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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 17,370

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very liberal and progressive

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i'm not watching or buying anything trump anymore

I used to watch Celebrity Apprentice, and i've bought other Trump items in the past. No more. With his vendetta against the President, trump's twitter messages after the election (silence with the news that Democrats had more votes in the House yet less seats), his birther theories, his son's killing of a big cat in a foreign country, trump's love affair with the repug party, i'm done giving him any of my money.

i'm not spending or doing anything that will further enrich trump.

gunlovers do the following:

1. exhibit nothing but crocodile tears with little or no empathy

2. show more concern for their guns than the slaughtered victims

3. here is the key
- focus on one non-essential fact and try to refute it using circulator non-sense arguments. Feel like they've made a point when they really haven't
- condescending name calling and crying when the name calling is returned
- when their arguments fail, argue that the 2nd amendment gives them complete freedom over everything gun related


lots of information about evolution of the assault rifle and the ammunication at the link:


It's clear that the killing efficiency of guns is going up over time much as the computing power of PCs.

A fiscal cliff deal at this stage may not be a good thing

I think a deal at this stage will not be a good thing for us. The repugs, as always, create crap to hinder the economy and the middle class. They should be made to face the public with this.

President Obama should put the original election time deal on the table, e.g. tax increases above $250k, no cuts to social security, medicare, Obamacare, and extension of the unemployment benefits. If the repugs accept, great maybe they've seen some reality, otherwise come back in January with this plan and retroactive provisions to give back to the middle class. The midterm elections should be fought on this.

i was making a forecast - empirical evidence is used to validate a point - not a forecast.

but this is the tactic of gun lover's - attack the words and challenge the right of someone to express an opinion.

i'm used to it in the gungeon. normally i don't waste my time - as i've said - it's about money, power, and votes. Convincing the few is impossible and irrelevant.

however, i am expressing my opinion because of the sorrow i feel towards those who have been massacred by guns and the imbeciles who used them to kill innocent people. I am touched by the teachers and principal who gave their lives to protect other kids. Those are the heroes. In their memory, i am at least trying to find ways to cut gun violence.

With the destructive power of guns increasing year over year something HAS to be done

The status quo and the crazy wayne fantasies of a dystopian police state cannot work with exponential increases in firepower happening all the time. At some point the destructive power of a bullet, encased along with hundreds of bullets in assault rifles, will be economically destructive, as well as the human tragedy (which for the most part does not seem to affect the emotions of people like crazy wayne and the NRA - i've heard him say something similar on TV).

This is becoming a case of mutually assured destruction.

Could Crazy Wayne be Suffering from a Mental Illness?

Are we going to find out someday that Crazy Wayne was himself suffering from a mental illness, such as paranoia, delusions, bipolar, narcissistic disorder, ...

... and a generation of gun policies (or lack thereof) were drafted through the advise and threats received from someone suffering from such disorders?

if Obama doesn't pull a first debate on us - he could do tremendous good for this country

1. safeguard voting rights and standards in all States regardless of who's in power
2. strengthen Universal Health Care
3. exand the Supreme Court (i believe he has the power to do it) and roll back Citizens United
4. solidify LGT rights
5. respect the decisions some States are making to legalize Weed. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AND WILL TRANSLATE TO YEARS OF VICTORIES
6. get gun violence under control. Build a coalition against the NRA so that they are irrelevant as they should be
7. strengthen support for Women and the middle class.
8. invest in green technology and education.

The NRA's next stupid suggestion maybe: Armed police need to be guarded by armed police

the NRA is completely out of touch with reality in America. They are unAmerican.

Crazy wayne think most media figures already have armed police guards. This must be news to people like Dan Rather who was once punched in the face on the street in a case of mistaken identity.

We, however, should not be taken in by their stupid suggestions. Their real purpose is to sell guns and lots of them. Anything that delays gun sale reductions is their game plan. It is certainly not to help the victims of guns in America.

is the NRA a Hoax?

With all the hoaxes out there, i wonder if the nra is a hoax that just spiralled out of control and they're too afraid to fess up. Maybe it's time for them to come clean and admit it was all a hoax or a bet that they could get tens of millions of people to believe that the only answer to stopping gun violence was to put more guns in play. More violence, more guns. Until the argument could be made that there were already too many guns out there and any gun control wouldn't work because there were already too many guns out there.

who would have believed it?
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