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Classic Films
Discuss, evaluate, and increase awareness of classic films. Post notices of new releases and TV broadcasts.
33 8,667
Classical Music
Discuss all periods of classical music (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Modern), as well as specific works, composers, conductors, performers and recordings.
56 4,951
A group where movie lovers can talk about their favorite films and movie stars, post reviews, link to trailers and discuss the industry and movies as an art form.
78 8,725
Music Appreciation
Talk about your favorite music, musicians, albums, or anything else of a musical nature. All musical genres, past and present. Discussion of the music industry is also welcome.
1,437 106,668
A dedicated place for DU musicians to discuss all aspects of music, including education, composition, performance, and anything else.
134 6,434
Netflix, Streaming Videos & DVDs
Discuss Netflix streaming videos and dvds, suggestions for videos to view, discussion of any problems related to Netflix streaming videos, dvds or devices.
182 18,777
Discuss all things entertainment: Movies, TV, music, theater, celebrities, the entertainment industry, etc.
30 2,591
TV Chat
Talk about your favorite TV shows, TV movies and televised sporting events. Remember to include a *SPOILERS WARNING* in your post title, and never include spoilers in thread titles.
182 20,368
Related Groups in other Categories (7) Posts: 30 days Posts: All time Category
Appreciate and promote the art of animation through discussion. All genres of animation discussed, from Disney classics, to Japanese anime.
0 569
Fantasy Literature
Discuss, review and promote literature in the genre known as fantasy.
2 516
A place to get a laugh, and/or share a laugh with other DUers.
134 8,589
Keith Olbermann
Discuss and help to promote the formation of an activist community around the support of the last consistently truthful TV journalist, Keith Olbermann.
4 760
Discuss all issues related to the media, especially the news media and how they are failing to do their job.
24 4,369
Science Fiction
Discuss, review, and promote science fiction (Star Trek, Andromeda, Babylon 5, etc...) in any medium, such as TV, movies, books, games and so on.
8 1,890
The Daily Show
Discuss guests, topics and issues covered on The Daily Show.
2 403