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very liberal and progressive

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we can't be fooled anymore - "Right to Work", "Leave no child behind"

When repugs name a bill it always means the exact opposite of the name. In both of these examples, there is no right to work and children are being left behind.

this started with nixon's 'managing healthcare' which was actually about managing it away.

so, i've learned that whatever a repug names, take the opposite meaning or the meaning that is most destructive to the 99%.

i believe that citizen's united was the SCOTUS's attempt

to get Obama out of office anyway they could. Just like the repug redistricting was aimed at beating Obama. This is similar to the SCOTUS decisions in the 2000 election where narrow interpretations were used to stop vote counting in Florida so that bush could steal his way into office.

the joke now is that the Clintons can generate more money than anyone thought possible, and with the citizen's united bullshit interpretation, a lot of black money becomes acceptable. the redistricting was really aimed at defeating a black President. Neither attempt to undermine democracy worked.

And now citizen's united will empower out side more than the idiot repugs. it is a stupid law that will hopefully get fixed when some of the stupid members of scotus are no longer there.
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