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Wed Apr 20, 2016, 10:55 AM Apr 2016

I hope that Bernie will make a turn after the election.

No matter, who gets into the WH, Bernie has now
connections in all 50 states and can start a new
Green-Social Democratic Party, which will immediately
attract the progressive element of the Dems, as well
as a lot of indies.

There has to be a change like this for the future,
because taking over the Third Way party will not
be permitted.

What do you think?

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2. Fuckin A, Cotton!
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 11:00 AM
Apr 2016

I've been bored with same old politics for well over a decade. I'm over platitudes. I want substance. A grass roots party would definitely get me involved again.



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3. Agreed. It's well past time for a split.
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 11:17 AM
Apr 2016

Today's Third Way Democrats are yesterday's Republicans, and today's Republicans are criminally insane.

Although, again, the Republican establishment would be just fine with Clinton in the White House. They'd get their war(s), ongoing privatization, still further enrichment of the 1%, etc.

Plus bonus! A pretend enemy to satisfy the hoi polloi.


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4. All true, plus one thing more
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 11:27 AM
Apr 2016

Even when an allegedly Democratic president pushes Republican policies, we will be urged by our own apparatchiks to stifle our opposition for the sake of party loyalty.


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7. I think that the parties are realigning, and not for the better, Unfortunately
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 01:15 PM
Apr 2016

I do not believe Sanders will start a new Green-Social Democratic Party, which (I do agree) would immediately attract the progressive element of the Democrats, as well as a lot of indies.

Which is unfortunate, because I believe a split is inevitable and his connections, integrity and popularity would be very important for the "vacuum filling" party to succeed precisely because his 50 State connections, integrity, and popularity would be extremely strong weapons needed by such a new party.

I have already reached a conclusion, that after the reality sets in that working within the establishment political systems, that are currently in a not so subtle state of realignment within each party towards corporate (global neo-liberal goals) at all costs. The goals that actually unite (disregard the puppet show) the two separate parties - their hubris and obvious machinations against the true will of the majority of the citizens, will eventually cause some very unpredictable outcomes, among those may include the splitting of both of the parties and/or an "awakening" that hopefully will lead to a new paradigm more aligned with the near entirety of that which the people want.

If not, we are looking at a fully Corporate Right Wing Party that ignores our wishes, playing tag with a Fascist Corporate Right Wing Party that also ignores our wishes, collectively these two purchased political parties can and will lead us to our own extinction, and that of many other species, because quarterly profits and the pursuit of wealth at all cost does not leave room for environmental reparations on either the scale, or within an adequate time frame to avoid such a fate.

Personally, I hope for what I have often refereed to as "an awakening" - leading to new leadership, not among the parties as they exist now (both being lost causes) but rather under newly formed parties, born of the people's well polled and clear wishes after such hubris leads to splits, and then the deaths of the parties that are no longer serving their intended purpose.

Or unlikely as it now appears, with ever decreasing hope, a newly reformed Democratic party, that is reborn to a time before the Corporate "intellectual leveraged buyout" as envisioned by Al From and Bill Clinton and described in From's book in those terms



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9. I'm in
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 02:37 PM
Apr 2016

I think Bernie has awakened something in people that will not die with this election. We've seen what US governance should be, and are determined to make sure that it comes to fruition. It will not happen quickly and will not be easy to accomplish, but it will happen, and the young people who are flocking to Bernie en mass will lead the way.

Democracy. It's a beautiful thing.

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