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Mon Apr 18, 2016, 06:06 PM Apr 2016

In Pennsylvania, it's a fight for the soul of the Democratic party.

Here's my last email from Joe Sestak, candidate for Senate in the PA primary. He is a wonderfully ethical, well educated, superbly experienced and unbribeable candidate - quite rare! I knew the 3rd way & state machine dems hated him because he is not a yes man - and I was disgusted to learn that a large part of the corrupt state dem machine's opposition to him comes from the fact that in the last campaign he refused to fork over half a million in "street money", traditionally used in Philadelphia to pay registered Dems to vote. They were notorious for that back in the 90's & the 00's - turns out they are still doing that.

So please take a few minutes to read this to learn about what is going on in PA. Please vote for Joe Sestak in the primary, and if you can spare even $5, you can give on line. Go to joesestak.com

Thank you for your time and consideration.

When I announced our Senate campaign, I said “We are in a fight for the soul of America.” But I believe we are also in a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party.

I do not take being opposed by my party’s D.C. leadership lightly, and last year requested several meetings with key U.S. Senators.
DC was uneasy I had refused to sit down in the 2009/2010 Senate race after Senator Specter switched parties, even though they had initially asked me to run against Specter while he was still a Republican.

A senior Senator made it clear what was at stake for them: “Sestak, whenever I tell you anything, the only answer is to be ‘yes.’”

It may be unnerving to some that almost the entire DC and PA Democratic establishment seem opposed to me, but I understand the political challenge most are under, as one Senator called last week to say, “Joe, I want you to know a lot of us are pulling for you down here.”

So what is really at stake is something different for the Democratic Party than “just say yes” – and it is what is also ailing America. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Philadelphia Inquirer underscored it in their endorsement of me for my “independence… accountability... integrity,” “willingness to put principle above party,” but with “deep understanding of government and foreign policy.”

Similarly, Admiral Vern Clark, the last Chief of Naval Operations I worked for in the U.S. Navy, told The Philadelphia Inquirer about me: “Incredible moral courage, the courage to take the independent stand. When everybody else was saying, ‘This is what we ought to do,’ he would stand up and say, ‘I don't see it that way.’” “He was an incredible officer, the best I've ever seen.”

Which brings us to our “soul” … and DC’s lack of accountability for it.

On the one hand, it may seem small. My 2010 refusal to give half a million dollars in “street money” still remains upsetting to certain PA Democratic politicians. But I had seen as I flew into Afghanistan with someone who had millions in cash to buy “loyalty” from the tribes, that even this more serious “street money” doesn’t buy loyalty or accountability; nor would there have been any for those who contributed to me here at home.
Bigger yet, millions of dollars have been given to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and other outside interest groups for it to be used to defeat Republicans. Now, because of the personal direction/whim of one Senator, with no discussion or concurrence of the Democratic donors, $4 million of it is being used at his sole, unaccountable discretion against me, a fellow Democrat – and not Pat Toomey or Donald Trump.

I am now out-funded by more money from my party than the first year of Citizens United when I ran against Pat Toomey and came within 2 percent – yet, I am still leading in today’s polls.

But the real issue is that our DC party leaders, in having become power brokers instead of leaders, have permitted the corruption of our purpose, our mission.

DC Democratic money is now used without asking donors whether it can be contrary to the original purpose of the contribution: not against Republicans, but against another Democrat…and in support of the DC-chosen candidate (their 7th choice to run against me) who got 8% of the vote in the race for governor.

Trust is the biggest deficit in America today; sadly, we have permitted it to erode our Democratic soul. Help me begin to restore that trust by supporting my willingness to put “principle” first…and win. Please contribute $25, $40, $60, $125, $200, or whatever you will – to have a warrior for integrity in service for you.

Joe Sestak


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In Pennsylvania, it's a fight for the soul of the Democratic party. (Original Post) Divernan Apr 2016 OP
PA needs Bernie Sanders. Labor has been really decimated there.... ViseGrip Apr 2016 #1
Sestak's opponent, McGinty has endorsed Hillary Divernan Apr 2016 #2


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2. Sestak's opponent, McGinty has endorsed Hillary
Mon Apr 18, 2016, 06:18 PM
Apr 2016

There's a 3rd person running, but he's a small town mayor who gets only 15% in the polls. A good guy, but I hope he doesn't end up a spoiler by taking votes away from Sestak and giving Katie McGinty a primary win. She is yuge pro-fracking, as is her campaign manager Ed Rendell. She was censured by the state ethics commission when she worked for then Governor Ed Rendell, and that censure was upheld on appeal by the state supreme court for an ethics violation of awarding several million dollars worth of state contracts to the Big Energy/Big Fracking corporations employing her lobbyist husband. Sort of mini-me couple of Bill & Hill.

If any one wants to elect a Pennsylvania Senator who will vote however she's told by 3rd Way Dems, then Katie's the gal for you!

All those millions funneled in by out of state corporate interests has been used for blatantly lying ads for which she has been called out by the media.

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