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A Reason To Stop Worrying - Watch This Whenever You're Stressed Or Anxious (Original Post) Uncle Joe Aug 2021 OP
Uncle Joe.. Upthevibe Aug 2021 #1
Upthevibe Uncle Joe Aug 2021 #2
You do not have consciousness like some add-on or tattered sweater sanatanadharma Aug 2021 #3
Consciousness would be Uncle Joe Aug 2021 #4


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1. Uncle Joe..
Thu Aug 5, 2021, 12:18 PM
Aug 2021

Thank you for this post.

I'm going to check out "Pursuit of Wonder" on YouTube. I'd never heard of them.

Thanks again..


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3. You do not have consciousness like some add-on or tattered sweater
Thu Aug 5, 2021, 12:50 PM
Aug 2021

You ("I", we all say) are Consciousness that has a body and a universe to experience.
All knowledge, anything you say is true, exists in consciousness as an object of consciousness.
All that vastness of the Universe spoken of in the video is known by sentient Consciousness and not known by the inert rocks.

Consciousness is not synonymous with awareness; Consciousness is not absent when there is nothing of which to be aware.
Awake, I am Consciousness aware of self in our shared world.
Asleep, I am Consciousness aware of self in my private world.
In deep sleep, I am Consciousness aware of Self.

Lack of memory does not prove absence of consciousness.
You likely lack memory of almost all of your life, but you know you were always there.
Indeed, it is impossible to negate your own Consciousness.
You have never known yourself to be non-existent.

However, one must know that 'Self' that has been the one existent string of Consciousness upon which all experience is strung.
That 'Self' is confused with its ego-wrappers, its cloak of many colors.
That 'Self' is the self-evident consciousness everyone knows and names "I".
It is there whole and complete (as Consciousness) in the baby, the child, the young adult, the grown-up and the grown-old.
(I could continue)
The rocks of our desires, choices, actions, accumulations, knowledge, experiences and beliefs come and go, are grasped at and discarded, interests and wardrobes change.
Consciousness remains constant as witness to change.
Be the witness, not the distressed.

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