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Gender: Female
Current location: Naperville IL
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 15,304

Journal Archives

Freedom!! Today is two weeks since my second Pfizer shot!

Gonna kick up my heels and go see the grands. I may even get REALLY get adventurous and visit the grocery store.

OMG, now they're replaying the angry remarks of Dems that don't feature "fight."

They're just filling the time they can't fill with anything concrete.

I am so grateful for the beautiful hearts!

My daughter's stimulus check was scheduled to be mailed 1/6. Still not delivered. Anyone else?

Mine was deposited in my checking account but my daughter, who's been staying with me since March, hasn't received her check. The IRS site says it was supposed to be mailed on January 6. We're in the Chicago burbs. Has this been happening to others here? She's getting worried.


Donald Trump tells all. Must see!

Why didn't Hillary's team file for recounts in MI, WI and PA in 2016?

DU would have been all over that at the time but the site was down for nearly 3 weeks. The margins in those states was razor thin. Why did they just let the pig claim them all.

Kristen Welker deserves great credit.

He's definitely tripping on dex The man who normally can't walk up stairs -- did!

2 flights of stairs no less. He's flying high. I'm looking forward to the crash when it's withdrawn and he's intubated.

Real Clear Politics has the Frank Luntz focus group where they ran away from the creep,

I couldn't watch much but if you want to, it's there.

Right now!!! Nicolle is discussing the Atlantic article on Trump stealing the election!

You can watch here if you're not at home. https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
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