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Sat Feb 27, 2016, 09:35 AM Feb 2016

warning to bernie supporters

stay off of MSM today.look clinton is going to win In SC.baring a miracle that's not in doubt.

now what is in doubt today is the margin of victory.if bernie came come close that is a victory for us.

if clinton can't get blowout In SC that bernie had In NH I say that is loss.

In a primary it's tough to control by DNC unlike caucus.

for me if total vote ends up CLinton 55% Bernie 45% that is a victory.even if total vote ends up clinton 60% Bernie 40%
remember how polls once was.

Problem is so far only except for maybe some activists like danny glover and harry bellafonte that only blacks under 45 will
listen to bernie.majority of black over 45 seem determine to vote clinton.

already clinton supporters here are saying it's over.gez clinton has always been assumed to win SC even by bernie supporters.
she hasn't had a clean win so far both iowa and nevada have plenty to cry foul about.

My biggest concern going forward is will what happened in iowa and Nevada repeat at other caucus states.

Clinton supporters don't seem to understand they can claim all they want she is progressive.some of us aren't stupid and do pay attention to politics.some of us who support bernie have been voting dem for years and have been attacked not only by clinton
supporters but by clintons themselves.remember bill clinton called us just like tea party.

When twitter after which hillary was trending has to resort to stop it from trending anymore and suspend the account of user who got it trending that just further makes us mad.people used to bash me when i said it didn't matter really if clinton or republican
would win.are people really seeing any difference between republicans and clinton apart from her election year rhetoric which would
disappear later? I sure don't.as disabled american I don't have the luxury of being a fool.clinton could cut benefits for me just as
much as trump or rubio.

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No dem is going to win SC Robbins Feb 2016 #3
No D will win SC in the General n2doc Feb 2016 #4
It would be worse if (and I have no doubt in my mind) she cuts those programs oh08dem Feb 2016 #2
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3. No dem is going to win SC
Sat Feb 27, 2016, 09:45 AM
Feb 2016

it's guraned red state in november.personaly i question why didn't the dnc have NC or virginia or florida as early state to allow
blacks a say early on.Sc hasn't been won by dem since carter in 1976.


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4. No D will win SC in the General
Sat Feb 27, 2016, 09:47 AM
Feb 2016

No matter who the R's run. Same with the rest of the southern states with the exception of Fl and Virginia. But of course we have to make sure the most conservative candidate wins the primary so the Party front loads the southern states in the process.

I detest the propaganda that less than 10% of the states (and far less than that in population) should 'determine' the 'winner' of the primaries for the whole nation.


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2. It would be worse if (and I have no doubt in my mind) she cuts those programs
Sat Feb 27, 2016, 09:43 AM
Feb 2016

because it'll be coming from a supposed ally. Furthermore, it will add more traction to republican arguments in the future and demoralize the already weary democratic party.


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5. Thanks Robbins.
Sat Feb 27, 2016, 09:49 AM
Feb 2016


I just received phone bank email today
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 05:40:30 +0000

From: info@berniesanders.com
Subject: Here's what it will take to win


It's pretty simple. The more voters we contact, the better chance we have to win.
Saturday is the South Carolina primary. Then comes Super Tuesday on March 1st. Several other key state contests happen later in March. This is a crucial time to volunteer.

Volunteer now.

Phone Banking for Bernie - should list all locations near your zip code for you to check out.
Call Voters For Bernie
Every day: Bernie Dialer is available from 10am to 9pm local time

Thank you for everything you are doing to help Bernie win the nomination.
- Team Bernie




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6. Thanks
Sat Feb 27, 2016, 09:53 AM
Feb 2016

I know you mean well but if any of us are such delicate little flowers that we need to be warned that the clouds in the sky are in fact clouds and not cotton candy or that Sen Sanders is not favored to win South Carolina or the nomination then we're in a very weak position. It shouldn't be a surprise that he doesn't sweep the primaries or that the entrenched interests will defend their positions of wealth and power. It's a marathon not a sprint.

This Revolution won't be "won" today, this year or next. There will be victories and losses. Mistakes will be made and moments of hope and happiness will also occur. Drive on, chin up and onward through the fog!

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