a Bit of Money in Savings and 401k But that is near $-0 now.

I Need a Car Battery, Oil Change, etc... That will add to my negativity.

13.5% Mitt!

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