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Archives: May 14, 2014

Paging Stephen Colbert: New Hampshire Police Blame Recent Wave Of Car Break Ins On Bears

gonna be interesting to see how goes....

Texas gun shop sign takes aim at Obama voters

4S Ranch, Fairbanks Ranch evacuated

Speaking of things demonic....

So Drewniak said that Wildstein did tell Christie about Bridgegate on 9/11

Holy Shite - over 100 people killed in Turkish mine explosion

The annual ranking on gay rights in Europe was released today.

Jimmy Carter: United Palestinian government may provide new opportunities for peace

Maybe we need a DU "white persons' group".

Torture Remains the World's Dirty Secret, Amnesty Says

Some Discussionist Rat-Bastid stole my user name...!

OK. I tried it.

Please lock or delete this OP linking to a racist website

Idaho's Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down By Federal Judge

Alec Baldwin was arrested for biking the wrong way in New York

Teen girl kicked out of prom because dads said her dress conjured ‘impure thoughts’

I absolutely LOVE Orange is the New Black!!

Federal Judge: Idaho Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional ***UPDATE***

'Assville Next Left' Sign Points To The Jersey Shore

Rick Sanchez criticizes Michael Sam

Florida man arrested after posting pictures of himself with drugs on Facebook

Israel requests Pope's poster be removed from Jerusalem Church

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Apocalypse . . . Soon? & a new Kitteh gif!

It's not wrong to call things racist

Tomorrow is the big day. (UPDATE)

Disney XD to Run Doraemon Anime in U.S. This Summer

Passing with a double yellow line-

Nevermind. Question answered by email from David Allen.

FOX: Obama=Socialist Failure

As wallets empty, Bundy militia begs for cash.

Why the FCC Is Ditching Net Neutrality

Bridgewater: No interest in Cleveland. Meanwhile, Browns will limit minicamp media coverage

I just found out...

So i just checked the score...

Some bumper sticker ideas (WARNING: Picture-heavy)

Ron Fournier's (R) National Journal whines about progressive bloggers being unfair.

Marco Rubio are you sure you want to deny global warming?

Has any leader anywhere broken so many promises so quickly as Tony Abbott?

You do not need a ballot to clean out your sink spout!

Catholic teacher backs gay son, quits to protest contract. (Pope unavailable for comment)

March for Democracy in CA 5/17 - 6/22

Mike Malloy - Health Insurance Executives Destroy Republicans


A Message from WCGreen's wife regarding his phone:

Mike Malloy - A Moment With Bob: "I've Always Liked Chris Hedges"

PPP poll shows no bounce for Tillis. Libertarian could help Hagan.

When was that huge huge HUGE march on Washington in May

Russia puts international space station on table over Ukraine sanctions

I just got a du mail and I think the person was accusing me of sharing an account

Seriously if Obama is a dictator

Congrats Rangers!!!

West Virginia mine had history of safety problems

Just clowning around

A modern pope gets old school on the Devil. (IOW, The new Pope believes in demon possession)

OUCH! Carney responds to Dr Rove's Med Evaluation-"Here’s what I would say about cognitive capacity"

166 dead, many trapped in Turkish coal mine

Anyone else watching Frontline - The United States of Secrets?

Check your privilege at the door!!

a feminst fairy tale ending:

GD post needs love


Excellent news for CD4 candidate Vic Meyers:

Appeals court stays Texas execution after intellectual disability claim


"They Will Miss the Crazy"

Election results: Ben Sasse wins GOP Senate primary (NE)

Ras Baraka declares victory in Newark mayoral race

GOP Stance On Global Warming Too Late To Do Anything. Plan - Adjust To The Consequences.

Contacted by Sponsor of Dino Costo Show (anti-Michael Sam, n-word user) and Good News

Reid: Why The Kochs Are Dangerous For America

littleBits' Ayah Bdeir aims to democratise electronics (Women in Tech series)

Make Rick Scott "Cringe".. #GOPGovsGottaGo

Hector Sanchez on first base for the Giants tonight.

Ancient Mummified Fetus Found in Tiny Egyptian Sarcophagus

around the world, mother's day is a call to action

Why things just might turn Democratic--in a hurry

around the world, mother's day is a call to action.

Imagine how bad things will get when you stack the TPP on top of the WTO, NAFTA, & CAFTA.

For the low-in-spirit 99 percenters

Really? Is $12/hr even close to a living wage for a family?

Anyone else see Keith Alexander on public television tonight?

I'm really upset about onestepforward.

Wendy Davis opens first Rio Grande Valley office

Christie spokesman says he believed traffic closures were for traffic study, was told of staffer rol

Hey BOG....

Today I found out about two new websites

Rep. Joe Garcia Digs For Ear Wax Then Appears To Eat It On TV

Lee Terry, other incumbents win GOP House primaries; Ricketts leads tight governor's race (NE)

"Malik Bendjelloul, Searching for Sugar Man director, dead at 36"

Separated at Birth?

Joe Garcia?!? WTF?!?

A new major meteor shower in late May 2014? (

Rise of the Machines : Documentary on the Future of Human Like Robots

Anyone watch PBS FRONTLINE: "United States of Secrets" EXCELLENT WATCH..

Loss of six glaciers in West Antarctica appears inevitable (NASA/UCI/

Thom Hartmann: Cliven Bundy is the "Ugly American?"

Thom Hartmann: Show Up! To Save the Internet

New glass inspired by a seashell (

"Can Republicans control their hatred for Hillary?"

Malik Bendjelloul Dead: 'Searching For Sugarman' Director Dies At 36, Police Report

Antonio Banderas: Homophobes Are Mentally Ill

New BLM chief plans to make Bundy 'accountable'

I interviewed President Clinton's Labor Sec. Robert Reich on his movie 'Inequality For All'

Investigators Trace Gun Used By Marathon Bombing Suspect To Maine

A reluctant rebellion in the Utah desert

Occupy Kingwood brought activism to a very conservative community.

Why should any child be allowed to read the Old Testament?

Military Cancer

Pentagon OKs Manning Transfer for Gender Treatment.

Four in critical condition after shooting near Reagan High (Austin)

Neil de Grasse Tyson presentation about intelligent design

Pentagon OKS Manning Transfer For Gender Treatent

Don’t worry, Dale — we think you’re a hunk

happy birthday to ya, stevie wonder!

Rep. Jeb Hensarling's deep ties to billionaire Wyly brothers could bring trouble


It's getting weird here....white privilege....rape threads a month seems a bit much

Anyone still having problems accessing DU ?

I'm probably going to be flamed for this...

Illegal Utah ATV ride underscores need for protecting public lands

Karl Rove's dirty tricks go back to 1970

WHO Holds Second Emergency Committee Meeting On MERS Virus

What were good things from the 80's

Holocaust -- knowledge of and denial

As of 219 AM EDT, Winter Weather statements in parts of TX, NM, CO, KS, NE, IA, MN, ND, SD and OK

Mummies in Europe could be from PH (Philippines)

Can we get this trending on twitter? #BenghaziCircleJerk

Military police in Honduras force politicians including former president out of Parliament using TEA

Casey To Face Mooney In W.Va's 2nd District U.S. House Race

Denmark is SERIOUS about getting out the vote!

And Idaho makes another...

Kitty litter eyed as possible culprit in New Mexico radiation leak

The 8 Most Ridiculous Attacks On Public Education In Glenn Beck's New Book

3 dogs are being trained to 'wait.' The results:

Vietnam mobs set fire to foreign factories in anti-China protest

The great age of Satan

Saturday is the 60th anniversary of Brown v Board

Federal Property Explained in the Constitution

A question about religion threads in GD

Most Common Language Spoken By State (Other than English or Spanish)

TV show pays for (ALL NYC) marriage permits to mark gay wedding

Georgia to sign Association Agreement with EU on June 27

Barroso tells Putin to abandon ‘Brezhnev doctrine' of limited sovereignty

Venezuelan opposition suspends talks with government

Tough night for Buster Posey in Giants' 5-0 loss

Heart attack of the world - By Mark Morford

Here is how you load a motorcycle on a truck

Republicans' Insane Political Strategy: Ruining Our Country Hurts the Democratic Party

Guess Who Profits When You Can Throw Pregnant Women in Jail for Using Drugs?

Ukraine borrows $1 billion under U.S. guarantees

Woman Who Filmed Her Own Abortion: 'We Need to Talk, Not Apologize'

Jersey City mayor wants to 'shape the dialogue' on gun control

Jersey City mayor wants to 'shape the dialogue' on gun control

Expect that war criminal of a dick to crawl out of the crypt

A whole lot of oil spilled in the U.S. in 2013

No one saw this one coming. Unheralded new book claims to reveal whom the Zodiac Killer was.

Georgia Guardsmen training troops in Honduras

Florida Couple Fined $746 for Crime of Feeding Homeless People

Russia Keeps Its Distance After Ukraine Secession Referendums

Folk Cure for a Goiter

Good Friday Superstitions

report highlights child labor on US tobacco farms

I'm a Monk, with a beautiful gem stone, who has a jovial gargoyle for a companion. Who are you?

No, Traditional Marriage Won’t End Poverty

Walmart US CEO Gets A $1.5 Million Bonus For Missing Expectations While A Worker Gets $0

The Tea Party Is Falling Fast in Its Battle with the GOP Establishment

(picture thread) Good Morning! Post a pic!`

‘Merchants of Death’ Could Make a Lot of Money Off a War in Ukraine

An eight ton Orca chases his dinner (dolphin)

Bernie Sanders Could Be the 2016 Democratic Candidate We’ve All Been Waiting For

9/11 Museum prepares for opening

Sen. Ron Johnson to hold town hall meeting Friday

Watch Weather Man tells story of driving into water

9/11 Museum Interactive Article

God help Nebraska, Pete Ricketts is our next governor

UPDATE 1-Russia's Transneft says could redirect Ukrainian Druzhba volumes to Baltic ports

EMILY's List says defeating Scott Walker a top priority

San Francisco Rides the $15 Wave

Hungarian formin sees no need for military buildup in Europe now.

It only took 28 years to get solar panels back on the White House roof

Luckovich nails it today

After Losing the Massachusetts Pledge Case, Would the Atheist Side Have Done Anything Differently?

Look Out, Wall Street, the New Populism is Coming

Robert Reich: Tim Geithner and the Wall Street Bailout Redux

Republicans waking up?

LA Bike Week: Is cycling in Los Angeles getting any safer?

Tax revenue in April dropped 45 percent from a year ago, the Kansas Department of Revenue announced

Report highlights child labor on US tobacco farms

New community of religious women focuses on aiding young people

20 Years of the Chunnel

Why bus rapid transit has stalled in Bay Area

Charter School Industry Loses Another One: Ras Baraka Is Mayor Of Newark

Eric Cantor’s tea party opponent in Va. primary may be picking up momentum

I hereby promise never to comment on or read any article about Alec Baldwin ever again.

Sperms' swimming and navigational skills disrupted by common chemicals

The Tea Party Victory in Nebraska Senate Primary. Can anything be done?

UN, Kiev in Talks Over UN-Marked Choppers Used in Crackdown

Will Hillary Clinton’s health and age be an issue in 2016?

"The tea party has a big fundraising problem"

U.S. court says trademarks can't disparage religious, ethnic groups

13 tornadoes confirmed and more than $20M in damage, but Nebraska 'got really lucky'

Does anyone remember Manuel Sykes?

As a straight white male, why should I have to deal with this?

Wednesday - May 14th / Think of Solly Mack today ... a reminder, and it can be a silent one

I'm hosting a Wendy Walk this Saturday from 10:00 - 2:00.

2 Killed in West Virginia Mine Where Safety Lapses Were Cited

Paleolithic societies used hallucinogens and alcohol to change consciousness.

Game of Thrones 4.6 "The Laws of Gods and Men" - If it took place on Facebook

Pentagon weighs Manning’s request for gender treatment

The temp. today in Sacramento will be 101, it's still spring!!

I never want to live anywhere else but San Diego (or California), oh well...

Since I've been made into a gerrymandered voter with no recourse,

HEADS UP: Glen Greenwald on Washington Journal Coming up next -9:00AM ET.

There's no end to the crazy roommate stories!

Stewart To Rove: "When did you start caring about the brain fitness of those who hold oval office?"

Go Away, Coulter and Limbaugh; Hashtagging Is Better Than Snarking

Birth of a scandal blaming Hillary Clinton for Ni­ger­ian kidnappings

Freedom Industries gets go-ahead to sell Nitro WV facility

Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat by Military Researchers-"Will affect military policy"

Holy Sh*t: Swearing Is Good for You

NYPD Will Stop Seizing Condoms from Suspected Sex Workers

Rand Paul Walks Back Voter ID Criticism: 'Nothing Wrong With It'

Misunderestimating brain damage - by digby

From Friends To Foes: How The Hillary Machine Will Deal With Dem Attacks

Toon: Sam I am

Tuesday's Election Results Torpedo The Dominant GOP Narrative ... Again

Real reporter Twitter-blasts/essay U.S./military for backing Afghanistan torturer

Lindsay Graham’s big scare: How an ex-con reality star could ruin his life

They think the issue isn't that we have a drought-it's that the Gummint is hoarding the water

Killed by Donald Sterling’s Racism

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet Melt: Defending the Drama

Iron Maiden fans somehow immune to self-consciousness epidemic

New Benghazi Investigation Spooks GOP Leaders

New York Governor open to Olympic bid proposal

Huffpo Headline: Paul Ryan's Poverty Plan Straight Out Of 19th Century

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Fishing

Apparently they think the issue isn't that we have a drought it's that the Gummint is hoarding...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Warming

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Nigeria

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Bird's Eye Views

News Busters: Bob Kerrey Calls Obama a Delusional Liar; Media Mum

California GOP Worried Donnelly Could Undo Party’s Rebranding Efforts

The Koch’s Judicial Junkets

Sony sinks to $1.3B quarterly loss on PC expenses

Stories of Karl Rove being a child molester are untrue

Samsung offers 'deep apology' and compensation to workers who've contracted incurable diseases

a squash growing out of my compost....

When Rob Astorino opposed fracking

Anyone know the maker of those anti-choice commercials that are airing?

Wanted: Proof that what happened in Ukraine actually constituted a "western sponsored coup."

Jobless Deadbeat Armed Bundy Militia Begging for Donations

Samsung apologizes to sickened chip workers

Obama Visiting Tappan Zee Bridge To Ask Congress For Cash For Roads, Bridges

Rick Scott Bashed by Former Lt. Gov. For Sexism and "Good Ol' Boys" Club

Brees speaks out against Louisiana workers’ compensation bill

Been to Disgustingest yet?

President Obama To Attend Sept. 11 Museum Dedication Ceremony

Losing My Religion and Going Public on Facebook

Saying Farewell to a Business That Turned Into an Identity

Half of People Surveyed by the ADL Don't Know What the Holocaust Is

Nebraska Senate Nominee Says Religious Beliefs Can Justify Breaking Any Law

Thom Hartmann: SHAFTA is Poisoning Americans

Nigerian village vigilantes 'repel Boko Haram attack'

Thom Hartmann: The Evidence Is In - Americans are Economic Populists

Democrats should appoint Alan Grayson to Benghazi panel

Where does your cat go .. its a mystery

people on discussionist creating usernames with some form of BENGHAZI! in it

America’s Oil And Gas Industry Averaged At Least 20 Spills Per Day In 2013

Toon misses the mark.

Leonardo DiCaprio Gives $1M to Protect Elephants

State takes back public access to Attica materials

New Wolfenstein Game Lets Players Choose Which Country Won WWII

Marital rape is officially legal in India

US producer prices jump; hint of rising inflation

Marriage equality comes to Arkansas

De Blasio, liberal allies clash over budget

Top NY Court Champions Freedom to Annoy (and be a Troll)

Russia is kicking NASA out of the International Space Station in 2020

U.S. Oil-Export Ban Is Under Review

What's for Dinner ~Wednesday ~ May 14th

MLB: Injuries take toll on pitching depth of 2014 Draft class

So, seriously, is Tester in or out?

preventing solar flare-like events in fusion reactors

U.S. Military plan to defeat Zombies. Should we be concerned?

A ruling forcing Google to remove search results has been described as "astonishing" by Wikipedia fo

Would A Martian...

The South is waking up! Democrats surprisingly leading in red states.

Nassau County SPCA Investigating Protected Bird That Was Shot

You know who on MSNBC I cant stand to look at or listen to?

Privilege and high-altitude training

Conservatives would rather say the military is stupid than accept that climate change is real

Fast food industry bracing for the biggest round of strikes yet

Recchia Releases First Online Ad in Race Against Grimm

RNC Ate Your American Dream

RAVITCH: Anti-testing Momentum Grows --links to stories of states fighting back

Pic Of The Moment: Another Obamacare Myth Bites The Dust

Jeff Sharlet Discusses His New Book, Radical Truths

Syria conflict: 'Hundreds die in government detention'

Veterans Community Suspected To Be Third Suspected Illegal Toxic Dumping Site On Long Island

In six years humans will have FUSION power

Cat attacks a dog biting a young boy:

Horrific Human Rights Watch report on government abuses in Venezuela

Why do you all insist on dividing Democrats?

Just some law abiding responsible gun enthusiasts

Moreland panel looked at Maziarz's campaign spending, new report says

Story of American Couple Who Helped Build the Chibok School in 1954

Prepare Yourself For 'Operation American Spring' This Friday

Columbia Students Are Writing The Names Of Accused Rapists On Bathroom Walls

This Is Your Country With 10 Feet Of Sea Level Rise

1-Year-Old Expected To Survive After 11-Story Fall

Mayor de Blasio celebrates his 20th wedding anniversary

Well, I sure hope that Washington, DC is ready for their American Spring:

Netflix's share of peak Internet traffic rises

The Tiger and the Bear: China-Russia Alliance Shrouded in Mystery

Two and a Half Men - into final season/cancelled. Charlie's revenge or just a long, slow fart

Have you ever known any kind and decent rich people ?

e-cigarette legislation

Michael Sam Backs Down? Uh-uh, He DOUBLES DOWN

Michael Sam: ‘If Someone Disowns You, Be Part Of My Family. I’ll Welcome You.’

11-Year-Old Shoots Grandmother After Getting Into Trouble at School

How Lack of Affordability is Killing Austin

Republican lobbyist begins boycott of Visa and St Louis Rams over openly gay NFL player

11-Year-Old Shoots Grandmother After Getting Into Trouble at School

City Council to hear “Open FOIL” bill

A Template for Greed

Ugandan Ethics Minister: HIV support groups are ‘promoting homosexuality’ and I will close them down

De Blasio Reverses Stance, Says He Hopes WFP Endorses Cuomo

Greenwald: from Martin Luther King to Anonymous, the state targets dissenters not just "bad guys"

Racism that matters and the sometimes absurd claims of cultural appropriation

In answer to the question about Timothy Geithner

Stop the slow lane

Syrian Rebel Attack Backfires

Hungary: Ex-Interior Minister convicted of death of dozens of anti-communist fighters

Separatists kill seven Ukraine soldiers in heaviest loss for Kiev forces


An influential, vibrant, exciting force: defining African feminism

Chinese police charge British former head of GSK in China with bribery

After decades of exodus, companies returning production to the U.S.

Insanity: 9% Think Aliens Took Malaysian Plane

Women's Power

Officials talk water treaty, eye deficit; Mexico falling behind again on allocations

FCC Pretends to Back Down from Horrible Net Neutrality Plan

The Rude Pundit - Your State Sucks: Nebraska Sucks Because It's Gonna Make the Senate Even Crazier

McCain: Send U.S. Special Forces to Rescue Nigerian Girls

Pepe explains it

Another Council lament for MSG’s unique tax break

Sasse's dominant victory in Senate race affirms Tea Party influence in Nebraska

Poor ol' right-wing Svoboda party is polling at 1.5% with the Ukrainian election in 11 days.

Water extraction for human use boosts California quakes (BBC)

Heartbroken baby elephant refuses to leave dead mother’s side through the night

GOP Favorite In Nebraska Senate Race: Religious Belief Justifies Breaking Any Law

Letters to priest provide rare insight into life of Jackie Kennedy

Universities silence unwelcome speech

Tropical storms migrate toward poles (BBC)

China waste plant protest in Hangzhou 'injures dozens' (BBC)

Mayor de Blasio vows to repave 1,000 miles of city streets, fill more than 400,000 potholes this yea

Sept. 11 museum is called a monument to unity

Ukraine Slides Deeper Toward War as Russia Warns on Vote

Robert Reich: Right-wing policies are literally killing women

NC teacher complains about inadequate pay--and gets pompous reply from NC state senator

'Scotland's dodo' bone found at Scottish Seabird Centre dig (BBC)

Bee Deaths Prompt Calls for U.S. to Ban Some Pesticides

Weird Thing About Boko Haram

Bill de Blasio Still Respects Alec Baldwin After Star’s Arrest

Thom Hartmann: Most Americans--60-75%--can't name which party controls the House or Senate

"I'm not a Democrat. I'm an anti-Republican."

Bundy Ranch’s Armed Lunatics Asking for Welfare So They Can Continue to Sit Around and Not Work

Turkish Mine Rescue Hampered by Fire, Toll at 238

"‘Christian’ Homeschool Dads Get Girl Kicked Out of Prom Because They Can’t Stop Lusting After Her"

Watch: Anti-government ‘Patriot’ Leader Vows to ‘Remove’ Pres. Obama from Office this Friday

Tanzanian witch doctors arrested over albino killing (BBC)

Crime Still Isn't Devouring Denver 4 Months After Legal Pot

Closing Arguments Made In Mustafa Kamel Mustafa Terrorism Trial

"Lupus Studies Point to Gut Microbes, Epigenetics"

At Amazon, Even the Part-Timers Are Miserable

That Familiar Ice Cream Truck Song? Yeah It’s the Most Racist Song Ever (Video)

Obama Meets Syrian Rebel Leader Jarba at White House

NE: 2nd District House: Lee Terry, Brad Ashford to face off in November

Operation American Spring up to 5,856 Likes on Facebook with 2 days to D-Day!

Jeb Bush (R-Idiot) Tells Poor People to Stop Mooching

This GOP pundit blasts out the rant every Republican must rant

As we take our stand / Down in Jungleland

Death of the Utilities, Part Two - PwC Report on Australia

Why Are They Burning Down Factories in Vietnam?

China Plays Cat and Mouse With Vietnam Coast Guard on Rig

The Candy with the little Hole...

Dear gawd! This would scare the bejesus out of me if I caught it.

managed to twist my ankle yesterday

Read this and think of the way the Republican Party is today...

Greenwald: Women will be invested in Hillary, opposition to her will be depicted as misogynistic

In honor of David Byrne's birthday - post your favorite Talking Heads video

BReaking - Camp Pendleton being evacuated because of a brush fire in San Diego County- live stream

I have garlic growing on my patio. When do I harvest it, and will it ever come back?

I know they're called galls, and when I opened them one had a 3/4" white worm in it.

Did you see that thing that happened at Walt's Inn?

Watch Peter G. Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit Live. Nancy Pelosi being interviewed now.

The stupidity I have to endure on a daily basis.

Clinton: No Deal Better Than 'Bad Deal' With Iran

Would you pay for your own background check at a job interview?

TOP: "Squib Cakes". A little East Bay Funk to get you through Hump Day!

Chuck Todd: Questioning Hillary's Age May Complicate GOP's Reagan Worship

Fatah threatens Israelis: "Leave immediately"

Dumb Criminals Update: Ypsilanti, Michigan Police Catch The Phantom Pooper

Bill Clinton Laughs Off Rove's Wild Speculation About Hillary's Health

Dumb Criminals: Des Moines Police Are Taunted By Robbery Suspect On Facebook

blacked out, hit head, wears sunglasses - brain damaged?

Dumb Criminals: Waffle House Customer Literally Has His Pants On The Ground

Discount for good kids?

San Francisco High School Students' Senior Prank Involves "Mandatory Penis Inspections"

What is meant when one uses the word "god(s)"

Secret Lists, Deaths: Claims Roil Veterans Affairs

"I grow impatient..."

Christie: Bridgegate Won't Impact Political Future

UN Photo Archive Tells Story Of Palestinian Exodus

Help with USB ports

Bill Clinton responds

White Privilege White Privilege White Privilege White Privilege White Privilege

Cowboys and Indians Stand Together Against Keystone XL.

More than 100 Duncanville High School students suspended Wednesday for dress code violations

Are you aware of this op, its source from a racist hate site, and the ridiculous host discussion?

Jill Abramson Out As Executive Editor Of New York Times

International Space Station????

Obama Tells Congress to Approve Funds for Roads, Bridges

Is Dr. StrangeRove Qualified To Be Making Medical Diagnoses?

Dallas Talk Show Host Loses it, Storms off Set over Michael Sam’s Kiss

You can say the craziest things to black people or about them, and get away with it.

Hagel Reassures Persian Gulf Allies But Stops Short Of Offering Lethal Aid To Syria Rebels

A World Digital Library Is Coming True! - NYRB

Firefighters Battle Fire at Ellis County Chemical Plant

Solly Mack is out of surgery: 3:15 Wed./and is in ICU

Papantonio: Marco Rubio Is Wrong About Everything

True facts about Ocean Radiation and the Fukushima Disaster

'A Part of America Died...'

Federal Judge Denies Idaho Governor's Motion To Put Same-Sex Marriages On Hold Pending Appeal

Mayo Clinic trial: Massive blast of measles vaccine wipes out cancer

As College Students Prepare To Walk For Graduation, Protests Lead Speakers To Walk Away

Tom DeLay blows it again...

Replacing fossil fuels with renewables will save the global economy 71 trillion by 2050.

Virginia "Christian" bigot still at it...

An interview with Peggy McIntosh

RWNJ "documentary" movie-maker still at it...

Okay I am wading into this "Privilege" discussion...

Price for new prison at Guantanamo rises to $69 million

Ex-tabloid royal editor: I hacked Kate 155 times

Pharmaceutical Industry Reeling As More Moms Making Vaccines At Home

David Cameron's 'top-secret' visit to Canada revealed

International disaster : Obama’s under-the-radar plan to eviscerate the Fulbright program

Richest Woman in England Admits: Welfare Made Her a Billionaire! Also: Other Billionaires pay no tax

DU is working very, very slow for me. Kitty Update

Ted Cruz’s dad: Jesus wants people to be ‘set free’ from the liberal media

Yes, Your Internet Is Getting Slower

Tucker Carlson: ‘Poor people are fat’ because of access to an ‘amazing abundance’ of food

Did Reagan Kill Entrepreneurialism?

Kerry Wasn't Wrong: Israel's Future Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like Apartheid

SI Assemblyman Joseph Borelli: Block NYS facilities from burning human tissue to generate energy

Anyone here have info on MS?

Animal rights group holds advocacy day, pushes for package of legislation to protect animals

S. Korea 'crashed drone' turns out to be toilet door

Do you all think Hillary will face any sexism if she runs?

An open letter to the DNC

Now that you're hosting an ideologically open board, would you please bring back the old DU?

Buy My Volvo

Government snooping on social media may breach Privacy Act

World's luckiest Basketball shot

Dear DU

Assembly En. Con. Committee passes bill to stop swan-killing plan

How Donald Sterling tried to evict a blind, partially paralyzed tenant

New Bad Old Times for Guatemala?

Breathing City

Bill Clinton on Putin: "not dealing with a rational foreign-policy thinker"

GOP mission: Name 3,000 things after Reagan!

Anyone familiar with connecting a laptop to TV?

Speed limit bill amended after agreement with NYC mayor, advocates

Charles Pierce re: CIA-They plot, scheme, lie & bungle & anoint themselves with oil in the aftermath

Science marches boldly forward!

FFRF Ron Reagan Ad

Speaking of Rubio: Has That Guy Ever Had a JOB? Somebody, please enlighten me.

Who understands phone capabilities?

Secret to long and happy life

Jill Abramson being replaced by Dean Baquet at Times

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon- Ye Olde Internets, Part II

Yay, cat!

The Declaration of Independence. What would Jefferson say to the Obama administration?

Guatemala's congress approves resolution denying genocide occurred during 36-year civil war

Guatemala's congress approves resolution denying genocide occurred during 36-year civil war

Hovercraft coming to market in 2017!

Could Dangerous Underwater Volcano in Caribbean Cause a US Tsunami?

Fury at government over worst Turkish mine disaster (BBC)


More Workers convicted of Animal Cruelty at DiGiorno Cheese Supplier

LOL! Bill Clinton Responds To DR. Rove: "Consistency is the hobgolin of little minds."

"Mainstream media perpetuates myths about government activity" /Coleen Rowley

Vaping juicers and ecig users...

He said to the rich, give your goods to the poor so they laid Jesus Christ in His grave.

I just discovered the Scottish Beaver Trial.

"FCC afraid of Comcast, won't ensure net neutrality"--Interview with Kevin Zeese

Girl Carries Injured Twin Sister Across Finish Line at Track Meet

Chris Christie's NJ Budget Hole: 3-week eFile Tax Refunds now taking over 6 weeks and counting. nt

Broom-swinging teacher says she won't return to class until changes made

Back at the cottage, dedicating this to Solly Mack,

The RNC "ATE" Your American Dream

New Mexico county defies U.S. government over cattle grazing

Cropped this, @ photobucket,

Harry Reid: ‘I can’t vote for’ Georgia judicial pick Michael Boggs

Cancer fundraiser Stephen Sutton dies aged 19

Historic Coit Tower reopens after six-month restoration

How Anti-Gay American Fundamentalists Indoctrinated Russia’s School Children, 1992-1997

Lung Cancer Screening Could Cost Medicare Billions

Will my hosta come back?

Whenever You Feel Dumb, Just Remember These People Exist

Toon: I won't sugar coat this, he's going to live...

MS Gov. Phil Bryant: A Terrible Example of Love for his Gay Son

Papantonio: The Dull Brain of Marco Rubio

"Hillary Clinton defends her ‘hard choices’ at State Department"

The red-state/blue-state divide deepens on health care

Lebron James Would Lead Strike Against NBA If It Allows Sterling Family To Control Clippers

Found: The first Diplodocus in South America

Of Course The Pentagon Has A 31 Page Zombie Prevention Plan

Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart Dead At 66: Pioneering Pagan, Polyamory Leader 'Crosses The Veil'

color management

Creationist Ken Ham attacks Pat Robertson...

Toxic? Not So Much. President Obama’s Daily Approval at 50%

Slavery by Another Name

RWNJ says Obama is making the US "Islamist."

Skinner, you said to not use our names here, but right wingers are usurping

What to do when you get low "People Skills" score on a review.

Meteorite trail photos

Update: Duncanville High School students reportedly rioting after more than 100 suspended for violat

Abbas and Kerry meet in London

Which No Longer Here do you miss the most, and why?

Glenn Greenwald: "U.S. Corporate Media is "Neutered, Impotent"--Democracy Now, Part II

Bank of America getting sued ..AGAIN..over bad mortgages.

Children's rights defender in Honduras beaten, detained

U.S. Pushing False Narrative About Iran & Nuclear Weapons

Children's rights defender in Honduras beaten, detained

Q? for parents about a common plot device - how you'd react in real life (non-parent options too)

Republicans' Insane Political Strategy: Ruining Our Country Hurts the Democratic Party

Toon: I TOLD you the NFL caused concussions!

Oklahoma State loses practice time


President Obama and Willie Mays on Air Force One (5 years ago)

Florida man suspected of robbery shaves his face in an effort to change his looks

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Climate Change Is A Growing National Security Concern, Say Retired Military Leaders


Arkansas Supremes Strike Down Judge's Ruling That Nixed Photo ID Voting Law, But...

Sore Winners: Christian Group Offended by Mississippi Businesses That Won't Discriminate Against Gay

Arkansas Supremes deny stay

Domino Sugar housing development gets OK from City Council

Fired NYTimes (female) Exec Jill Abramson was paid less than her own (male) deputy.


Protest of Planned Incinerator Turns Violent in Chinese City

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Arkansas Supreme Court won't stay gay-marriage ruling

Breaking: Arkansas Supreme Court Refuses To Halt Same-Sex Marriages

I have flowering buds bursting out from my tomato plants!!!

Vice President Joe Biden's son joins Ukraine gas company

Sony Pictures Buys Film Rights to Book on Snowden (updated)

Petition to Pelosi - put Alan Grayson on Benghazi committee

Explaining Edward Snowden: "How the US Drone War Pushed Snowden to Leak NSA Documents"/Pt. I

Wow. Ten years on DU. Whoda thunk...

Mining Resistance in Ecuador threatened

Cuomo: Moreland cases should be "pursued vigorously"

Google gets take-down requests after European court ruling: source

***PRELIMS are up in GD***

How close can someone get to your user name

Tucker Carlson: ‘Poor People Are Fat’ Because Of Access To ‘Amazing Abundance’ Of Food

Will there be any relief to the PROBLEMS with Centurylink?

Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat by Military Researchers

"The Merger of the Tea Party and the Establishment" by Andrew Sullivan at the Dish

Same-sex licenses issued in Arkansas may have been invalidated

I hate to get into it, but here goes

The big barrier called Putin

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NCAA Allows Boise to Help Homeless Recruit

S.E Cupp calls Bill Nye a "Science Bully"

How To Talk To Your Kids About Michael Sam (humor)