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Something fucked up going on here

Bag Production

(Florida) John Morgan sues state for blocking the smoking of medical marijuana

(Florida) John Morgan sues state for blocking the smoking of medical marijuana

Schiff Op-Ed Sets Trump Straight on Putin

Massachusetts Air Force base open after suspicious truck cleared

Andre Rieu in Maastricht. Well worth a visit.

Randy Rainbow going Orbitz commercial on Logo

Trump voter commission to store data on White House computers under Pence staff direction

"Snowfall" review

In the Dictionary, next to the word "disdain"

Periphyton jammin' w/a Turkey on the Farm

Republican consultant: Trump "going to the home office for his quarterly review" with Putin

Hobby Lobby accused of hypocrisy amid smuggling case

Putin is preparing for the meeting with Drumpt tomorrow by reading

Mars covered in toxic chemicals that can wipe out living organisms, tests reveal

State Sen. Tom Greene (R-dist.44 burlington) pharmacist, dispenses false info on diabetes

Mars Soil May Be Toxic to Microbes

FBI probe into Sanders' wife started with 'hearsay'

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Twittering on the Brink! Live Uncensored & a new

Rachel's hot story is about 'Send it to Rachel'

Outgoing Ethics Chief Says Trumps Businesses Are Profiting From His Presidency

Turn on Rachel Now!

Trumps DOT withdraws from $24B New York-New Jersey tunnel project.

Jeff Sessions and his Marijuana Crusade

Fuck Glenn Greenwald. For real fuck him.

There's no way for them to trick Rachel Maddow.

Russians Are Said to Be Suspects in Hacks Involving Nuclear Site

As they sit down to talk, just remember, Putin knows EVERYTHING

Ok....Atomic Blond or SALT???

All Putin has to do to cause Trump to gag, choke, blanch, lose focus, discombobulate, is to say

Women are no longer allowed to wear sleeveless attire in Paul Ryans House of Reps

When the Russian/American meeting is over tomorrow does Drumpt run

How Ex-Spies Think Putin Will Sucker Sociopathic Narcissist Trump

Can anyone answer a question?

Little-Known Challengers Seek To Unseat Bernie Sanders In 2018

To what extent do you think the Democratic Party represents the interests of the lower middle class?

Musings: Black Exceptionalism

Trump Supporter admits to failed attempt at false falg operation

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 9 - Eleanor and Frank Perry

"Have You seen the other guys?"

TCM Schedule for Monday July 10 - Midcentury Modern

So rachel Maddow big news was......

NFL teams spending the most "dead money"

Is Alexei Navalny still jailed in Russia? I know he was taken mid-June but haven't seen

2018 NV US Senate Race-Rosen-D has received endorsements from

Protesters Occupy Portman's Cincinnati office, refuse to leave

Great headline from HP!

2018 AZ US Senate and 2018 AZ Governors Race-What office should Phoenix Mayor Stanton run for?

So tomorrow night there is a new show on MSNBC in Rachel Maddow's time slot -

Lawyer: Oklahoma lawmaker 'shocked' by assault complaint

Hearing Trump Spew

Randy Rainbow fans...

America Will Dominate the Heavens Under Trump: Pence

Man charged in wife's shooting during Seattle Uber ride

2018 MO US Senate Race-Another top tier Republican has decided not to run-Hawley.

Hobby Lobby accused of hypocrisy amid smuggling case

Another Day of National Embarrassment and Shame on the International Stage

New Jersey Transit Train Derails at Penn Station in New York.

on Lawrence , Bob Inglis (r) south carolina

REI asks customers to challenge Zinke over public lands review

Hey, Trumpy!!!

Millions Meant for Rail Tunnel Subsidize Ferry Rides for a Few.

Snorting again?

I imagine the Putin meeting tomorrow will go down something like this...

Tomato Eggplant Zucchini Bake with Garlic and Parmesan.

Fox host floats idea of Kim Jong-Un assassination as solution to US/North Korean tensions

What Putin will remind Groper Don the Con

My cat Athena is very unhappy with me...

Initiation fees at Trumps clubs score him millions in profits

Thirst for a clash of civilizations

CNN on now - The Most Powerful Man in the World (Putin)

This SO reminds me of something.

Racial and Religious Paranoia

Joan Lee has passed away at 93

Voter commission to store data on White House computers under Pence direction

Man arrested after making threats at protest outside senator's office, police say

Still doesn't believe intelligence agencies

Credibility Problem at the G-20

It is time to re-up our insurance

1776 Map of Boston and surrounding areas during Siege of Boston

Uh Oh, Fox Business host Charles Payne suspended amid sexual harassment probe

Guatemala clears way to extradite ex-Mexican governor

Trumps Nuclear Non-Policy (Warning: National Review)

UPDATE 1-Guatemala court confirms suspension of Tahoe mining licenses

This DOJ Letter May Be More Alarming Than Trump Commission's Request For Voter Data

Sunwings jet returned to Montreal escorted by a fighter jet do to unruly

Brizilian FM warns corruption probe of president potentially disastrous

Wouldn't surprise me if Putin offered up Snowden for lifting of sanctions

Illinois response to "elections integrity" request

WATCH: Fox News contributor calls for assassination of 'crazy fat kid' Kim Jong-un

$10,000 Rattle Poetry Prize --- deadline July 15th

Hawaii loses court fight to exempt grandparents from Trump travel ban

Hanging coffins: China's mysterious sky graveyards

McConnell signals doubts about ObamaCare vote

Russians Are Said to Be Suspects in Nuclear Site Hackings

Here's the brutal reality of online hate

Microsoft confirms thousands of layoffs in cloud-focused sales reorganization

Here is video of the Rachel Maddow segment on the fake document

Israeli Tennis Player Scores Upset Win At Wimbledon

"We're not going to solve our problems if we get distracted by carnival barkers and sideshows"

Climatologists deny existence Donald Trump.

There's thangs goin' on that you don't know...

Found my GOLD panning river! Woohoo

Blockchain for partial election protection..?

Is it really "refighting the primaries" just to post the NAMES of last year's Dem candidates?

Your Daily Greenwald is just getting unhinged by this point...

Trump gets lost trying to get off stage in Warsaw.

And this is how it ends, not with a bang . . .

Bad news, Good news out of Gambia

How the East Was Won: A Photographic Portrait

If you're ready

If you have a Costco membership you need to terminate it -NOW

Has this POS Trump ever had a pet?

The fake "document" sent to Rachel Maddow...

Where can I get the best Pence 2017 yardsign or bumpersticker?

Interesting thought regarding Rachel's fake classified document...

My "wtf? of the day, AlexJone is NUTS

Texas Business Owner Sentenced to Prison for Not Paying Approximately $18 Million in Employment Tax

A Teenage Rape Survivor in El Salvador Has Been Jailed for 30 Years

Anti-Semitism, other hate must be confronted

Former U.S. anti-Semitism Envoy Warns of European Governments Trying to Distort Holocaust History

Oral sex producing unstoppable bacteria

Hungarian Jews ask PM Orban to end 'bad dream' of anti-Semitism

How Swedes broke the power of the 1%:

Ex-intel chief: 'No evidence whatsoever' anyone but Russia interfered in election

Tesla to build world's largest lithium ion battery in Australia

When Trump meets Putin tomorrow...

LHC double heavy particle to shine light on strong force

Trump's note to Putin is due today.

Ari is replacing Greta...whoopie

The Long Read: How climate scepticism turned into something more dangerous [Guardian]

Democratic challenger seeks 3rd District seat

A few of today's tweets from the twit:

I am in Hamburg - Ask me anything....

Russians Are Said to Be Suspects in Nuclear Site Hackings

Paul Ryan is busy in DC enforcing stuffy out-of-date dress codes that stigmatize women; We get more

This sounds familiar... (comic)

Trump Finds "400 Pound Guy" who Hacked 2016 Election

(Why) The Resistance is Losing

Lawyer in gay marriage case joins Indiana congressional race

It is so F N

Two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl ---hey at least Trump buttoned his jacket

Russians Are Said to Be Suspects in Nuclear Site Hackings

These Three Lawyers Are Quietly Purging Voter Rolls Across the Country

Indiana to start covering methadone treatment for Medicaid recipients

Purdue stadiums expanding alcohol sales

Amplitude simulator just my thoughts friends

I notice Trump did not do his trademark shake and jerk handshake with Putin

Will Republicans who bucked Rauner face primary challenges?

Rick Perry gamely tries to explain 'supply and demand,' but fails

It's sickening

AT&T Looks to Discontinue Copper Landline Phone Service State By State

So I just spent the last week in Toronto.

Are goats taking jobs from union workers?

AT&T Looks to Discontinue Copper Landline Phone Service State By State

Skokie opts in on county minimum wage hike, but commissioner plans lawsuit for towns that didn't

Illinois Capitol reopens after lockdown, no hazardous materials found

Wall Street agency looks at CPS finances 'for a potential downgrade'

The Robert Mueller Investigation

The "colectivos" of Venezuela. Maduro's well armed Chavista red-shirt thugs

Biggest threat to Sen. McCaskill's re-election could be Josh Hawley

TYT: Aides Scrambling To Prep Trump For Putin Meeting

According to Trump, everybody at the G20-summit is talking about John Podesta.

Florida will comply with part of Trump commission's voter data request

GM to Colombian workers injured on the job: Youre on your own

These are available.

Little-Known Challengers Seek To Unseat Bernie Sanders In 2018

Elderly Catholic priest stabbed to death in gang war hit Mexico

TMR: Trump Wanders Outside of Bulletproof Glass After Speech In Poland, Looks Sad, Lost, Old

Initiation fees at Trumps clubs put millions in his pocket

Once again, Andy Borowitz goes for the ridiculous with something that could actually happen

France to ban sale of gas cars in favor of electric to meet Paris climate goals

TMR: Trump's Joint Presser In Poland Gives Him a Chance To Be Monumentally Stupid & Crazy Abroad

Beware Of Forged Donald Trump Russia Documents!

Women stripped of membership at Harvard social club

Putin Literally Gets a Pat on the Back From Trump

Grins and handshakes as Trump encounters Putin for 1st time

NY Times: As E.U. and Japan Strengthen Trade Ties, U.S. Risks Losing Its Voice

Putin's "Take Your Puppet To Work Day" STILL includes time for Trump to whine about the election

Bolivia women's rights groups hope revised law is step toward legal abortion

Violence against Indigenous peoples destroys our common home

Violence against Indigenous peoples destroys our common home

Republicans Defend Obamacare Repeal By...Attacking Hillary?

Supporters Bused Into Snowflake Trump's Poland Speech

Ken Burns to Evangelical Voters: 'What Part of Donald Trump Reminds You of Jesus Christ?'

Payroll employment rises by 222,000 in June; unemployment rate changes little at 4.4%

Massive protests prevent Melania Trump from participating in events with G20 spouses

The hidden, vast cruelty of this health care bill: An attack on care for the elderly, disabled and m

Melania Trump unable to leave hotel because of G-20 protests


Conservative lawmakers think cuts to food stamps wont hurt anyone. Evidence says thats wrong.

A Metaphor


The origin of Super Villains: Dr. Death

"I Don't Like Obamacare Because of Obama" Says Woman on Obamacare

... But has since been released.

BLS reports: May jobless rates down in 298 of 388 metro areas; 22% of employed work from home

If all of G20 is talking about Hil's emails, then we should too.

Currently on issue 205 of my epic quest to read the X-Men from the beginning...

President Trump Claimed the Stock Market Has Added $4 Trillion in Value Since His Election. It Hasn'

TMR: Chris Christie Won't Apologize For Only Caring About 'What's Right & Wrong' (BeachedGate)

V.P. Can't Read Signs -

The cost of Obamacare repeal? 2.6 million jobs lost

Pack your bags, get on Air Force One, get your ass back home, and resign

"You can't believe what what I'm hearing!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Cook County Board president lists 925 for layoffs if no soda tax

TMR: Beachgate: Chris Christie's Fourth of July Arrogance (Beachgazi)

Trumpcare And Global Warming Will Kill The Same People

Donald Trump savages the media but without their fawning he would not be president

Sec. Cementhead Emphasizes Just How Important Coal Plants Are To US Future

President Snowflake's Unicorn Hunt

Donald Trump's speech in Warsaw sought to redefine the West around religion rather than democracy

Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio's fate in criminal contempt trial rests with judge

Arctic Sea Ice Volume At All-Time Record Low, Sea Ice Extent At Record-Low 2012 Levels

President Trump carries a weak hand into Putin meeting

Gonorrhoea heading towards untreatable status WHO

The Divider in Chief

Tazewell credit union's former president, now in prison, ordered to repay $596,000

Awww. So sweet. Squeeeeee!!!!

Who's Afraid of Donald Trump?

Democrat Carolyn Blodgett to run against Michael Unes in 2018

Justice League: Meet The Veteran Prosecutors Powering The Russia Probe

That Time Russia didn't (Thank the Stars) interfer in American Politics

Trump Justice Department's Aversion to Class Actions Will Have Wide Impact

Who is Anthony Scaramucci (The Mooch)

This is Draining the Swamp? How to inflate job reports 101

Trump Warned Not To Hand Putin Luxury Compounds Back on Advice of U.S. Senators

Reactions to the Illinois legislatures approval of a state budget

IDOT says state road projects can resume with new budget

Hospitals, human-service providers relieved, say damage will take time to repair

Loretta Lynch Denies Stopping Clinton Email Inquiry

TYT: Ted Cruz Is Taking Your Healthcare But Here, Have Some Freedom!

"No Escape," Excellent thriller!

Mood of the day: angry

"He says I can call him Vlad." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Cruz calls for 'clean repeal' of ACA if Senate talks fall apart -- aligning with Trump, not ...

Federal judge blocks parts of Indiana's new abortion law

Andrew Cuomo Could Beat Trump If He Can Win Over the Left First

Today's laff - Difference between cats and dogs

Interior aims to speed oil and gas permitting on public lands with 30-day reviews

Trump Rejected Militarys ISIS Strategy Because It Was Too Similar to Obamas

8.8 million science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) jobs in May 2016

Elizabeth Warren, back from first trip to Afghanistan, says, 'I'm not there on a troop increase'

Christian crisis pregnancy centers sue Illinois over new abortion notice law

Rachel Maddow appreciation thread...

At G-20, E.U. warns of trade war if Trump imposes restrictions on steel

xp- Christian crisis pregnancy centers sue Illinois over new abortion notice law

@Acosta 4m4 minutes ago Massive protest moving through Hamburg at G20 video....

And now, the employment news from Jefferson County:

Maduro: "Vote for new Constitution, or else! (Because we already know how you will vote!)"

For a smile!

Here's the public evidence that supports the idea that Russia interfered in the 2016 election

Melania Trump cant leave residence as G20 protests in Germany rage for second day

The Idiot in Chief meets with his Puppeteer. Now.

Looking Forward. Looking Ahead.

This STD is becoming 'smarter' and harder to treat

President Pelosi...

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Greets Putin At G20

Trump & Putin just now - Notice that Trump

Does anyone know this person? Says big story coming.

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Vlad's Man in DC

Charlie Pierce calls-out Mark Penn (& Clintonism)

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Trash on the Beach

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Putin Huylo.

Trump Or Any GOP Political Coverage Unwatchable Just Too Painful.

Another dem announces for governor - GOP news release?

Is there a post on DU already discussing the "normal" handshake between

On the Hamburg protests.........

A new corruption probe linked to Trump is a scathing indictment of the US real-estate industry

Trump tells Putin: "Its an honor to be with you."

Trump's tweet about podesta

Peaches? I'm having problems finding either Georgia or local Ohio peaches

This Is Trump's Plan to Team Up With Putin in Syria--and Leave Assad in Power

If a Democrat had said it's "an honor" to meet the leader of Russia,

Republican thinks SS and Medicare a free ride...

The Handshake (Observations with links)

Kris Kobach Was Considered for ICE Boss Before 'Voter Fraud' Job

TMR: Anti-War Trump Voter: 'I Kinda Feel Dumb, Honestly'

John Podesta tweets--just now.....

The Daily 202: Europe trip shows how the Trump Doctrine is situational and always in flux

TPM: Meet The Veteran Prosecutors Powering The Russia Probe

TYT: Republican Ad Blames Healthcare Problems On... Hillary?

'He doesn't speak for the rest of America': Jerry Brown shows up in Hamburg amid G20 and shreds...

SEE IT: Handcuffed Oklahoma man proposes to girlfriend as he's being arrested

Lawsuit targets The Daily Stormer

"The Polish first lady shook hands with Trump moments later."

Trump and Putin Meet at G-20 in Hamburg, as Protests Resume

Trump on twitter with inappropriate comments about John Podesta

Life imitates art

More than 120 countries approve first-ever treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons in UN vote

25 STUPIDEST Doctor Cures In History

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa) reveals why GOP has problems getting healthcare-bill forward.

Photo hosting site recommendations?

a joke, or satire is not fake news.

Surprise Us, Mr. Trump: Name an Ethics Watchdog With Teeth - By the NYT Editorial Board

Mr. Trump and the Art of the New York Insult

Attack of the Republican Decepticons - Paul Krugman

A meme is born / Pence touching stuff

ICE officers are being told to be on the lookout for all undocumented immigrants they see

BREAKING NEWS: Angela Merkel: "You're right, Donald. I just can't stop talking about John Podesta."

'Democracy vouchers' aim to amplify low-income voices, to conservative ire

Trump To Putin During First Meeting: It's An 'Honor To Be With You'

Okay, lets screw up the Center for Disease Control

Virginia executes William Morva using controversial three-drug mixture

Funny how Trumpsky didn't try "The Trump Handshake" on Putin.

AIDS and Venezuela: Money for tear gas, but not AIDS testing and drugs? Maduro's priorities

Meanwhile in Germany, People are protesting the Podesta emails.

The secret Trump-Putin meeting

Wisconsin court erases $750K cap on medical malpractice damages

Podesta Hits Back At 'Whack Job' Trump Over Server Tweet: 'Get A Grip Man'

Unesco declares Hebron's Old City Palestinian World Heritage site

Trump Wants Russia to Interfere for Him Again

Ny Times Piece...Back To The Center?

4 Times Trump Has Inspired Widespread Speculation About His Cognitive Decline

G-20 portrait - find Donald Trump

If we can choose not to have healthcare, why can't we choose single payer or Medicare for All?

Democrats propose BadgerCare public option

Things are getting ugly(er) in Hamburg.

Bob Corker seems like one of the less odious Republicans - link

Corporatists / Corporations Profit We Pay The Externalities Why Thousands Are Protesting

U.S. Mint worker placed on leave for putting noose on black colleague's chair

Trump's dangerous thirst for a clash of civilizations - By Eugene Robinson

Immigrant rights group say Milwaukee caves in to pressure

"Ich bin ein Hamburger!"

Tammy Baldwin likely a 'yes' on single-payer health care, but waiting for bill

Trump wants us to defend 'our values.' Which ones? - By the WaPo Editorial Board

US, Russia Reach Agreement For Ceasefire In Southwest Syria

Why is the PutinTrump prom dance taking so long?

STRATEGY - Weaponizing Scripture quotes - for OUR side:

In G20 Photo, Trump Couldn't Shove His Way to the Front and Center of World Leaders

Suicide and attempts

Trump's claims on Russia hacking tire ex-CIA Director

Trump Multitasking on Putin

South Australia could soon be powered by an enormous Tesla-built battery

Pence Touches Space Hardware Labeled 'Do Not Touch' During NASA Trip

Despite Scott Walker's deal, Wisconsin Republicans still divided over transportation budget

Rachel Maddow warns: People are trying to fool the media with forged documents

were there really 17 intelligence agencies that verified russian interference...

Those translators have earned every freaking penny.

Gateway Pundit's Lucian Wintrich Tweets Meme of Trump As 9/11 Plane Crashing Into Twin Towers

Group files notice of intent to launch recall campaign against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

G-20 Runs Into Turbulence as Trump Stokes Divisions on Trade

Trump's meeting with Putin. What was discussed will be another PR disaster for Trump

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee now has first accredited public health school in Wisconsin

It's not like CNN is asking people why they are protesting

Brenda Fitzgerald, Georgia's public health commissioner, named director of the CDC

who's who in the 2017 class photo of G20

Trump Says Mexico Will 'Absolutely' Pay for the Wall During Meeting With Mexican President

Maybe Republicans are just misunderstood

All hostages released from Cobb County bank; suspect still inside

Maine man outruns bears in Auburn

Trump/Putin: Life Imitates Art

Meal deductions have been tricky IRS issue for decades. Boston Bruins may have just rewritten rules

Every Early Sign Points to a Wave

RT Reporting that "Cybersecurity" was discussed at the meeting. The tell will be how . . . . .

The Most Unpopular Bill In Three Decades

I Found HanAssholeSolo's anti-Semitic Posts. Then, the Death Threats Started.

He's like a little puppy wetting himself around Putin

So, we will never know what was said in the Putin-Puppet meeting, right?

Are ALL Republicans dicks?

Let's Clear up this Nonsense

The Country Is Really Certifiably Insane. Trump, GOP, Conservatives & Company Like The Plague.

How will we know if Trump gives away more US secrets?

China ain't no fun at all...

tillerson said they had a 'lengthy' talk about russian meddling

Whatever happened to the great and capable H.R. McMaster??

I Ask You This Question. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH VETERANS? Why So Many Rabidly GOP?

NYT: Trump Misleads on Russian Meddling: Why 17 Intelligence Agencies Dont Need to Agree

Russia: Trump agrees with Putin and thinks election hacking claims are 'exaggerated'

If you can't remember a bill more hated than Trumpcare, there's a reason for that

"Trust me. I scared the crap out of him..."

How I think the conversation about election hacking went:

Is it just me or does it feel like Tillerson is reading a pre-written report

Quad canes & kittens & Majikcat

Lavrov: #Trump said he accepted statements from #Putin that #Russia had not hacked election.

City of Muskego fined Franklin man $500 for mowing lawn of cemetery

GOP Has The Mentality Of A Serial Killer Like Bundy. They Are Not Redeemable.

How well does Trump know Putin? A chronology.

Twitter is a machine of confusion.

Tillerson says Trump and Putin didn't see much value in "relitigating of the past"

Wait, what?

A boy and his dog

Kobach Came After Me

Trump and Putin

Russia: Trump agrees with Putin and thinks election hacking claims are exaggerated

tillerson said melania stuck her head in the meeting with putin to remind trump it was time to go...

Blows the GOP's Cover on Voter Suppression Efforts

William Morva killed two men. His execution shows no death penalty case is easy.

Randy Rainbow--Putin and the Ritz

Publicly Apposing Trump Or GOP Could Get You Attacked & Even Killed. Sign Of The New Normal.

Podesta rips 'whack job'

Fake President Donald Trump Is a Man of Few Words

Falsehood at the Core of Warsaw Speech

NGO's step up to help Venezuelans. How to help

State superintendent Tony Evers​ mulls run against Walker

Slow internet and Firefox problems

After perusing TPM, Slate, and DU - and a few min listening to NPR during errands this AM -

El Salvador teen rape victim sentenced to 30 years in prison

UW regents set 'guidepost' for campus free speech with no mention of penalties GOP lawmakers want

Tired of cats and dogs? Want something different?

"Geez, Get A Room Boys"

Videos show teen inmates being pepper sprayed at Wisconsin youth prison

Putin denies election hacking after Trump pressed him, Tillerson says

Cocoa has been studied extensively because, well, who wouldn't want that job.

Merkel Reacting to Putin Mansplaining

I'M SORRY, WHAT? Trump Aides on Podesta Tweet: 'No Idea What He Is Talking About'

God is making all the animals on the earth.

Russian opposition leader Navalny released from jail

Soooo.. when does fox start flying Russian flag??

With Regard to VP Pence touching what he was told not to touch:

One Potato, two potato ... no potatoes any more

Do you remember when the Generals blamed Clinton for 9/11 because

Putin: Trump and I Discussed 'Cybersecurity'

Untreatable gonorrhoea 'superbug' spreading around world, WHO warns

Calling a highway (The) 101 for example, does anyone other than Californians do that? Just curious.

Ohio sheriff won't let deputies carry Narcan, citing safety

Why Republicans Let Trump Take Over Their Party - By Andrew Sullivan

220 Cities Losing All Passenger Train Service per Trump Elimination of Federal Funding for Amtraks

Putin shades Trump's treasonous ranting about U.S. press


Chris Christie to Audition for WFAN Sports Talk-Radio Gig Next Week

Donald Trump is a "Fake" President.

Dover couple didn't need to let assessor into home to challenge taxes, justices say

Russia & US will set up joint working group on cybersecurity. WTF.

Donald Trump Just Shared a Cozy Joke With Vladimir Putin... about the media.

CNN's David Gergen: Trump "seemed Presidential" while offering unconditional surrender to Putin

Ryan doubles down on tax, health care reform

Only has eyes for Putin at G20

In other news, U.S. to form joint anti-terror working group with ISIS

Trapped in Residence

Trump Signs Contract with Putin to Operate U.S. Military

Malloy Issues First Veto of Year

Making America weak again

Sounds like my kind of place!

Humiliates Mexican president again

What do you think Trump and Putin "really" discussed?

FBI nominees most memorable case? Jailing of ex-Brave Pat Jarvis

Trump Got Ignored By The Polish First Lady

When you've seen the Pee Tape

Build a Hamburger 🍔 and Learn Which G20 Leader You Are

PINO - President in Name Only

Patrick 'pushes back' after Straus quote links bathroom bill to suicide

Clearly she failed: Tillerson says Melania was sent in repeatedly to break up Trump-Putin meeting

Here's Glenn Greenwald article in response to Rachel Maddow's claims about the forged document

Bernie Sanders: Lets address the primary health care crisis in Vermont

Kushners Face Heated Trial Over Suburban New Jersey Mall Project

Dirk Nowitzki Set To Re-Sign With Mavs at 80 Percent Discount

Flashback Photo: Mayor Bernie Sanders, McGruff the Crime Dog and Chief Kevin Scully

The real reason Melania skipped the tour - it included a climate research center visit

This chilling NRA ad calls on it's members to save America by fighting liberals

Escaped inmate may have used wire cutters delivered by drone

Photos: Fireworks damage on Tucson's "A" Mountain

LIVE-Stream July 15 - Revolution Iowa: From Protest to Power with Bernie Sanders

Why does David Brooks have a job at NPR & NYT?

Donald is not against CNN or MSM. He is against us & our access to a free press & access 2 the TRUTH

WTF: Are Tech Moguls Trying To Hijack The Resistance?

Dudes With Long Hair Are Getting Blowouts

Fess up if you took the "Build a Hamburger 🍔" quiz and found out you are

US Mint employee on leave after putting noose on black co-workers chair: report

WHY DO THE DEMOCRATS like to shoot themselves in the feet? Old article from 1984...history repeats.

The only thing I didn't hear anyone worry about regarding the Trump/Putin meeting

Trump WH has a "17 intelligence agencies" fake narrative going Former DNI Clapper shut it down.

Sarah Palin is going full on white supremacist

Hannity praises Trump for his "fashion statement" (only leader not wearing G20 pin in group photo)

Sally Yates: Trumps "inexplicable refusal to confirm Russian election interference" endangers U.S.

Trump humiliates Mexican president again over border wall

Animal Kingdom

just got my notice from phucking photobucket

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump issues statement on meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Two different accounts of the manner in which Trump raised the issue of election interference

#2020Vision: Sanders hits the road

The Filtered Sun

Women cannot wear sleeveless dresses in Paul Ryans House (VIDEO)

As income inequality rises Republicans force city to lower minimum wage by 23%

2017 has seen a surge in Anti-Semitic crimes reported in AZ

Who would send fake documents to news outlets like Rachel...

THIS photo is like the SNL "Cowbell" skit..."She speaks for ALL of us, man..."

Mueller Taps Broad Range of Talent for Russia Probe

When Your Doc Is Not a Doc: Should Nurse Practitioners Be Autonomous?

Progressives Explain Why Centrist Tech Billionaires Wont Save the Democrats

CAPTION TIME! It's Melania 'n' Vlad. Shirley, there MUST be a caption here SOMEWHERE.

These Coloradans say Earth is flat. And gravity's a hoax. Now, they're being persecuted.

Russian media openly mocks Trump as lesser man than Putin

Rep. John Lewis released from Parchman, 56 years ago today:

CNN exclusive: Inside ISIS-held Raqqa

An observation about the Hamburg riots.

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 7, 2017

Texas Prison Pigs Get Cool Climate, Inmates Get Unbearably Hot, TDCJ Gets Money

Pixs of Ringling Bros. Circus - Alas, no more

Latest Republican health care tactic: A sneak attack on people with pre-existing conditions

My theory for the "extra long" meeting between them is that Trump wasn't allowed to leave until he

Why didn't Trump shove his way to the center?

US, Russia disagree over what Trump and Putin actually said to each other

What's your favorite "great-but-overlooked" movie?

After today's meeting we still have the question.

The Trumpholes Have Been Kicked Off John Podesta's Twitter Feed!

Best tweet of the week!

MSNBC live online?

The "Cuban Missile Crisis" question was just asked on MSNBC's MTP.

Here's How Any Other American President Would Have Handled Putin...

Upper hand: Trump and Putin's body language shows who's the boss

all the players in the Putin LOSER meeting are pro Russia

How to See What the Internet Knows About You (And How to Stop It)

Calm Seas on Titan: Saturn Moon's Waves Less Than 1 Inch High

Putin is Trump's Boss

Electrified Droplets Create Mini Saturn Planets

Trump Humiliated Himself By Zoning Out At G20 Meeting, British PM Saves Day..

CNN: Trump's State Dept. Grants U.S. Visas to 150 Russian Spies

Where is neo-Nazi site's publisher? Lawyers can't find him

US and Russian diplomats share conflicting accounts of Trump-Putin meeting

TRAFFIC ALERT: A crash on I-66 at Route 123 has shut down all but one lane,

Kushners face heated trial over suburban Jersey mall project

This is what a Kleptocracy looks like:

Russia doesn't have to launch the missiles to bring us to our knees.

These women would like to share an important message

Court: Profanity-laced tirade was protected free speech

Of course Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler are going to debate at Politicon

Pierce: How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Dion can go fuck himself!

IMO, Underestimating the billionaire tried of going to semi-annual tech shows have discovered politics

European banks exit Honduras dam project after killings

European banks exit Honduras dam project after killings

WPost: John Podesta: Why is Trump tweeting about me when he should be doing his job? & TWEETS...

Is there a bug going on with post formatting?

Ex-Gitmo inmate gets apology, millions from Canada

So had another interview with another company today

Were not going to use Narcan: Sheriff is second Butler County official to question overdose...

Why Single-Payer Health Care Saves Money

Trump: How about that John Podesta?...............

You are Trump. You have just colluded with a hostile foreign power in the run-up to the election.

trump lies and says President Obama did nothing when he learned of the russian hacking.

Podesta will be on Hardball re: Trumps tweeting. Should be good......

Go f*ck yourself, Photobucket!

Investigative reporter @BuzzFeedNews says also received same forged document sent to @maddow.

Where is the Ferret

Ok, let's take a vote on when Trump will return those properties to Russia

Conservative warns McConnell to not give up on ObamaCare repeal

OMG, Trump shaking hands with Putin

Who is the only player in MLB History to play 500 games each at 5 different positions?

V0X: The growing North Korean nuclear threat, explained [Updated]

On the subject of UFOs