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Fire Walk With Me

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Tue Sep 4, 2012, 10:30 PM Sep 2012

The Aftermath of Occupy Will Surpass the Gains of 1960s Activism

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A tsunami of citizen activism, initiated by Occupy Wall Street, is poised to wash over American society. The coming battle to correct the grotesquely unequal distribution of wealth and power in this country is likely to have an even more profound impact on our society than what occurred in the 1960s.

Fifty years ago, a few white students like me were outraged to find that the sugarcoated view of America we had been taught in the 50s did not match reality. The notions of justice and human rights we had internalized motivated our actions, and as idealists, we opposed the Jim Crow laws in the South and the needless killing in Southeast Asia.

Young activists taking to the streets today harbor no illusions about justice in America. They are cynical, worldly wise and unemployed; many are weighed down by debt. They know they have few prospects for meaningful or even gainful employment. They protest in their own economic self-interest. They are a wholly different phenomenon than the 1960s activists.

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Edit: I've run into 1960's activists here and elsewhere who decry having failed to change the world. I say you DID change the world, forever, in a drastically meaningful manner. Can you possibly imagine a world without hippies, peace, love, Woodstock? Try to for a minute. It is horrifically bleak. And the powers that be would not call today's activists "hippies" in an attempt to demonize them, if "hippies" hadn't evidently had a drastic and genuinely feared effect! It's a back-handed compliment. THANK YOU!
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The Aftermath of Occupy Will Surpass the Gains of 1960s Activism (Original Post) Fire Walk With Me Sep 2012 OP
I hope the older generations will join them - I know I'm with them... polichick Sep 2012 #1
After the 1960s we gave up. Downwinder Sep 2012 #2
Speak for yourself. RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #4
occupy is still around? where? nt msongs Sep 2012 #3
Not on Fox "news," or the corporate media... RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #5
Snerk...if that's what you think, why are you even looking in this Occupy sub-forum? Fire Walk With Me Sep 2012 #6
The game is much bigger now. Joe Shlabotnik Sep 2012 #7
Well said nt tama Sep 2012 #10
I certainly hope so. eridani Sep 2012 #8
Let's hope so, and thanks for the nod to the hippies. As you know .... Scuba Sep 2012 #9
hell yeah and amen. nt limpyhobbler Sep 2012 #11
Main DU GD interesting article; limited bashing in comments. antiquie Sep 2012 #12


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1. I hope the older generations will join them - I know I'm with them...
Tue Sep 4, 2012, 10:33 PM
Sep 2012

I think of it as the next phase of a movement interrupted.



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4. Speak for yourself.
Tue Sep 4, 2012, 10:45 PM
Sep 2012

Some of us have been fighting all along. The media just gives us a blind eye.
Hopefully the media will not do the same to the Occupy movement.



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5. Not on Fox "news," or the corporate media...
Tue Sep 4, 2012, 10:47 PM
Sep 2012

There are things still going on in many places in the US. You just have to look for them

Joe Shlabotnik

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7. The game is much bigger now.
Wed Sep 5, 2012, 01:19 AM
Sep 2012

The stakes are higher, and the whole world is involved. Never before have so many people been able to communicate and organize, and never before has the right to communicate and organize been more important and at risk. If a free and open Internet ever falls to corporate control, then the 1% gain our greatest tool. If civil liberties continue to be curtailed in the guise of 'security', than the 1% will never fear retribution for their corruption.

These rights are bigger than political parties, as are the just grievances of an educated and connected generation that can now discuss corruption, examine propaganda and question the entire system that previous generations were resigned to accept as intrinsically unchangeable. What scares the PTB the most is not that people will temporarily snub the sugar coating, but that they'll realize that what their eating is economic,social and environmental soylent green.



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12. Main DU GD interesting article; limited bashing in comments.
Sat Sep 15, 2012, 09:41 AM
Sep 2012

Reihan Salan: How the Occupy Movement May Yet Lead America
Posted by Hissyspit

Thanks for the edit. This old hippychick has experienced many it-was-all-for-nothing moments.

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