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LGBT (Group): About This Group

A group for LGBT DUers and allies. All topics of interest to the LGBT community are welcome.

Group Hosts are assigned either by the DU Administrators, or by other Hosts of that group. Group Hosts have the following abilities: 1) They can lock threads which they believe violate the group's stated purpose; 2) they can pin threads to the top of the group; 3) they may completely block out members whom they believe are not adhering to the group's purpose; 4) they may add other members as group Hosts; and 5) they may remove any Host that became a Host after they did (and who is listed below their name on the list below).

The current Hosts of this group are:

hierarchy Hosts
1 ruggerson
2 Behind the Aegis
3 Fearless
4 Jamastiene
5 The Philosopher
6 Maven
7 Call Me Wesley
8 motely36
9 Pyrex
10 Lyric
11 Marrah_G
12 Vanje
13 TrogL
14 Heddi
15 Aerows

To become a Host of this group, you must be assigned by a current Host.

Group Hosts have the following abilities in their assigned groups:

Type (Forum or Group): Group

Relevance (Political or Non-political): Political

Status (Active or Pending): Active

RSS feed: RSS /?com=rss&forum=1137

Primary Category: Gender & Orientation
Secondary Categories: People

Number of posts, 30 days: 137
Number of posts, All time: 55,715

Number of subscribers: 460
Number of people trashing: 50

Created: N/A (This group was created on a previous version of the DU software.)

Number Blocked members
1 fightthegoodfightnow
2 Doctor_J
3 EC
4 patrice
5 nofurylike
6 gadjitfreek
7 99th_Monkey
8 Sarah Ibarruri
9 queerart
10 pennylane100
11 ProgressiveProfessor
12 thelordofhell
13 BrainMann1
14 intaglio
15 SaltyBro
16 whathehell
17 msongs
18 TekGryphon
19 MineralMan
20 Kolesar
21 Purveyor
22 upaloopa
23 JackBeck
24 FarPoint
25 MADem

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